Every one keeps 05 social media accounts.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Social media has become the passion for ‘bridging communication, narrowing the distances and social connectivity’ for millions of people around the world.

These people spend almost 1/4th of their daily time using social media. This has been recently revealed in a research report summarized by a research firm called “Global Web Index” which conducts surveys to understand and determine the trends of online users.

According to the released report of Global Web Index ” last year, there has been a significant decrease in the activities of active users of Facebook.
However; the report still rates Facebook as leading social media website with highest numbers of users connected to it and on an average scale, 04 out of every 10 people are connected to Facebook. While on the other hand, YouTube is a very famous social media tool with highest numbers of visitors land on it every day with a 8% higher proportionate active users than that of Facebook. 

YouTube is a video sharing website which unlike other social networking sites, user doesn’t need to create a login to search for videos to watch rather user will just have to surf it and start watching videos of their choice. Therefore, the tendency of visitors to this website is comparatively higher than other contemporary social media websites. This can be gauged from the fact that 81% of the people said that they have visited YouTube while 73% people visited Facebook in a period of a month.

Global Index states that YouTube is more preferred to be visited than Facebook particularly in Japan and Russia and the ratio of Facebook and YouTube is as 32:40 (32 Facebook: 40 YouTube)  respectively.

This report suggests that YouTube is more popular and liked more by teenagers users while matured users prefer to surf Facebook. Moreover, 22% of matured and elderly people still use YouTube and only 6% of the internet users utilize Instagram for social media networking.


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