Education is the best tool for Human Development and Emancipation


By Sajjad Khan Bangash

Our Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said ‘Seek the knowledge till you have to travel China for it’- verily true and in fact education is the only tool of all times which has transformed the human civilization from an era of darkness into the ages of enlightenment. It’s the education by which humans had gained – freedom, prosperity and brought civilization to mankind which opened ways for democracy, self representation, self actualization and freedom of expression. The modern age in which we are living now, has brought tremendous and miraculous changes in our lives. Truly, an age where humans of all timelines desire to live in. In past, those who had knowledge gained fame, status, wealth, lived happily and conquered a substantial amount of territories and administered them in accordance to the ‘doctrine of civilization, economic prosperity and Emancipation.’

The Muslims were the pioneers who took the Europe out of darkness and put them into the age of light whereby they later transformed it into their own means. Muslims ruled Spain for over 700 years and during this phase, they enlightened the entire continent, the proofs of which still tell the truth. They civilized the Europe in the shape of marvelous architects, civil administration, rule of law, economic prosperity, self reliance and education etc.

Ibn Al Haytham

The Muslim Scholars of that time were world’s renowned for their knowledge and dexterity such as Bu Ali Seena, Jabber Bin Hayan, Alkhwarzami, Ibn e Haisam etc. to name a few who laid the foundations of Modern Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Medicines, Astronomy, Archeology etc.

Bu Ali Sina

In short, they based the foundation of ‘Human Development’ for which the historians admirably confess and terms it as ‘ Renaissance Era’. The Muslim Empire of India, again a history contains of over 700 of rulership had seen the prosperity, equality and freedom of its kind by the people of Indian subcontinent. Then after the Industrial Revolution occurred in Europe, they by the grace of education, wealth and modern technologies, had conquered the whole world. Once the roots of British Empire stretched from North America to the deserts of Sahara, Africa, Asia, Australian peninsula till New Zealand.

A Portrait of Renaissance Era

The British brought civilization and development in the form of civil administration, introduced new laws, emancipated and empowered people from all walks of life, established educational institutions, introduced new medical and engineering concepts which ultimately transformed the world into ‘Age of Specializations‘, which we are benefiting now.


Similarly, in modern age, the education plays a vital role in the promotion and development of humanity thus helping in eradication of poverty, human emancipation, economical and social prosperity.

Today, every human is very assembled, highly aware, independent, mobile, accomplished and resourceful better than the older generation. It’s the education which has risen humans to discover and study the universe and other planets.

We the humans have successfully landed on the surface of the moon thus created a history. We now can travel the whole world while the distances of thousands miles are reduced and narrowed, thanks to the modern ‘Air Buses and Carriers’. The people have every state of the art digital medias in their homes, life expectancy has increased thanks to modern medical facilities. One of the biggest and excellent human’s inventions of all times is ‘computer’ which has transformed every thing from a tiny microbe till the giant Air space ship. People can now do shopping in biggest shopping malls and also make purchases online.

Modern Technology

Education has in fact, broaden our visions and opened new ways of growth and development. But at the same time, the modern age has brought several challenges to us as well. Although, the world has become a global village but still we are faced with incessant hindrances as well like the machine has replaced human labor thus a layman or uneducated person cannot survive or find work due to inability to operate the latest state of the art technologies and unskilled persons are not demanded anymore. Only those who are educated or skilled can find work and well demanded all over the world. An educated person can easily interact with machines installed in banks, airports, shopping stores, computers and read the maps and signs so easily walk in modern time very happily.


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