That sinking feeling of thought

Erin Donna Anne Peters:


Well I just deleted most people from Facebook so I’m ready to do what it takes to get the truth out there with my blogs and I am ready to stand up for my own beliefs and values because I never once have went against them. Other people around about me might not agree with what I have been doing to figure out what it is I want from my life but I know that if I choose to write my blogs and stand up for women’s rights and civil liberties then that’s what I am choosing to do and if I choose to write that through books, novels, blogs or whatever then that’s what I’m going to do.

The thing with parents and mums is that they are so focused on making their daughters into a version of them that it is suppressing. I mean I love my mum and sister but they are so suffocating that I left home at 15 and had a child and I know that she is safe with my family so I haven’t anything stopping me doing what’s right. 2 minutes ago



      1. Yes I’m not sure where to begin writing to be honest and I haven’t really developed my style of writing yet but when I do I think it will be a good thing. That’s what I’m hoping for once I do begin to write from my heart and go with the feel. Basically I just need to get a feel for writing.


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