By Frank O’Brien,
Troy, New York, USA.

In the murky worlds of espionage and business, the business deal over the Russian oil pipe line is one those crossing both borders. It is seen that the pipeline can be used as foreign policy leverage, besides the already great need that the EU has for it, so its a razor that cuts at both ends however; you cut it. Then right now we have Russian troops gathering in Syria, where proxy forces formed by the West have morphed into ISIS/ISIL, and have sent 10s of thousands of refugees headed into Europe. 

So first the EU countries need to take in these tens of thousands of refugees, then they need to decide if they intend to go along pretending that what caused this crisis was or wasn’t the fault of the US/UK spooks of the CIA/MI6. Deciding to stay on step with this whole charade is what lead to this humanitarian crisis in the first place, so its in the best interests of the EU countries to spill the beans on what they know concerning the creation of these crazy Islamic extremists, and who their backers really are. 

This whole thing is set to blow up if unless some countries don’t decide to do some serious soul searching, rattling out their once hand in hand comrades who have brought one whopper of a size humanitarian crisis, and lighting a spark to a powder keg that their buddies helped to create.

First it was the Ukraine, where NGOs, State Dept. and CIA overthrew the pro-Russian government, leading Russia to annex the Crimea since its such a huge military installation for them, with rich natural resources that the West covets. Next you have the Syrian conflict in which both West and East have manipulated the chess pieces, and rolled their dice trying to win the game. 

Behind these countries are the oligarchs who are the ones who really set foreign policy, except in Vladimir Putin’s Russia where Putin put all the oligarchs in their place years ago.

Do we fight a monster we helped create, or do we step back demanding our governments show their hand, as done in card playing?

We have precious little time for letting them off the hook, and must work to uncover the truth behind how we got here in the first place. This Gazprom deal seems so important that maybe we can count on Russia to push for an airing of the hidden truths concerning Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and greater Africa. All of these countries have been messed with by the CIA and MI6, for what reasons we still have yet to fathom. If the goal was total chaos they got their perfect storm alright, bringing us right to the brink of a major world conflict and humanitarian crisis. 


Boys will boys just won’t cut it this time, so its up to French, German and Italian intelligence to leak the vital information they have about the involvement of the CIA, and MI6 in creating ISIS/ISIL and even Al Qaeda. 
These old gents have so much blood upon their hands that they’re drenched in it. Now is the time for truth, with a hypocritical nuclear armed Israel gunning for a war with Iran, all while the USA and Russia square off there using their proxies. Leave Iran alone I say, bring our troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan home, as well as all those in Iraq and Israel. Tell Israel that we’re clipping their wings by having them account for their nuclear weapons stockpile, besides that of Iran, North Korea and others. 

All around nuclear disarmament is called for, including the US and Russia, and dear old China. We must put the genie back in the bottle, and make it so we never can use nuclear weapons ever in any war or conflict. Once the truth about 9/11 gets out, since Putin knows the truth better than any body, we can all see these other insidious situations brought to a close, which started with this whole war on terror bullshit. Its all up to the powers in Europe to decide their own fate, now that they’ve seen the result in the throng of refugees. Its time for a lot if truth!

Syrian Refugees influx in Europe

Jesus said for whatever you do for the less than, you do for me, meaning Jesus. So if it were up to Jesus. immigrant refugees wouldn’t be experiencing such obstacles to their entries to the European countries. The USA and other countries(like Saudi Arabia) have made a spectacular mess of the current Middle East, caring more about Israel, than Syria, Libya or Yemen. Turkey is another creature of these SOB so and so’s, hiding completely behind the justification made by ISIS/ISIL, yet here the latter is a creation of the Pentagon/CIA. You might say the refugee crisis is a creation of the US’s war on terrorism, insofar as the US is fighting itself since ISIS/ISIL is their creation.


If we merely just dial down the hypocrisy a bit, we find all of this truth being behind this man made crisis. Blocking refugees only exacerbates the situation, leading to use of illegal means to get into the EU countries, and as we’ve seen, the drowning of a young boy, and heat deaths of scores brought by lorry. If the EU helped create the situation, then its up to them to have open borders for all the refugees they are responsible for displacing from their home countries. Remember again who started this whole mess, and know it is their responsibility to clean up their own mess.


These are real people dammit, and their lives count just as much as our’s. It doesn’t matter what religion they are, or the color of their skin, or any other BS excuse meandering on in the heads of the various EU leaders. Let them all in, keeping them from countries that would throw them into concentration camps. You make do since you let ISIS/ISIL come about when you could have stopped it. 
Our world is topsy turvy, right now needing some reality check from the likes of The Corbett Report, and “Watching the Hawks.”

So for Christ’s sake think about the reality, the news behind the news, and the perspective you get after knowing all the truth. When you add it all together of course you’d make room for some refugees who come because of these wars we started, these insane war torn areas we created, so yes we need to be responsible. Sure there will be some security concerns, but these can be wrangled out while at very least allowing in the families who need permission to enter the most. These scenes should evoke the most primitive responses to our lending a hand, and helping rather then prohibiting the care of these poor refugees.


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