The Genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma and the champions of democracies.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Landless, tortured, hopeless, scared of overnight raids by the Buddhists extremists with guns, knives, sharps, snipers and barbarian killers,  and without any identity, Rohingya Muslims are stranded deep in the floating ferries in the middle of water around Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia, for survival in a seek of a peaceful place to live in.

Rohingyas in Boats

The ethnic cleansing in Burma’s northwest has followed a jerky rhythm, coming in fits and starts since the first Buddhist-on-Muslim attacks in the middle of 2012. found it in a dangerous lull, with many Burmese Buddhists thrilled by the prospect of driving out the remaining Muslims and killing those who resisted.

The massacre of Rhingya Muslims

The reply of Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott is adequate enough to the logical understanding to humanity where on a question that ‘Will Australian government allow 8,000 Rohingya Muslims to be given refuge in Australia?”.
The prime minister replied ‘No, no, never’. The spontaneous logic of Mr. Tony Abbott’s statement is immensely cruel for he refused to help these tortured humans in a time where Rohingya Muslims are deserved and needed.

While the reality is that Australia is one of those central partners in resolving the atrocities being faced by Rohingya Muslims in a time where Rohingya Muslims are ethically cleansed, tortured, massacred and many more forced from their homes by the Buddhist terrorists of Burma. The Burmese government has responded in part by ignoring the issue:  When asked directly, government spokesmen propagated the story that Buddhists are blameless but Muslims murdered a Buddhist policeman on January 14, 2012. The implication is that even if the Muslims were attacked, they kinda had it coming.

Dead bodies of Muslims in Arkan, Burma

In the past, the central government of Burma has intermittently played a stabilizing role, for example by averting the 2012 mass burning of Muslim residents of Myebon township after they were rounded up and (the displaced residents narrated) sprayed with gasoline. But now, according to the report by Fortify Rights, the state and national government are dealing with the problem in ways that all but ensure more attacks. Police had rounded up Muslim men over the age of ten, prevented Muslims from returning to their homes, and done nothing to stop the anti-Muslim violence they deny happened in the first place. That means the Muslims of Arakan are weaker and more isolated than before, and Buddhists remained more confident they can sack Muslim villages and murder their inhabitants with impunity.

Time magazine cover of Buddhist terrorist of Myanmar.

During the military led government in 2011 in Burma, buddhist extremists had openly propagated the slogan of ‘freedom of expression in a ‘full swing fanatics beliefs and extremism’ against Muslim and effectively spread the ‘hatred’ against Muslim ethnicity of Burma on the fabricated premise of Muslims being contemplating to take over government.’

Burned bodies of Rhingya Muslims in Myebon, Burma

This heated slogan of ‘freedom of opinion and expression’ further intensified after the coming of democracy in Burma where 1000s of innocent Muslims were massacred by the Buddhist terrorists in Myanmar, confiscated their properties, men, women and innocent children were brutally killed, buried and while those who could flee for their survival in ‘Refugee camps’. In addition, over 14,000 Rohingya Muslims were just recently expelled from their native places.

It has to be deeply understood that sometimes ‘Freedom of Expression and Speech’ is being used vehemently in the sole propagation of ‘hatred and religious fanaticism’. The atrocities being faced by Rohingya Muslims are deep rooted spread over the course of past while this new sequel of ‘atrocities over Rohingya Muslims‘ is indeed a ‘Black Chapter’ not only in South-East History but also a matter of shame and concern for the entire world. Some of the Asian and Western powers are celebrating the ‘festivity of democracy’ in Myanmar in a time where Rohingya Muslims are being ethnically cleansed, massacred and expelled in vulnerable state in unsecured ferries into the ocean. The concept of ‘selling democracy’ in Myanmar by those powers is visibly cruel and stupid.


These stranded Rohingya Muslims in the water floating near Malaysia and Indonesia were promised to given by Malaysia, Indonesia and Australian governments. Collectively, the entire atmosphere of these countries towards Rohingyas refugees isn’t that pleasant. Similarly, European nations seem overly hesitant in forcing the neighboring countries to extend any help to those stranded human beings.
The atrocities, barbarism and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims has revealed the dual and ugly face of the champions of democracies and peace.


The members of ASEAN countries, and entire world have to understand deeply and humanity centric belief that, neighborhood, peace, harmony and democracies can’t be based solely on ‘trades and money’, and all those who who commit heinous crimes to humanity must be punished and brought to justice.



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