By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Human intelligence is a gift of God which distinguishes human from all other creatures in universe. Allah has blessed human with the astute intellect and exceptional wisdom to discern, perceive and sense the hidden treasures and mysteries of the universe. Scientifically, this mental capability is called IQ (Intelligence Quotient).  If your brain is enriched with treasures of useful knowledge and with that very knowledge, if you are able to produce timely solutions to your problems then certainly your IQ Level is at the best level. In simple terms, the best practice is that if you can judge someone’s mental ability and wisdom that how smart he/she is, then make sure; you’re the owner of excellent IQ Level.


What Exactly Are IQ Tests Measuring?

Intelligence tests are designed to measure what is known as crystallized and fluid intelligence. Crystallized intelligence involves your knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your life while intelligence involves your ability to reason, problem-solve, and make sense of abstract information.

IQ tests are administered by a licensed psychologist. There are different kinds of intelligence tests, but many involve a series of subtests that are designed to measure mathematical abilities, language skills, memory, reasoning skills, and information-processing speed.

Now, you can also find your own IQ level as well and usually, the average IQ test at 100 and if you can get score above 100, then make sure your intelligence level is above the average person’s IQ Level whereas, below 100 means that you’re less smarter or intelligent than an average person’s intelligence level. However; below 100 never means that you can’t enhance and boost your IQ level. You can overcome this shortfall and improve it by mental exercise, training, and regular knowledge. Here worth mentioning that there is a certain limit of intelligence of every individual and sometimes it happens that even by your arduous hard work and at sufficient performance, you still don’t secure maximum score but this is not the matter to be worried off.

So don’t stress out if you’re not a genius, since the vast majority of people aren’t geniuses either. Just as having a high IQ doesn’t ensure success, having an average or low IQ doesn’t ensure failure or mediocrity. Other factors such as hard work, resilience, perseverance, and overall attitude are important pieces of the puzzle.

Here you don’t have to lose your heart or get disappointed at this downer output since this weakness is just till that level where you haven’t prepared well with appropriate knowledge for the test. While on the other hand, there are people who with lesser than you preparation managed to get maximum score with correct, complete and sufficient directions and become successful.

The practice and preparation of IQ test may turn efforts more productive and result oriented. For this, you need to analyze the different parts of IQ test and have to find out all those difficult areas that you are facing troubles with in understanding. By which you would be able to identify your key weaknesses and you will be able to prepare well for all those difficult questions and topics as well. You don’t have to circle all of your efforts particularly in solution of those questions and topics instead try to understand and find out different solutions to those problems from different angles and ways. This will significantly enhance your abilities to attempt the test in a better, complete and an accurate way.

IQ reasoning
IQ reasoning

In our daily life routine matters, the role of ‘Numerical Reasoning’ is substantially significant since, we base this ability almost in every profession. In a normal IQ test, you are given a ‘Serial of Numbers’ in which some of the numbers are missing while there is a connection between these numbers. You need to identify the numbers and also determine the relation of sequences between numbers. You have to find the correct ‘figure’ within that connection according to the sequence. You can only spot the difference and answer it immediately once you have done adequate prior preparation for the test. The selection of the words is not the same as of our daily routine used words rather it’s the name of choosing the correct words under a proper direction and connects them correctly as demanded in test. Thus; it is considered to be a type of ‘testing our mental aptitude and ability’.

A Sequence
A Sequence

Another important part of IQ Test is related to ‘abstract information/abstract reasoning test’. An abstract reasoning test measures your ability or aptitude to reason logically. Generally, abstract reasoning tests measure non-verbal abilities. You must, through logical and abstract reasoning, extract rules, analogies and structures which you subsequently use to find a correct answer among a set of possible options.

Here you are given sets of ‘information or statements’ in which you have to extract the logical answers and reasons in. Some of the statements given in the test may infuriate or disgruntle your emotions as well. For obtaining better results in the test, you need to make good practice before getting into attempting this test.

Pattern Recognition
Pattern Recognition

Now, here are some of the tips which are necessary to enhance and improve the IQ level and in order to maximize the score in IQ test, these basic points are proven with due scientific research and tests and by following those research proven basic tips and points will pave the ways for getting output in IQ test.

Music: Some people dislike listening to music and consider it to be boring, time wasting or cause of headache activity in life. However; it is proven from the scientific research that music relays positive impacts. Therefore, giving at least 10 to 15 minutes to music per day is considered to be a healthy sign. Light and soothing music puts positive effects on our nerves and assists in producing new thinking pattern in our brains.

Sports: Hardly there would be anyone among us who does not take interest in sports. Regular participation in any of sports activities increases the oxygen level in our blood stream which assists in strengthen our muscles and brain and we remain active and healthy. Sports are not limited to any age. Therefore, terming growing age as an excuse for distancing from sports is not an appropriate attitude. Sports significantly yield positive effects on human’s brain, body and appearance. Therefore, parallel to physical sports, you can also give mental exercise to your brain through indoor sports activities such as solving online puzzles, quizzes, blogs etc.

Mental Stress: In order to obtain maximum results in any test, try to turn your mood in such a way that you don’t fell to any mental stress. Even if you can’t hold your nerves during test or any stressful circumstances, try to bring it down to its least level so that you can perform actively in the test. Like it has been witnessed during tests that some of the IQ test takers fail to perform well during test or their performance turns out to be lower due to ‘stress or confusion.’ While in normal circumstances, if you ever ask the same person the similar IQ questions, he will be able answer the questions very easily and confidently since he would be without any stress now.

During IQ test, make sure you read all of the given instructions carefully. Read the entire question and get a fair idea of the purpose of the question. Read the ‘sample’ very carefully and seriously and avoid rushing at the questions. Start attempting the test confidently when you have understood all of the questions carefully and distribute the time according to the duration of each question. Remember that ‘intelligence based tests’ expect you to give maximum correct answers. Concentrating on one question too much can be harmful for your test and wasting of time. Initially, try to avoid answering the difficult questions instead prefer answering only those questions which you feel confident to answer.

Remember, confusion among the answers of questions tends to waste the time, and also avoid for being running over the questions and answering on guessing as well. Therefore, understanding the questions thoroughly and put accurate answers is always preferred.  During the end of the IQ test, take a thorough overview of your answers and even if you have still time, retake the overview again so that you re-correct the answers if needed.


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