Media: Representative of few and truth manipulators


By James Allan
Angus, Scotland.

It’s clear objective thinking which solves problems and we can make a difference. It all adds up. I have a philosophy that it’s nice to be nice. That way I always make good decisions and have clarity of thought. Don’t watch TV much. Think that helps.

Is there another way a good man should be?
I can never grasp why people hate collectively to follow an agenda they would not otherwise have thought of without it being spoken by people driven by hate and greed.
I understand why it happens but not why people willingly subscribe without challenging themselves that what they are doing is wrong.

Does it feel like life has returned to normal?
It is a pity there are so many who are affected by thoughtless actions of the few who never stop to think through what they are doing, The capitalist set up has produced too many people who want too much for themselves. When this has now gone so far out of balance that greed is a standard to be achieved regardless of how it harms people then we need something better.


There is no need for hunger or poverty. If greed was not at the heart of everything then we could eradicate most of our problems. When the elites take everything and keep it for themselves the lust for power distorts their sensible traits of empathy and compassion. We all really own our world and have a duty of responsibility towards others in it. It always seems senseless that people allow themselves to be deceived, even electing known liars who inevitably are chasing that same style of power and driven by lust.

In that state of affairs how can we ever expect to get progress?
Human lives being impoverished and a world under constant wars and threats suggests to me that perhaps we have not been scrutinizing who we have as representation of us deeply enough. In Scotland for example most people did not vote for Conservatives. As the people are the sovereign power, why is it right or lawful to impose Conservatives on us. Democracy is ignored. When that happens it tells me something is very wrong.
We think well and see sense. This should be a quality we insist on when appointing people to lead.

Sajjad Amin Bangash’s insights
“Media is partially portraying the colorful picture of truth which is overly impediment to our senses. I believe that in modern times, people are more aware even media can’t catch. See for example, during our protest of PTI led by Imran Khan last year against rigging and status quo, all the media houses were negatively portraying us even BBC has total blackout of our protest but then we turned out to lodge a biggest rally of approximately 0.6 million people.

It mandates on us to have a thorough understanding and look at our thinking pattern and rehash it so as to make prudent decisions for time to come.”


The media attack everything which could result in common sense prevailing instead of corruption, thus defining themselves as part of that corruption. It’s awesome that we have all realised what’s really been going on. With corrupt in power all we will get is a recurring mess. I think this great global enlightenment must continue. Dishonest liars are always out to help themselves. If we could produce politicians who were honest and really representative of our collective views then we might start to heal.

Talk is of another referendum, possibly in 2018. The last one was rigged and full of fraud. It was always going to be inevitable after we saw them do that and our requests for investigation and judicial review were ignored.


The British mainstream media did not cover that it occurred. They played a massive part in promoting threats and scaremongering which were groundless lies, yet no real challenge got to be presented in opposition. A whole pro-Union propaganda blitz ensued. They tried to discredit us at every turn. We will get there.


This has been growing a long time. Many years of industry bought out by Tories then closed has turned a vibrant country into a relative wasteland. The Tories took fair wages away. All that matters to a Conservative is how the bosses are doing. The policies they have inflicted keep harming us. Illegal wars have helped make our minds up. None of us want these wars and they are carried out without our will and against our mass opposition. Westminster simply are misrepresenting us and are completely and unilaterally transfixed on their own agenda. We like to look after people. Westminster see people as disposable. A Government which is killing off our people with austerity and unjustly has caused poverty to feed corruption is not what Scotland is about. This is why independence is essential for us. We have vast resources but Westminster plunder them and child poverty is rising at a phenomenal rate. All this time the Billionaires are getting richer. It’s humiliating to be in this Union of unbalanced totalitarian imposition.




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