By Frank O’Brien
Troy, New York, USA.

It’s time for people to stand with each other, black and white, brown and yellow, red and tan, disabled and fit, gay and straight, and all the other distinctive, and wonderfully God given things that don’t set us apart, but are the reasons we are each of us special in our own ways. To hell with hate, to hell with any more blood being spilt on our streets, since all lives matter, not just a select few.

We need as Americans to rally together behind those who have been for too long mistreated by the MAN, and shot at and refuse to back down until equality for ALL is instituted. This would include our finally, and seriously finding doable solutions to poverty, homelessness, and paying a better than living wage to those on disability, and doing away with hunger.

Ghettos, Troy, New York

Ghettos need to be made into better living areas, and everyone needs a real house, not a freaking slum lord apartment that costs an arm and a leg. By seeking out those who live everyday in these areas, like where I did in South Albany, and asking them what they’d like done, and improved, leaving to them to tell government and private companies what they should or should not do.

Ghettos, Troy, New York, USA

We need to take the tax burden completely of the poor, middle class, and upper middle class, placing it all on only the very rich who have been getting away with tax breaks for decades. We take to the streets, not taking no for an answer, not by rioting, not by throwing stuff, but rather peaceful means only like Martin Luther King wanted us to do.

Only if we are met with violence do we protect ourselves, fighting back as necessary, keeping in mind what my other hero, Malcolm X, used to say, which was by whatever means are necessary. But we need to heal the rifts that exist with each other too, not seeing the differences between us, but seeing the commonalities, by seeing the sameness that we all have, and learning to respect each other, seeing that we are all in this struggle together. Our precious little world is big enough for all of us, and we don’t need war, nor letting companies dictate public policy and foreign policy…that should be decided by the people, and not bought off so-called political representatives. To get there though we need to get off of our behinds, and get to doing it all, and together.


We fight enough each day, just to provide ourselves with food and shelter. Time is precious too, with the longer it takes in our getting together causing only needless suffering, and the MAN winning the fight against us, the 99%. No more police state, no more drug arrests, which too often effect young black men while police also need to stop getting away with murdering them too.

Our numbers, being the 99% make it so that we can overwhelm any resistance to realizing our shared goals. Left/Right need to set aside their silly differences, needing to instead work together on pushing a pro-human agenda that brings real change and hope. The only elections we need are ones that bring us people from every day life, and people who still work in their communities for the betterment of others. Again, it might take some time, but I’m confident that we the people can realize all these things and much, much more.

If you can imagine it, it can be brought to fruition. All we need to do is stop our fence sitting, taking only what is given to us, and having John Law trying to stick his boot up our asses, acting as the thugs of the rich, keeping us all down. March we must to start a whole new American revolution, which will only end once we have not only all these demands, but also it will only end when a black, native American, and others aren’t unlawfully mistreated because of their color.

We, the 99%, are going to win, and will stop any war that isn’t started by us, and we anyway are about people power, not guns and bombs. The latter are for when any totalitarian state dares hurt its own people, and may Allah be with us if ever it comes to that. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, and all other religions need to learn to get along, realizing that our shared creator desires us to be one with each other, not going on crusades, justifying killing each other over differences of religious opinion.

As a Rosicrucian, I believe that all people have a right to whatever religious expression they desire, and I’ll die to make that happen if necessary, though I hope it never comes to that. Another hero of mine is John Lennon, who sang “Imagine,” his swans song to the world just before the Illuminati killer took him from us. The only new world order will come from the common people, with our people power tearing down the old order, rebuilding it up to suit our own desperate needs, for food, water and other basic necessities, like homes for everyone, and well paying jobs, job security, and guaranteed retirements.

We will be at first like gentle lions, making ourselves known, and nobody will stop us since we overwhelmingly out number the elite, who’s guns and other weapons cannot stop us all. Once and on our way to success, we must remember our religious morals, treating our elitist enemies fairly, saving them for trial if at all possible, and not slaughtering them like they would us. Not only can one person make a difference, they can inspire loads of others to our cause, making humanity rise up to take back our world, and making it a fair, just and peaceful world. Its more than a dream, its what must happen for all of us to finally be happy, prosperous, and joined together under our shared humanity. May the dream come about soon!
See it, be it, and grab it. Get off the fence, and let us act together as the unstoppable force that we all are.


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