Animal Eye Software

The sensory color differentiation between humans and animals"

By Sajjad Khan Bangash
Islamabad, Pakistan

Have you ever imagined or thought that how the pet animals, birds, insects and fish etc. see, observe and perceive things and surrounding environments through their own eyes?

How things might look or appear to these animals?

How the flying birds see the earth while they’re up in the sky hovering over the earth?

How the insects, bees, fleas and ticks see living agents, food, light, humans or eminent danger while residing in our kitchens, washrooms, bedrooms, lawns etc.?

So if you haven’t ever thought of this in your life then don’t stress out your brain a lot because with the help of newly developed software, you can personally see through the eyes and observe that how and what these living agents, animals, birds, fish etc. see and observe things during their daily life span.
After a detailed research and study, the scientists and researchers at Exeter University have been able to develop a software by which the humans may be able to see the things and surrounding through animals eyes.

Often, the animals, birds, insects and several other living agents other than humans see things differently from humans because the physical structure and formation of eye-sights and sensory observation of animals eyes are quite different. Even, the animals can measure the sun rays and flows of Sun light while we humans can’t see and observe.


From this software, you can see the forefront environment and surrounding environment according to birds, bees, flies, pet animals, insects and fish eye-sight. However, currently this software is being used for biological and environmental research purposes while this software has proven highly productive for scientists in determining, studying and exposing the behavioral response and sensory observations by the animals during any eminent threat, and subsequent protection against the threat, alertness and maintaining a viable social interconnectivity and gender differentiation among themselves.

For example, the environmental experts at ‘Sensory Ecology Group’ have found this software really productive in observing the changing of colors of different birds and animals during the camouflage.

Camouflaged Animal

The director of department of environmental protection Julian says that ” the digital cameras are very powerful tools in examining the organization of color and their spontaneous arrangement. However, the exact measurement and examination of the colors through digital photographing is still quite challenging task.’

However, this software has made it possible to arrange the digital spectacles in very different pattern by which we can easily arrange and see any ‘digital scene’ through ‘animal eye’.

As seen digital scene

This software is not only limited for the sole use of research purposes but also it is an open source software which means that anyone can download and use it. This software reveals and shows a new horizon to the viewer in which he/she can see things and surrounding environment through ‘animal eye’ which would definitely be a new and interesting experience.

We see and observe our surrounding environments in a specific shape through the ‘cone or photo-receptor cells’ in our eyes. The biological experts say that ‘these cells of human’s eye can only recognize 03 colors such as red, green and blue.

Human's Eye photo receptor

Therefore, the initial photo being formed in human eye through the mixing of these colors cannot expand into more colors but the birds, insects, reptiles eyes have the ability to see things in 04 colors combination. That’s why the animals see the surrounding environments and things very differently and vibrantly than humans.
This software is indeed a great invention in understanding and examining the biological properties of animals, birds, insects, reptiles etc and can record interesting and informative information about them.



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