Propaganda, Power and Persuasion

Extracts from James Allan,
Angus, Scotland.

The power of propaganda, an education system that teaches obedience and compliance to authority, and bread and circuses to keep the masses distracted and amused are three reasons I can think of James. On the bright side, more and more people are becoming awake and it will soon be a tidal wave.

We trash at the bottom have never in our history been in control. Shamen – witch doctors and priests, to kings and emperors, and after a few revolutions and bloodletting, political parties and bankers. Our evolution is at a snails pace. Deference to the Lord of the manor is gone and deference to the Royals is hanging on by it’s Tea Towel buying fingernails. But it’s all about education. Them that controls that controls the narrative and the distribution of it, control everything. We James will not live to see anything.
If we don’t  Ceaușescu every last Royal, Cleric, Banker and any other that gets in the way, we will never get the chance to start again. They ain’t about to hand over diddly especially after a “democratic” election. superstars like the USA, Russia, China, and the United States of Europe are the problem for us just like Rome, Byzantium and all other competing empires was for them before us. Small is beautiful is my motto. Small and independent.

Perhaps the people should raise a class action against the rich oligarchs and those who manipulate a state of hatred based on orchestrated religious intolerance, and we should sue them for stealing our collective common sense and for conning us into being their tools. It is universal slavery taking away what they have no valid human argument to obtain. A shame that so many blindly buy into the big lie, especially today when so many understand it.


The most frustrating thing is that there IS a massive awakening as you say- but nothing changes. I can’t see anything changing through this false democracy or any political party or the current system. It’s going to take something a helluva lot more radical.

When it does happen, many years from now, kids will be listening to their Android history teacher and saying “Why were they so stupid and spineless in the past, why did they let people die cos of worthless bits of paper called money, why did they destroy perfectly good food rather than giving it to starving people?”

Well be looked on as prehistoric, and rightly so.


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