Islam and the true meaning of peace.

By Erin Peters

Paisley, Scotland.

I know what I’ve been reading makes sense and it’s like all the things I tend to ask people and the political philosophy and socialology amongst everything else is making sense. I think the scariest thing a person can do is take a step back and not get involved in worldly affairs especially when it sits so close to home but I believe that people know what’s right and they know what’s wrong and the qu’ran does allow for people to have an opinion, women’s rights are not infringed upon but there is a very scientific element to the qu’ran and that side explains all the technological and spiritual elements of it.

I couldn’t tell people in my community that I do actually believe the teachings and I think that of the guidance and scriptures of the Qu’ran were followed and implemented nationwide then there would be an increased chance of world order, stability and peace because they would think I was mad. In fact it has took me years to delete and get rid of over 500 people out of my life and do you what I actually don’t have any regrets because I know I’m going to be a better person and find peace and I’m glad I done my own research and stuck with reading.

To be honest there are my wild nights out hammered I’m going to miss or the fact that my life once revolved about college but I’m most definelty not going to be sitting about moping and crying about it and I’m going to get my bum back in there and tell them I’m not giving up, spending all they hours of researching and learning and that’s a simple, truthful fact.


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  1. Islam is not the religion of peace that I may have thought. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying all Muslims are bad people because they aren’t but there is a small majority who are fundamentalists which I have recently discovered. Oh “your racist” if you don’t accept these people’s views and beliefs. Before you know it they are asking for donations for charity well, not that I begrudge giving to a charity but if I wanted to donate anything it would be to a local charity such as the accord hospice who help people and families suffering from cancer. It’s funny how inconsiderate some people can be demanding that you study Islam, read quoran and learn Arabic no offence dude but that doesn’t make you a good Muslim when you are forcing your beliefs onto someone else who is born a British Christian. Yes that’s correct the writer is a Christian and proud to be too. I am personally proud of my Scottish /Irish/American hertige and I don’t see any reason as to why I should change my beliefs and views. So you say your Christian and they are like “oh Muslims are so high and mighty and powerful”. No your culture is different to ours don’t get me wrong the aim of most people is to live in peace and harmony but some of these “fanatics” are insane. Preaching about “Allah Capone” well let me tell you it’s all man made bullshit to keep people in line it’s just unfortunate I came across such freaks and I feel angry. I wouldn’t disrespect the peaceful Muslims and burn the quoran but let me tell you I’ve come close to it. Basically every religion has these freaks who are forceful with religion but please take my advice and block fanatics. Don’t listen to their fucked up quotations and advice as it can purely drive you insane like to the brink of suicide trust me I’ve been there, even being sectioned in a mental hospital 3 times. Shoaib Raza Muhammad was on of those dudes who tried to mind warp me he was from Pakistan and he preached quoran 24/7 even making YouTube vidoes but trust me if it doesn’t feel right then listen to your gut because it no doubt isn’t okay.

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