Twitter: Proves To Be An Effective Tool In The Prevention Of Epidemic Disease.

Ebola Rescue Team
Ebola Rescue Team

By Sajjad Amin Bangash


Where there is talk about the disadvantages of social media, there is also continuous rise of discussions on the advantages of social media around the world as well. Just recently, a study conducted on the advantages of social media which revealed the facts about the productive usage of awareness against the break out of ‘ebola epidemic’ and its catastrophic outcomes in the shapes of death tolls around Africa.  The report highlighted the positive role of Twitter for it proven to be spreading the awareness against “ebola” well ahead of the official news agencies around Africa and whole of the world. This report reveals the fact that “Twitter played a productive role in creating awareness around the world 03 days before the official news agencies broke out the news and within these 03 days short period of time, over 60 million people got informed through different Tweets.”

Yahoo Tweet
Yahoo Tweet

This research was conducted by research experts of Columbia University, New York, USA and who are of the view that “Twitter proven to be an effective medium in the awareness and prevention of deadly epidemics around Western Africa regions.”

According to the study of these experts – during last year from 24 July till 1st August, more than 24,000 Tweets spread across Africa. Twitter became more productive in Nigeria for those people who kept sharing news for the awareness and prevention against “Ebola Epidemic” to the Ministry of Health, Nigeria, and several other health organizations such World Health Organization.

From the research of Columbia University, it is revealed that “How Twitter became an effective tool in relaying information and spreading the news in those effected areas where there was no such system of proper awareness existed. “

WHO Tweet
WHO Tweet
WHO Tweet
WHO Tweet

According to the experts of this research “From the detailed analysis of these tweets regarding Ebola suggests that the topics of these Tweets were primarily about the threats of the Ebola, awareness and prevention against this deadly epidemic.”

This useful and informative character of Twitter against “Ebola Epidemic” advocates that with the help of this social media apps (Twitter) ‘ not only important information can be spread against epidemics such as Ebola but also news and information can be spread against several other epidemic diseases, promotion of education, social and geographical information etc. can speedily be spread across the globe. The utilities and advantages of Social media applications are endless and productive in many ways provided that they are being used more productively, positively and purposely.


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