By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York

As if the Republican debates didn’t make America look bad enough, now since Russia has been bothered and provoked enough by Uncle Sam and good ol’ GLADIO B NATO, Russia has decided to assert itself by sending planes and other military stuff to embattled Syria. Sure Assad is a dictator, oh yeah, but didn’t America back tin pot strong men for decades now, when it was convenient of course?

YES, so the BS about Russia backing the Assad government is nothing that Uncle Sam hasn’t done three thousand million quadrillion times before with its own banana republic goof balls. It’s also good to see Russia backing Iran, since it hopefully will keep trigger happy Israel from bombing the crap out of it, starting a possible world war. Sure Mr. Putin is dictatorial, egotistical and a media whore, but then so are the Republican nominees for US dictator. Netanyahu is a yahoo too, making a mess that only a mad man like him can, abusing the rights and killing Palestinians.

So why not have Russia move in on Uncle Sam’s action a bit?


Unless the Pentagon and Prez want world war, they’ll have to talk and cooperate with Vlad. America has for 15 years been bombing and messing around with various Muslim nations, justifying it by trumpeting aloud that we got to get those dirty old terrorists. Included has been kidnapping, illegally detaining and torturing anybody and everybody it likes, even though it is more likely that Dick Cheney and the Neoconazis were the ones behind 9/11. I mean really, and then the Pentagon/CIA were the ones who created Al Qaeda and ISIS! That makes it the fault of America that there is this huge refugee crisis, and destabilization of the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, etc).


So why not let Russia take part in deploying troops, planes, arms and other supplies to Syria?

Oh yeah, didn’t America through a coup, bring to power in Kiev a pro-Western stooge government?

All done through the combined effort of NGOs, State Dept. goofs and CIA spooks! All Mother Russia did was secure its military base in the Crimea. It could have been a lot worse, but Russia held fast from going toe to toe with America and NATO. Russia has been incredibly patient with the BS caused by America on its doorstep, for if Russia did that near America instead, you’d have ‘The Donald’ screaming for us to bomb Moscow.
So it is good to see the Russians moving in on the Syrian conflict, if for no other reason then to make damn sure America doesn’t try installing its own tin pot dictator in Damascus.


America created this whole mess, and about the only good thing its done is negotiate the nuclear deal with Iran. Instead of politics as usual in this election cycle, Americans ought to support third party candidates for president, and telling The Donald to kiss their behinds. People act as if they are programmed robots, watching this garbage ridden Republican campaign malarkey.

Why don’t people ask for more choices in America?
Why are they oblivious to the harm their government has caused all these refugees, and the mess created in Syria and Iraq?
What about the mess America has caused in Afghanistan?

Leaving poor Pakistan to deal with terrorists flooding over from there! 9/11 was no excuse for America to screw up two key regions of the world, and expect to get away with it, besides now poking the Russian Bear. The time has come for America to pay the piper, and finally doing a real investigation of 9/11.

Again, I’m no great fan of Putin, but then I don’t love Obama (Bush II!) either. Hopefully the people of America and Russia will wake up from their slumber, and depose their corrupt, inept and goof ball governments. Otherwise we the people of the world are in for a bumpy ride indeed.




  1. I agree that America has played foul. However, we the people have woken up and are in the midst of starting a political revolution, by supporting a candidate by the name of Bernie Sanders. He is opposed to war, unless it’s a last resort. He will work with leaders of other nations to promote peace. #WVForBernie


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