The Undermined Reality and The Sovereign Scotland.

By James Allan,
Angus, Scotland.

The British empire is weakening. The same is applying to other Western countries. People have stopped settling for lies. Our real enemies today are the oligarchs and their brainwashed bought minions. The division is defining itself. People either care about humanity or they care about greed. The latter have many traits which do not encompass morality tolerance or understanding.


I have no idea how things will play out but the sovereign people are not happy with more illegal war. There seems to be a divide happening. Those who support criminal and corrupt governance and the vast majority who are honest and humanitarian in nature. The criminal nature of corruption has become more widely known and people just want a lawful fair society. The people desire peace in the great majority, especially in Scotland. The fight to end corruption continues.

The media lies saying they are in power and glorifies and justifies their actions. They are not elected into power, they are elected to serve the people as our public servants. A pity they choose to betray the people and help the corrupt bankers steal instead. Their are good politicians who are opposing their actions but I think the balance in numbers of good and bad is approximately equal. We have torn the media to shreds.


The Union was preserved by media presenting British lies as good facts they attacked common sense and truths. The referendum was most certainly corrupted. My own ballot paper did not bear the official mark. Soon we will have another referendum. In England, 200,000 postal votes went ‘missing’ during the General Election for Westminster. Seems not to have been pursued conveniently.

I think it is strange that when a nation seeks to separate from another nation it knows to be dishonest, that the known corrupt still get to count what they have no business counting. I’m going to try and work on that. Honesty produces many valid angles of approach. We will find them and apply pressure.


Alex Salmond is challenging purdah breaking just now. He is also after the BBC for their bias and lies. We have lots of evidence but guess what, the BBC decided that the BBC was impartial. If there were no corrupt people in places of national importance the world would be a very different place. If it’s a law you can guarantee, Westminster will ignore it.
We will get there on our journey to freedom. Westminster are demonstrating exactly why we want to end this Union every day. They want to steal, harm and impose atrocity. Nobody in their right mind wants that.

The oil lies they told are proving themselves to be lies. They are gloating about Britain’s oil finds now. They should learn not to pick on Scotland. Every time they starve and outnumber us we win.


Nationally, we have been awake for a long time. Governments staffed by people we would never choose has led to loss for our people for a long time. Industries lie in waste. We should be a very wealthy and prosperous nation but the wealth and prosperity is being stolen for greed and illegal wars we don’t support. Our sovereign people are completely ignored by Westminster and we live with their unwelcome imposition to contend with, e.g nuclear weapons. We don’t want them. Another nation imposes them so they can play war criminals and rattle sabres. Not really seeking peace and a fair society are they?


Austerity is nothing more than a corrupt racket. I say this because the bankers created a fraudulent virtual debt by lending what they did not have to the extent that they seek assets and land as repayment because the money did not exist in the economy in the first place, thus how can you take money which exists to repay what never was there to be offered.

To starve and oppress people in order to maintain the existence of a corrupt fraudulent system is not serving people. It is funding a stick so they can beat our children with it. The world is not really poor. The corrupt bankers prefer to make it that way because they live lives of unimaginable luxury by stealing whilst corrupt politicians ensure society is structured to create a requirement for continuation of this unlawful racketeering.


Austerity is criminal neglect of a duty to serve, to make money and transfer assets to those who in reality have no need for it. People are starving and dying because they operate the worst kind of banking system. This is surely criminal neglect of sovereign peoples.


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