The decline of status quo and rise of nationalism.


By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Historian David Starkey’s comparing of SNP to Nazism.

I was watching the comments of British historian Mr. David Starkey where he termed SNP as parallel to Nazi in modern time. It immediately rushed to my mind, sense and the intellect to spell my insights on Mr. David Starkey derogatory remarks against SNP that being a historian; he definitely would have a great analytical knowledge about British history and their imperialistic behavior over the course of past few centuries. If he does not try to go over those ugly chapters of the British imperialist time period, where the British occupation of other nations and territories and how they deliberated their policies of ‘Divide and Rule’ over several states and lands and oppressed the native inhabitants such as Indians in Sub-continent, Aborigines in Australia, Maoris in New Zealand, Red Indians in North America, Africans and looted heap of natural resources and wealth other nations around the world. The history of British occupation is very notorious either by force, or Divide and Rule and well written in the history chapters of the world.  The British have to be asked lots of questions for their occupation of other resources and territorial expansion and they certainly can’t justify it. Mr. David Starkey has to give answer to all of the past of British history before blaming SNP and equating them to Nazism.

Take for example, the Indian history during British colonization era – where the British government refrained the local Indian farmers, businessmen, peasants, merchants to sell their own produced crops, merchandise etc. instead they restricted the trade under their own control and possession. The British government suffocated the lives of native Indians and deprived them from their native rights.

East India company is the biggest example of this territorial expansion and acquisitions of native resources of Indians and depriving them from their own lands, imposing taxing and killing millions of innocent civilians for they rose to protest for their own lands against the British occupation. The killing of thousands of innocent native aborigines, Red Indians, Africans, Maoris etc. need to be justified by British Imperialism.

Of all the troubles and chaos that we see in recent times in Arab countries and few other countries around the world are all created and fabricated by Americans and British politicians for they continuously eyeing on their natural resources and oil- The toppling of Saddam Hussein, Moammar Qaddafi are with the hidden intentions to occupy their oil reserves since Iraq and Libya together produce 53% of world’s oil supply. Compare the situations in those countries now – worst ever as thousands of innocent people got killed and still on as there’s a continuous anarchy in those countries. Their economies have been continuously declining and got worst than before. British Petroleum along with Halliburton (World’s leading oil companies) have acquired the contracts of oil production in Libya and Iraq while before, Libya and Iraq were prosperous enough to sell their own oil according to their own choice since it was their own property and wealth.

Mairead Tagg, Coatbridge, Scotland.
Clinical Psychologist, University of Glasgow.

“It is astonishing that Starkey makes this comment about the SNP. As a historian his role is to examine facts about historical events and elicit and explain patterns of human socio-political and cultural behaviour that emerge continuously in the course of human history.  It is extremely disturbing to see Starkey substitute wildly inaccurate and hateful polemic for analytical examination of factual evidence. In his vituperative comment there is nothing that demonstrates any academic rigour whatsoever. The Nazi party emerged in the aftermath of the humiliating terms imposed on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, whereas the SNP has risen in popularity as a response to increasing suffering imposed by the Westminster government on the poor. The SNP members do not espouse nationalism as a means of establishing or re-establishing our national pride  or our self-respect. We have no need of nationalistic rhetoric or behaviour. We know who we are and we are a proud people. We are not anti-English, but we want them as neighbours, not masters. We will not allow England to define itself by the subordination of its neighbours.

The SNP offer hope to many people who have been marginalised, silenced and excluded by the mainstream UK political parties. The SNP have refused to punish the poor for the greed and stupidity of the UK bankers, unlike the other parties. They argue against Trident – a terrible nuclear accident just waiting to happen. They do not preach hatred of religious or cultural groups, unlike the Nazis, and they are supportive of people who have come to our country to escape oppression or to work hard to build a better future for themselves. In fact it is impossible to see where there are any similarities between the SNP and the Nazis. On the other hand – looking at the antics of the Westminster administration, every day appears to herald a new assault on the poor, on immigrants, on our civil liberties and our human rights. The BBC has been reduced to a state mouthpiece, newspapers owned by right-wing fatcats toe the party line. If the accusation of Nazism is to be made against any UK parties, perhaps Starkey should be looking closer to home and feeling afraid. Westminster certainly frightens me.”

Why are the SNP always slated? 

Scotland voted ‘No’ in the referendum and look what’s happened?
Still being lied to, still being slated, and still being controlled by a government who has no interest in Scotland people and their concerns. The SNP has given Scotland free education, prescriptions, subsidized the bedroom tax, how are they Nazis?
Better together?
Absolutely not.

To take the meaning, you have to separate the Nazis and WW2. Quite simply, the way the movement works, the way the engagement happens, the use of a symbol, the language used – it is not similar. However, in no way is a war going to start!!! It’s about how the nationalist movement gets support.
If you call someone a Nazi, you think of concentration camps, horrendous human suffering. However, take away that and do you find similar attributes in SNP and supporters of SNP Mr. David Starkey?

Certainly not at all!

With regards Oil, that’s the whole game circles around, there is a lot of money in that. There is a desire to be said to be in charge of Scotland oil and that’s what the Westminster is eying for and finds it uneasy to have leave and that’s what the status quo politicians of Britain find it uneasy with SNP for they care for Scotland’s natural resources in Scotland’s own people’s hands.

The Saltire – when used at sports, football or rugby matches, it’s a source of National pride. When used at SNP gatherings, it is again national pride.

The nationalist movement is very successful in gathering support.  It is simple, idealistic, and promises a good ending.

I have very good friends who voted SNP. They are not bad people and very passionate, human loving, politically aware, patriotic Scotland citizens – and calling them a Nazi is something is an insult, bigotry and sheer manifestation of hatred against the Scotland friends of mine.

People of Scotland like the SNP, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgen, and the support they have gathered through the very successful ” dignified politics” – if you don’t like it, then the British politicians, their media, lobbyists and establishment have created this hatred and false propaganda against the SNP and their supporters merely on the premise that the status quo, industrialists of Great Britain have seen the continuous loss of power control from within their hands over Scotland and they see that the Scotland’s treasures, North Sea oil ,natural resources and wealth is going out of their hands. That’s why they are scared and that worries them.

You have to see the strength and popularity graph of any political party through their real time on ground practical applications of their policies of how effectively they help improve common citizens life style, health and education facilities, provision of employment and basic necessities of life, reduction of taxes, decline in inflation and massive level of economic prosperity at gross roots level.

Tory party’s biggest achievement – Welfare cuts, Zero hour contracts, bedroom tax, etc.

Sophia Gibson, Newtonmore, Highland, UK

“Rage, frustration, anger, disappointment. ” I am trying to think of the word that best describes how I am feeling about yesterdays events in Westminster… “Seething”  that will do! How can it be legal for the politicians of another country to decide they can devolve  our parliament if they decide to?

Is it  justified given the majority of people living in Scotland gave the UK government “carte blanche”  last year when they voted to “stay in the Union” ?

But that was not the deal they offered when they pleaded with us to stay! Surely everyone in Scotland remembers the very same politicians came here and   promised  “more powers “.
Do they think we suffer from collective amnesia, that we are thick or that we are just going to take be lied to and manipulated?

Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly said through the GE that there would only be a second referendum if “something significant changed” Westminster  giving itself the power to shut down our parliament against the will of the Scottish people ” THAT IS HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT ”

The whole world heard the promises that the UK political establishment made to Scotland last year.
Are we going to just accept being treated like fools?”

Joanna Starosta, Glasgow, Scotland.

SNP is a centre-left party and because of British Labour’s lack of interest of ordinary’s people needs, actually there’s only Scottish National Party caring of all people in the UK, including those disabled and vulnerable. Geoff Williams, you’re thinking probably about the BNP, to name it in full: a British National Party, which is a “far-right white shame” and care only 1st class white British people.This party allows for what it calls “exceptional [controlled] immigration”, but only on an extremely limited basis. For example their leader, Nick Griffin has argued that: “If you are talking about Polish plumbers or Afghan refugees, the doors are going to be shut, because Britain is full” but that if Britain needed a physicist, say from Japan, “to help with the UK’s nuclear programme” the party would make an exception on an individual level. As a Polish origin EU citizen and the SNP member I quite enjoyed of their almost complete vanishing from the political scene after 2015 General Election.



  1. Karen Martin, Glasgow, Scotland.

    I’m afraid common decency prevents me from speaking my mind on the subject of David Starkey! His complete lack of understanding and ignorance of the subject matter takes my breath away. It’s insulting beyond belief that anyone with a so called modicum of intelligence could possibly compare the Nazi’s to the SNP, and come to the conclusion that they are even remotely similar. Sorry but this is something that angers me so much I’d be inclined to loss the plot!


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