The use of Salt in eating


By Sajjad Amin Bangash

The experts of health research institute in Germany after a thorough and detailed discussion on the use of Salt in meal have said that the existing extra-salt in human body is very effective against the infection. The researcher Mr. Carlos Deutsche Reich says that ” 10 years ago, the use of salt was considered to be an educational topic of discussion around the world and now something is said and told everyday on TV”.

The chemical name of the salt is  Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and according to this German expert, the results of the research about this important element are very significant.


According to Mr. Carlos Deutsche Reichthe Scientists do eagerly and ardently argue and discuss on the disadvantages and negative aspects of Salt, however; their research is often not conclusive and solid where upon reaching to certain level, start to accept their hypothetical conclusions and readily neglect the stand points of others. Expert believe that so far, of all the information and analysis found about the salt, any conclusive evidence or factual truth can’t be extracted from these collected information at all while medical practitioners need to further work on it as well. “

A balanced attitude towards Salt in eating is beneficial for health. Salt had been considered to be ‘an expensive item‘ over the course of past few centimetres. Human can’t live without Salt since it maintains a balanced stability of black substances in human body, structure of bones, nerves system and very beneficial and productive for digestive system in human body. That’s the reason, in every human body, approximately 200 grams of Salt always exists which can be tasted in the shape of sweat or tears.

The German experts further include in the  efficacy and strengthen of immune system and benefits by Salt in human body as well. Usually, on  an average scale, people tend to unknowingly use almost 10 grams of Salt each day which is quite double from the prescribed standards of World Health Organization.

An American magazine ‘Metabolism Cell‘ states that ‘ an awareness was already existed that the additional salt/sodium is automatically stacked at different layers of human skins but it wasn’t quite clear that why this happens?

Researchers further state that Sodium stacked in the skins layers in humans and rats  bodies help protecting the intruding infection of bacteria. It was further revealed from the research that Sodium largely strengthens the immune system of rats.

Dr. Jonathan Reinch from the Institute for Clinical Biology and Hygiene, University Hospital, Regensburg, Germany say that “All the deposited salt help protect the human skin from the attacks of Microbes and during this process, the salt activates the existing macro features or phagocyte cells in human body and these cells which are called ‘Immune Cells’ play a significant role in the organization and repairing inside human body and kill the infected agents as well. “


However, Dr. Jonathan further warned those people who excessively use Salt that using too much salt or beyond the required level may prone to several heart’s related and veins diseases.
Therefore, the conclusions derived from the research of scientists regarding the benefits of Salt should not be considered as ‘White Card’ and there is still more research needed to be undertaken.


According to the Mr. Hobart Speakers Director of Institute of Animal Diet and Feed Management, Bavaria, Germany, Salt is the only substance the deficiency of which is felt by animals as well and tries to supplement this shortage as when the animals feel the deficiency of Salt in their bodies, they then overcome this deficiency by either eating dirt, mud or chew or lick the wood. Further, Salt is included in Animals diet or they are given Salt to let it lick.”


Jose Manuel Almeida
Suffolk, UK.
Sea salt is pure disinfectant of “wounds and help the body to protect against infections that’s what my grand parents use to say, in small quantities of course!”

Fraser Stewart
Edinburgh, Scotland.

The real issue isn’t that people are consuming too much salt,  it’s that they’re not drinking enough water to flush excess sodium out of the body. Salt consumption is perfectly safe, as long as it’s balanced out with a healthy level of water consumption.

However, the experts have still not asserted any conclusive affirmation that to what level and equality, Salt should be eaten, is still lot of research is underway.


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