By Sajjad Amin Bangash

In modern times, in order to understand the realm of ‘ownership of power and authority and to gain a complete hold of it’, lots of efforts being put forward at local and international level. This gamut carries deep rooted depth in itself that the more the intellectuals tend to discover its depth, more and more complications emerge up along and its circle tends to expand sporadically.

The realization about the existence of ‘power or supremacy’ is felt by everyone but a wide scale of contradiction exists as to what extend and where it resides. At one extreme, ‘the sun of power and authority rises while on the other edge, this sun disappears after showing its glow for a while.’ In reality, human’s eye, mind, sense and analysis have failed to reach to the eventual end of ‘power and authority’.

The primitive concept about the ‘realm of power’ which had been acceptable to intellectuals for centuries was that ‘the real owners of powers and dominion are the ultimate primary users who use it’, while this concept was tertiary enough to the growth and maturity of human’s minds, awareness and intellect. Since; the humans of that time were confined to hunt in the jungles, engaged in direct face-to-face battles and would eventually subdue the opponent. Although, in all of those very battles, thousands of soldiers would participate from both sides but the commencement of battle was strictly adhered to the individual head to head fight of powerful commanders of either sides while the communal decision of triumph or defeat was based on the individual defeat or victory of those commanders. However; this concept remained till the time of emperors and kingdoms.

The Battle of Multana 1579, India.
The Battle of Multana 1579, India for ‘Throne’

Any aspirant to become ‘King on Throne’ would have to kill all of his contemporary contenders and even if he was too benign and kind, would imprison them after getting into power. But humans learned lessons from experiences of the past, that if left alive any opponent, will again regroup and gather support of people, strengthen the power and eventually rise up against the mightiest or King at any point of time. In those very days, the realm of power was quite ubiquitous and if anyone gets hold of that realm would subjugate the weak and rule them. Hence; the acquisition of power remained limited to subdue and subjugate the weak and rule them.

Commanders fights

Then an era passed over where human’s intellect reached at the conclusion that there is ‘no owner of the supremacy of power’, if it was the case then where was this ‘supremacy’ existed. To answer this question, several intellectuals expounded their own varied opinions and agreed on the common opinion that ‘the ownership and existence of power clout can be found everywhere and there is no static place or point for this ownership. It exists everywhere where the reflections of power and authority emanated, the shadow of power existed. It is spontaneous and carries a sense of existence of its own. This sense of ‘power and authority’ existence taken out the humans from the shell of narrowed rubble while entrusted this power to a divine force which existed everywhere and every moment of time.


All those intellectuals who tried to locate this ‘spectacle of power’ within the earth instead of skies have found it in the midst of network of human’s interconnected relationship. They found the ‘existence and ownership of power’ within the walls of human’s social fiber and their mutually coordinated relations. They were not ready on agreeing to accept ‘the owner of powers to individualism’. They tried to sketch and fabricated different shapes of gods in different appearances of humans. Some were superior while some where inferior and sequentially tried to distribute ‘ownership of power and authority’ within the human’s make up, thus; the worship to humans begun to sprout up. However; one common motif still remained at the backdrop of this whole dogma. This question remained stagnant at its very own base which was whatever is happening on this earth, Who runs this power helm? Who let this happens?

So the humans relinquished to believe that the obvious reins, jurisdiction and power of humans, instead the control and ownership of power rests with God was acceded.

In understanding this long journey of human’s life; few intellectuals have stated their views that:  ‘power and authority’ is self-erupted and spontaneous which does not stay stagnant of a particular place or position instead it constantly transcends and travels in unparalleled sequence on various points or positions and wherever it passes through or travels, it yields ‘Cipher” as its total outcome. Thus, the system of life begins from the point the happening of this ‘Cipher” output. Now, whenever there occurs ‘imbalance’ in getting this “Zero outcome”, society becomes the victim of a storm of revolution or destruction. While, when “the circlet of power control’ is being shifted to one location or point to another, resistance emerges up to impede this transfer of ‘power control’. Hence, this resistance in fact, becomes the source of conflict within a society.

In all of the revolutions that took place in the world in different time periods, the element of ‘imbalance’ was the rear factor of every transfer of power from one point to another by one entity to another entity. Since; the powerful was reluctant and determined not to handover the transfer of power control.

After the era of Kingdoms and dictatorship (One individual maintains the power control under his crown/belt), when the process of division of people for power control under democratic concept emerged up, then institutions to run the government system came into existence. The individuals working in those institutions accepted their role – this was a biggest change which came in the human history. The prime reasons of acceptance among common citizens were the opportunities for those responsible personnel working in these institutions to enjoy the ‘power control’ authority.  The assigners of power and authority over their subordinates and also subordinates have warmly accepted this new system. This way, at one end, the ownership of power was not in the hands of one individual while on the other hand; the partners of this power sharing were so many which led to the power to be shared by a lot and became centralized.

Centralized Power System
Centralized Power System

While before in the past, the subjects had to bow their heads down only in the honor of one “King” and now, the same subjects have to bow their heads to several of their lords at different intervals during the whole day. The picture of helplessness of people can be visibly seen to be running around this ‘divided’ power control. Now, whenever the people took to streets in the protest against these institutions, then no individual of those institutions held himself/herself responsible for since, he does not seem to be the right person to be protested at with a premise of ‘power sharing’ in different hands. Everybody knows that there is no ‘firm power’ rests nowhere. That’s the reason – no adequate solution is provided for the solution of those protesters.

When these people resume their duties, they see the grave problems in their own domestic responsibilities spectacles which give birth to the negative aspects in their attitudes. Thus, due to this sense of inferiority, they do not agree on providing the rights of power sharing to others.

A culture of greed and avarice is maintained and supported by a world media run by the corporate elite who also run the governments around the world. Poverty is essential to this system as it provides a steady stream of bodies for the military machine. It also encourages religious and racial intolerance by setting sections of society against one another, blaming each other for their woes rather than the corporate machine.

The biggest reasons of conflict and disturbances in our societies are because we have confiscated the circlet of power from point and divided it into many pieces and we are failed to identify the exact location of this circlet of power. The disintegration of power sharing into several divisions has been achieved by humans after several struggles during industrial revolution era of the world and we forget to realize that the circlet of power rests with God while we the humans are the deputy and servant sent by Allah into this world. We need to accept this reality that the circlet of power is no where except with Allah (God) and we have to travel and will leave this world.

God is everywhere and we are all a part of God. Therefore; we are all immensely powerful too.

This power with God doesn’t change the fact that governments and corporations have great power over us. Corporations (for most of us) dictate what we have to do for 8 hours a day for employment, what poisons go into our food and the environment. Governments can imprison those who break laws no matter how just they are. This happens for one simple reason: we allow them to.

Every one of us must understand and obligate ourselves to be the humble, respected and caring to each other in this world. The rich, poor all of us need to equate the world into equal opportunity provider instead of becoming the lords or power mongers. There is so much to do to eradicate the poverty, promote education, bring social and economical reformation, respect elders, our resources and country and bring the peace to the world. Together, we can make this world a beautiful place to live.


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