Electric Cars and Wireless Recharging Roads.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash
Islamabad, Pakistan.

A few years ago in Britain, scientists and engineers conducted a successful experiment to build a ‘ road to conserve solar energy’ and later, this road was successfully tested. On this road, the scientists installed several solar energy panels which remained protected from any deleterious damage of the heavy weight of moving cars and tires corrosion. The scientists after successful trial then expedited further work on this project and  eventually, these scientists and engineers have been able to build a wireless recharging road which would automatically be charging electric vehicles while moving on this road. The electric cars would need not to stop for the battery charging on any charging stations rather, the cars would automatically be feed and charged. Thus, a huge amount of time and money would be saved.

Blue dotted points on the wireless recharging road

There has been a tremendous growth in the popularity of electric cars all over the world especially in Europe, Gulf and South East Asian countries. Only in December, 2014, 24,500 electric cars were registered in UK in which 14,500 were already registered in the previous year.

Driver recharging the car

Although, electric cars are environment friendly and quite durable than that of traditional engine cars but recharging their batteries is quite problematic and stressful matter. In UK, in order to recharge the batteries of electric cars, several recharging points are stationed alongside the roads. Similar to petrol stations, a long cable attached with these recharging points is then connected to the electric car’s battery for recharging but it takes approximately 30 minutes to charge the battery to the full. Similarly, due to direct current (DC), the charging rate slightly reduces and in such situations, battery further takes more time to recharge.

Recharging Points
Electric Car is being recharged at recharging point

Now, this situation further gets painful when the driver is in the state of urgency and he has to reach somewhere very quickly. This is the biggest negative aspect of electric cars. According to the experts, if this problem is sorted out then the popularity of electric cars will be skyrocketed. 

Electric Car is being recharged at recharging Road while driving on recharging road

The experts in UK have been working day and nights to overcome this issue and finally, they have found the solution. The UK government announced that soon, wireless recharging roads will be constructed for the charging of electric cars batteries. The UK government has sought tenders from different construction companies for the infrastructure development.

According to the Transport Minister of United Kingdom, government is intending to spend 500 millions£ on this technology in next 05 years with which not only this sector will be promoted but will provide job opportunities as well.


The concept of Wireless recharging is not new. In fact, those who have already used electric toothbrush and similar other products know more about wireless technology. Several of Smartphones have passed through wireless charging process and conserve energy.


In South Korea, a trial on electric cars is already being carried out and for this purpose, 12 Kms long road has been laid out in Gonami town. Several special instruments have been embedded in the electric vehicles running on this road which automatically receive electric currents from the wireless system and systematically recharge their batteries.



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