The beautiful expression of Love

The Love Birds: Sara and Richard
The Love Birds: Sara and Richard

Sarah Picco to Richard Fraser,

Marion, Indiana, USA.

Richard you make wake up feel amazing…I Love You Cupcake.

What more can be said about my love for you?

What is left to define and elucidate?

Ishq (The Love)
Ishq (The Love)

Everything, for your grace and refinement are infinite, so too shall be my praise of your perfection.

Setting my eye upon a lucid sunset, the colors bleeding together like that of a watercolor painting, witnessing the last glimpse of golden sunlight dancing on the horizon as if for the last time; this is the scene painted afresh on my heart each time I hear the whisper of your voice or the sight of your face.

The finesse of each kind word you speak to me only serves to stoke the flames of devotion in my heart, which burn eternally for you alone. Never has one loved another with the momentous affection and fervor that I do you. For so long as you remain in my soul, I will never cease to love. For as long as you love me, I will never know sadness. As you slept beside me, each breath you took, I relished; for these were the tender kisses bestowed upon my soul from the depths of yours. Each night when I close my eyes, I travel across the ocean to meet you in your slumber; chasing you through golden sunset meadows, and embracing you by the crackling fire of our forest retreat. I visit you every night, flying thousands of miles for the smile of the woman I love.


I have been gifted the honor of seeing beyond all others to the vulnerable and delicate interior; an immense trust that shall never be broken nor even tested. There is such rapture within my very consciousness as a consequence of receiving your love. You were the sun, and I a mere sapling on the jungle floor; at first the clouds prevented your glorious illumination, their foreboding form laced with malevolence. But in time, divine winds came and freed you from the shackles of the tempest, and your light shone brightly. And upon your celestial light finding me, the sapling would grow, until I had surpassed the canopy, growing ever closer to you for as long as your light shines. 


There are many days when the weather worsens, the rumble of thunder encroaches, but I have grown too tall, and you too bright, and we can no longer be separated.

From the smallest, most humble beginnings this beautiful tale has been written, and although the book is far from complete, its pages await eagerly the quill with which we write. The poetry and charm of our story unfolds with each passing day, all the while striving for the beginning of the greatest chapters. We patiently wait, but I stop to think, and see that the page we reside on now is of great importance; the scene is being set for the untold eminence of all that is yet to come in this, the most enchanting of all love stories; the one we write together.

                           I love you.



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