Self-Determination, Communalism and Democratic Rights


By Sajjad Khan Bangash

When we stand for our rights, we are called “the rebels and outlaws,” by those who are against our freedom, our identity and our self expression while try hard to oppress our voice and retaliate us with either force or mass media campaigns but they forget to realize that we the humans are created equal by God. The oppressors always propagate a negative campaigns to disrupt our mindsets, either by force or lure us with money. But it must be understood to all of us that determined people can never be dissuaded  either by force or bargained with money.

British enslavement of native Indians

The British occupied and ruled almost half of the world and history tells that they oppressed and enslaved the poor nations especially the African and used to sell them on a higher price. They remained slaves of their new masters where they were used for hard work. The British taken their lands under their own custody and use them according to their own purposes. This is the biggest crime that they did to humanity where God has created all humans to be free and equal with full rights to live.

British enslavement of native Indians

This happened similar to Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I believe that they had been fooled by the Westminster or English by using their resources and riches for their own means and purposes. 

The aborigines Rights in Australia

Now, it’s the wake up time for those people to take back the control of the resources and use it for the well being of people of Wales, Ireland and Scotland respectively. My straightforward message to the people of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Kashmir, Palestine, Papua New Guinea that learn from our history. Our ancestors used to tell us the horrific, obnoxious and bad stories of Britain and the sharp minds of British officers.

That time, the British exported the high quality products were being produced by the fertile land of ours, processed them in UK and sold us on higher prices. We were totally kept under poverty, neglected our rights, controlled our resources and called us ‘Rebels and imprison us’, if we ever raised a voice against them. This is one of the shameless chapters of Indian sub continent’s history. I support the ‘Yes movement’, of Scotland, Wales, Ireland. Be brave and win it.

Falkland Islanders

In today’s time where the world is too narrowed and has become a global village where we are well updated with the happenings in the whole world. We have a strongest and ubiquitous tool which creates awareness, build societies, promotes education, changes the governments thus gives us freedom from the oppressors. We have only one voice which portrays our intentions and conveys our message to the world. We are seen everywhere. Thanks to the social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapps, viber etc.

The real example of this is the Arab Spring happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc.
I support the “Yes” Movement of Scotland, Freedom of Palestine, Kashmir, Khalistan, Catalonia, Papua New Guinea, Kurdistan.

Kashmir Right of self-determination

Great Britain once ruled the whole world by the sheer manifestation of intelligence, prowess, sophisticated weapons, strong army and by sprouting the traitors bargained by the lure of financial and territorial gains thus applying the ideology of ‘Divide and Rule’. They massively occupied and captured the lands of people and ruled against their ‘will’. They brutally plundered the wealth and riches of others resources in the name of ‘bringing so called civilization’.

Scotland Right of Self-Determination

However, eventually they realized the emergence and importance of ‘rights of self determination and freedom’ from those territories they captured which given birth to freedom movements and nationalism. They tried hard to suppress and oppress the voices of the people but failed bitterly and in the end, had to surrender to the ‘will of people’, through which new independent countries had appeared on the map of the world such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, The Caribbean etc.

Right of self-determination of Palestine State

In today’s time, there are still several nations who are fighting for their freedom and independent status such as Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Wales and Scotland. The government of United Kingdom should learn from their past that once any nation learns to stand for their own rights and self determination, then nothing can’t stop them from getting independence. The demand of free and independent status of Wales and Scotland should not be undermined and suppressed.

Sikhs Freedom for an independent state of Khalistan

Let’s support the people of Wales, Scotland, Palestine, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Papaua New Guinea, Kabyle, and others for their independence.


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