By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

In such a big beautiful world such as ours, a lot of the elite and other high minded sorts, want the human behavior model to be geared towards tolerance. The problem with tolerance is that it can be still a kind of simmering hatred, not much of a step away from outright hatred and anger. Acceptance is much more the ticket with its necessary inclusion of not having any hatred or anger, and which has no pre-judgment at all in its vocabulary. We live in a world of differences, where though we live in a global village now, we still have polarization in the places where many of us live.

Here in the melting pot of America, the true American dream is to grow from our differences into a people with common goals and aspirations, where traditional family values are supposed to include the teaching of respecting others and their ways. Respect can include acceptance, but by itself doesn’t break threw the road block of intolerant belief systems which pervade the landscape around us.


Only by breaking with the old us against them attitude do we begin to truly do God’s work here on earth?

Being the better person means learning that your specific beliefs might need some re-adjusting in order to have a more loving and caring world. Whether you believe in Mohammad, Jesus or some other prophet, it doesn’t matter except to yourself, not to necessarily all other people occupying this earthly realm of ours. As long as our faith doesn’t bring harm and death to another’s religion, we have a community which can grow from studying the faith that others have, and have values that can benefit all of humankind. 

If you start off with acceptance, you proffer a model which doesn’t have things getting in the way of people melding together as one. If you start off with mere tolerance, you leave open the door to differences that could erupt into out right hostility and dissension. For there to be no discord one must learning to unlearn some of their core values, or in most cases adjusting them to suit a situation. Think of it, variety is supposed to be the spice of life, not holding back from fear or apprehension which is the polar opposite. Acceptance and respect are the only real way we will learn to live in this world together, and benefiting from the beliefs of others on this big blue ball. 


Ours is a melting pot thanks to the Internet and the necessary immigration that enriches each of our countries. Growing and changing are where things are at in an increasingly smaller, and smaller world, not foisting upon others intolerant belief systems that make others out to be an enemy.

As an Rosicrucian, I am a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist and practitioner of voodoo, all at the same time, in a most beautiful and accepting way. Respect is where things eventually went even for the Knights Templar, who fought first as intolerant fanatics, but changed eventually into a more secular brotherhood.

We must learn first to be instruments of love and care if we are to be true spiritual creatures, all from a loving God above who desires nothing more for us than there being peace and tranquility for all of us. To err is to be human, but to yearn and grow for perfection is to be loving and accepting of all other human faiths, and diversity, whether it be color, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. 


I posit the notion because of seeing how Middle Eastern immigrants are being treated in Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Czech Republic. Damn the racial hatred shown by certain of these peoples and their law enforcement agencies, for it was their own governments that have been behind the regional conflicts that caused the current exodus. It is only right that they should be made to accept, and live with those that they very well made homeless by not challenging their governments folly of a foreign policy, both overt and covert.
If anything they should beg for the mercy of their God for having cost the millions of lost lives stretching back decades from the bullying around that came from the bigger countries messing around in the sovereign affairs of smaller countries. 

Kind Germans Welcoming Refugees

Acceptance is the only way to purge the human soul of hatred, racism and bigotry, pushing forward to a brave new world of love, solidarity and hope. There is no room for an elite either, merely classes that don’t berate one another, but look to help those below to get to the top so that every one is at the top, with no more bottom. The redistribution of wealth, and property are goals that a world of equals strives for, where there is no poverty or homelessness, but there is still room for competition to make it a thriving, and booming world. Bringing back heavy industry, engineering, and competitiveness is what will help us here in the United States, and pretty much elsewhere in the world too. 


Nationalism is important so long as it respects the sovereignty of every other country whether big or small. To live in a world at peace should be our goal, with there being great diversity and choices of all kinds to be made. So long as we don’t deviate from the righteous path of acceptance, we will learn to grow with one another, loving our differences, and having choices to make that aren’t restricted by dogmatic values, nor racial hatred. We must retool everything that was taught to us in Sunday school, or at the Madrases, or Temple, thereby growing not away from each other, but more towards each other. Life is a never-ending lesson we must learn from, adapting to change so that we don’t wind up extinct. If you lean towards the answer, your chances increase that you will grow and learn, not ending up a failure at the game of life. 

To borrow from the American Army commercial, you must be all you can be, but not having to be in any other army but that glorious one that spans this tiny globe or our’s. Acceptance is the answer to getting there, and whisking ourselves into a fourth dimension of existence. Struggle not, but yield to the inevitable melding of our cultures and religious identities, keeping our own identity, but respecting and loving all others in the mix. Extremists need not apply, for by their innate intolerance of others, they defy our moving forward towards the light of loving and acceptance. Join the revolution yourself, teaching and helping others while on the path to a bigger, brighter future, where hope and change can be for everyone.




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