Wazir Badshah being congratulated by PTI Law Minister, KPK Imtiaz Qureshi while losing candidate Mujahid Shah is setting on the left holding his hands.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Status quo politics is a curse, crime and burden on not only to underdeveloped nations but also a sinister hurdle on the way of progress and further development on developed nations as well.  The status quo politics has been infecting the system for decades now and they believe that we own the resources, power control and authority mean that they have the ultimate authority to rule the rest of the masses. There are several forms of status quo politics such as in under developed countries they come in the shape of landlords, feudal lords, industrialists, dukes, businessmen etc. and majority of them carry fake degrees, get into politics and reach parliament to become the law makers of the country.

They infect the system so viciously and intricately that it becomes so difficult for the poor, educated people to get into and show their potentials since the roads to politics and decision making process have been blocked and hampered by these elites since they have their own hidden motifs and incentives get disturbed and that’s what they don’t want the common people to rise up to their level. They are continuously intimidating by the growing education, economic rise, political awareness, socio-economic development of common citizens and they fear that if people get educated, economically stabled and politically aware, their hegemonic existence will start to diminish and they won’t be able to rule the masses.

This is the reason that these status quo politicians had maintained a well structured web of power loop in judiciary, economics, political hemisphere, media, law enforcement and perhaps, by the very use of powerful lobbyists so as to spread their wings all across.

The Palace of Pir Mujahid Shah

The well-anticipated victory for Wazir Badshah:

It seemed quite obvious for many reasons that Wazir Badshah will win the election for district council seat against the all time giant Mujahid Shah whose family ruled the village of Summary Payan for almost 50 years but done nothing except packed their pockets full of money, expanded political influence in elite political hemisphere, built castles and what not. People of this village and nearby two villages were overly sick of him. His father Pir Khan who died at the age of 120 years would be remembered as ‘pharaohs of this locality’. He was very aggressive, brutal and followed the strategy to oppress people and he did.

PTI, MNA Sheharyar Afridi visit to congratulate my cousin Wazir Badshah in our Hujjra.

Wazir Badshah is an orphan cousin of mine with 06 brothers. His father died of Tuberculosis when he was a little boy. The poverty stricken child was never expected to become the symbol of pride and honor not only for our tribe but for the whole village and will free the people from oppression, status quo politics for the years to come. He’s brave, honest, committed and resilient. He was met with many challenges in the last 10 years as his opponents tried every effort to kill him, torture him and put him in jail but he always embraced these challenges with bravery, patience and zeal to beat them. Back in 2010, when our tribe was forced to engage in ‘gun fight with Mujahid Shah family, he was left alone and came under rainfall of gunfire but God is always the protector and he got injured on his calf area but luckily remained under the protection of God. ‘ He then remained a continuous menance to status quo and by all means, they remained under an obvious threat of defeat for the time to come.

30th May, 2015 Election Day
30th May, 2015 Election Day
30th May, 2015 Polling Day
30th May, 2015 Polling Day

It was proven to be an overwhelming majority for Wazir Badshah who secured 1001 votes out of 1324 polled votes. It was an inspiring tale! Anyone who can topple an elitist agenda and free people from any form of oppression is a credit to themselves and to their country. Now that is something admirable. An honest person is always an asset to true democracy. I’m glad the good people there have a good person to do the job. Something sadly lacking in many other places. A remarkable achievement indeed!

That’s what us poor people need someone to stand up for us against the higher archy. The day when he was declared winner and a massive influx of guests came to congratulate him, he said to us in a passive tone that ” It’s such a big responsibility over my shoulders and how I am gonna handle it since, I will never materialize the public money, interests and benefits for my personal gain. I boosted him confidence with a saying that ‘ Remember, you are chosen by God for this job and savior for the people. Don’t let the fear let you down and prove yourself a hero for the poor people of your constituency.’ 

I and my cousin Wazir Badshah in the cheer of victory on 30th May, 2015.

Richard Fraser, Scotland.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading” – Lao Tzu

As a Scotsman who believes passionately in self-determination for my country, it will come as little surprise that I have spoken to many people about change, and so too the status quo. It is a topic of conversation that most people will have many times throughout their lives, be it about the government, employment, apartheid; or even your diet.

Some of these things cannot be changed by the will of man; the weather for example. We cannot vote for rain simply because we’ve had too much sun. However, it seems to have become de rigeur to accept that certain things cannot be changed for no other reason than ‘that’s just the way it is’. Grace Murray Hopper is credited with having said ‘The most damaging phrase in the language is “We’ve always done it this way!”’, and this is something that rings true for me. The political systems in place in many countries around the globe are great examples of this; if I am to generalise and simplify, this is how I see things: Governments decide on the rules by which the people of a country live, but do so primarily with the aim of preserving the class system whereby they are kept in a life of luxury, sheltered from the hardships faced by those they purportedly represent.

The world of politics has long been blighted by scandal and tales of corruption, to which the standard reaction is usually something along the lines of ‘It’s disgraceful, but hey, that’s politics for you’. There is an inherent reticence about such matters – at least where I am – which prevents people from realising their true collective influence. Democracy is a wonderful concept; when the people can take matters into their own hands by voting for who they truly believe will make a change. However, what if there is no-one who represents that change? Because it’s what I know best, I will use Scotland and the wider United Kingdom to elucidate my point; this scenario has for the longest time, been the cause of widespread apathy amongst voters, because they believe that their vote will make no difference. As it happens, I agreed with this.

What many people know, but will not admit to unless prompted to really think about it, is that every single politician and supposed public servant, is only in place because of the ‘average’ people like you and I. Our taxes usually form the basis of their comfortable existence, and the paying of taxes enforced by departments of government which are also funded by that same money. It is only if people work together and realise that they are the centerpiece in the system, on which everything is based, that true change can be made. Not wanting to ‘rock the boat’ is an easy to understand perspective, especially from those who benefit most from the system, and most of us take the same stance for fear of a change for the worse.

Although this is specifically pertaining to the political system, it applies to other areas of life – many people who are in jobs with seemingly little responsibility or power are actually providing the most basic services which allows their company to operate and turn profit, meaning that they are in fact playing the most important role possible but yet are the lowest paid and least respected of all that company’s employees. So, they do not complain so as to not ‘rock the boat’, given that they could be fired at any time. This is true of one, or maybe even ten of these employees, but what if all of them were to say ‘enough is enough’ and cease working? In an instant the company has lost all power over these workers, and immediately profit turns to loss. This is true of government, too.

Perhaps people’s actions need to be less direct; less rash, but that is another article in itself. The fact of the matter is, the status quo is a dangerous thing to accept for too long, and sooner or later, if the public do not take some kind of action to change every systemic injustice, we may indeed ‘end up where we are heading’.

Wazir Badshah being congratulated by people.

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