From Bhang to Cannabis: The fastest growing popularity of Cannabis around the world.

By Sajjad Khan Bangash
Islamabad, Pakistan.

The subcontinent intoxication weed has amassed popularity all over the world.

Long before, it was a time when a wild plant was considered to be ‘the worst’ in whole of a jungle which would give a strange intoxicated/drunkenness or feeling of tipsiness to humans. In those very days, this plant was called ‘a giant plant or a plant of nasha’ because by its very consumption would give a very different taste and state of feelings to that of alcohol or nicotine. ‘Nasha‘ is word commonly used in subcontinent which is a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol or other drug. 

Sardai Seller in India

The beverages or drinking ingredients extracted from this plant is called ‘Sardai‘ in the Indian state of Punjab and Pakistan while in several others part of India and Pakistan, ‘Bhang‘ is also called ‘Lassi‘ since Indian subcontinent is the native place of ‘Bhang or Cannabis’. However, in sub-continent, Cannabis is also called with many names such as ‘ Hindi Bhang, Shahdana or Ganja. while in western world, this plant/weed is called ‘Marijuana‘.

The pharmaceutical companies around the world have given the organic names to this plant as ‘ Cannabis Indica/Cannabis Sativa.’

Types of Cannabis Weed

While, Cannabis Indica is classified to Indian Cannabis while ‘Cannabis Sativa’ is to European or North/South American Cannabis.

In India and Pakistan, traditionally Cannabis has been used for ‘drinking or recreational purposes’ for centuries and a big portion of world’s population believes that Cannabis can be used for ‘medicinal benefits’ as well.
In Indian subcontinent, a special beverages could be extracted for drinking purposes and those who would drink this beverages were called ‘Bhangi‘ and considered as’ notorious/cheap or abusive’ term in upper section of the society but wait! after few years, this ‘abusive term’ is soon converting into ‘a honorable title/status’ around the world because several developed countries have been legally allowing the growing and consumption of Cannabis thus have increased the efficacy and popularity of Cannabis/Bhang in social and economic grounds.  

A Bhang Shop in India

Although, the multi-national pharmaceutical companies haven’t yet expedited the popularity trend of Cannabis in admiring level but, it is highly probable that these companies will soon race up for the production of medicines produced from Cannabis. Hence, the story from ‘Bhang to Bhangi’ will not only be acceptable in upper section of the society but will become ‘fashion of rich‘ in South Asia.


Chile is a country situated in South America continent and has taken the lead in legalizing the Cannabis by which under a new law, the citizens of Chile are encouraged to ‘grow 06 cannabis plants per person.’ The Chile parliament has passed a bill under a parliamentary debate which has been accepted by lower house of the parliament allowing the common citizens of Chile to grow ‘Cannabis’ for recreational, medicinal and spiritual purposes. While, before in Chile, growing or selling Cannabis was strictly prohibited and a punishable crime with a sentence of 15 years of jail.

This new bill will first be endorsed to the ‘Commission of Health‘ and then will further be presented to Senate for approval. While, on the other sides, several law makers(parliamentarians) opposed and criticizing the bill to become the equal source of promoting ‘dangerous to health drugs’ in the country. However, the bill was accepted with 68 votes in favor of the bill as opposed to 39 votes casted against the bill.

A march for legalizing Cannabis in Chile

Similarly, the US state of Colorado has also allowed the growing of the Cannabis crops, consumption for recreational, personal and medicinal purposes as well. In addition to this, 20 more states of US have also granted the permission for the growing Cannabis for medicinal and research purposes as well. While in Colorado and Washington, Cannabis is legally allowed for personal consumption.

It has to be remembered that Uruguay is the first country in the world which established and organized ‘legal market for Cannabis’ in 2013.

Similarly, in the start of 2015, Jamaica declared the consumption of Cannabis for personal use illegal and crime and for which an effort for a possible law to legalize Cannabis in two states of Jamaica is going through a challenging phase. 

According to New York Times, in Washington State, limited areas were allowed to sell the Cannabis in a limited quantity but then the licensed grower in Washington were running short of time to grow the crop right on time. Despite of this, a huge rush was seen on the Cannabis selling outlets.

The Cultivation/Growing of Cannabis with 3D Printers. 

A demo of 3D Printer

Just recently a few months before, “3Dponics Inc.” a registered company in Ottawa State of USA has conducted a successful experiment to grow and cultivate the Cannabis crops with 3D Printer while before, this company offered to its clients to grow Marijuana crops with 3D Printable gardening tool. 3D printer that will print a garden in any shape you design! This invention is also built on hydroponics, a growing system that replaces soil with mineral nutrients. 

3Dponics Lab


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