Mullingar, Ireland.

Nearly 1 in 5 people suffer with some form of anxiety/depression and it affects each individual differently. So how do we manage to live with it as there have been some poor souls who did not get help and lost their life due to this illness which is a matter of serious concern?

Any occurrence of chemical imbalance of the brain, can cause stress and then do we really need medication or can people overcome these themselves?

I’ll start by sharing my own real life experience with you. Few years ago, I was put on anxiety Meds – Xanax.  I was bouncing of the walls by taking them but I wouldn’t recommend them as their quite addictive but as I say everyone’s body is different! Studies have proven that fish oil tablets, plenty of sleep, a healthy well balanced diet, meditation and plenty of exercise helped me overcome this disorder.

I am sharing my friend Oisin Ó’Rímheá‘s story here of how he felt when he suffered with anxiety. It was really bad as it’s quite touching although he still has a small bit of anxiety on a daily basic but still he does not suffer as bad those days when he had been through anxiety.

Oisin Ó’Rímheá‘s real life story: A case study.

Oisin Ó'Rímheá

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are consumed by darkness. It may be the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job or having difficulties adapting to changing social situations or economic hardship. Nonetheless, it can get you down and bring you to depths you have never dealt with before. This may last a few days, weeks or even months. What happens though, when it’s not just for a day, for a week or even for a few months but for life? What do you do when that veil of darkness doesn’t shift?

Depression or anxiety can effect everyone at any time, any age and it isn’t for aright; it’s for life. The problem is most people put it down to bad mood or a faze and they don’t speak of it to anyone, they hope it goes away. The worst part about living with depression is not the inability to enjoy most social situations; or feel comfortable enough to get up out of bed most mornings. No!

The worst part of living with depression is the constant nothingness that weights over your soul. It’s the feeling of emptiness that is quickly over taken by fear, worry, sadness and anxiety.

To clarify the feeling of anxiety is unlike anything else you may encounter. It has a control over your mindset, it’s manipulative and destructive and if it’s not dealt with it can be deadly. In my experience of living with both, it was anxiety that crippled me. It was anxiety that I felt held me back, not being able to walk down the road because all eyes are on you, not being able to go through town because the whole world wants you gone. The shakes, the panic attacks that come hand in hand, the worry that nothing do can make things right.”

But what’s wrong? It is just a faze, correct?

Wrong! If you suffer from depression or anxiety, it can be a life changer, but only if you let it. Take back control, tack back your independence, and don’t let your troubles shape your life or who you are. You must remember that you’re not the only one. 01 in 05 suffer from anxiety and depression; you’re not suffering alone. Look to your left, look to your right; and speak.

Here’s Oisin Ó’Rímheás story of the few remedial measures he took in order to get out of this troubling situation that he faced.

1. Concentrate on slowing your breathing down
2. Put your head down in between your knees.
3. Rinse your face with water this does wonders 
4. Brown paper bag breathe in and out of 
5. Keep telling yourself that I’ll be Okay since; being positive works.

Knowing that all these guidelines will help you in some way and during any panic attacks on time intervals during the day,  and by applying these steps will have gradually start to get their occurrence less and less and remember nearly 1 in 5 gets them when you are not alone you will have greater recovery.

Now I’ll move on to depression:

Did you ever come to a stage in your life where you got depression could become the prime causes of depression such as –  the death of a loved ones, the breakup of a relationship,  the loss of a job anything can cause it and sometimes it can take weeks months or even years to get rid of.

So let me start by saying that there are different types of depression. And one of the most major depressions if have ever in life which you can have it about for 2 weeks or more and which can easily be easily treated with talk therapy and medication. If you’re ever occupied by stress, seek medical advice straight away.

While there’s another main depression which circulate over long term i.e., Depression (persistent depressive disorder).  This type of depression is used to be known as Dysthymia and its treatment is very similar to the rest of all depressions.  Again, talk therapy and medication can be a great remedial therapy to get rid of it as well. We can see that a lot of people suffer or have suffered from depression while a lot of people have lost their life due to this illness while people should not judge unless they know someone who has suffered.

It’s quite sad as anyone can get it – young or old people who have medical problems during their lives. So let me start by saying again life is too precious and if you are in a bad place – immediately seek help.

I’ve actually a friend who suffered a traumatic experience with depression and she nearly died but thankfully she’s the strong woman and she has defeated it.  Now, she is very active and healthy, and never touched medication afterwards. She got herself better and miracles happen out there. I think if you have good support around you and with a continuous tries and stay positive even on bad days will certainly get you out of anxiety disorder. I know its hard but just try it won’t affect you as bad keep positive.

Here is couple of tips if you are struggling with depression:

  1. Exercise even just walking will make you feel good.
  2. Healthy eating/diet.
  3. Good sleep pattern.
  4. Meditation works effectively.
  5. Taking vitamins improves everything.
  6. A good sex life now don’t start it’s a known fact.

So I’m going to finish up by saying don’t despair things will get better and just be positive.  Don’t let depression beat you as there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and remember a healthy mind is a happy mind.
Love to you all.

Laura Kelly.

Poem by Christine Bourke

How can I tell you I love you?

Without shedding a tear I cannot,

How can I say I miss you without breaking my heart?

It can’t be done.

I miss kissing you good night and morning hugging you when you are down

Or rubbing your head when you are sick.

I even miss cleaning after you soon darling, I will hold you again.

I am stronger than Depression
I am stronger than Depression

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