What is temporary email and maintaining our privacy?


Making a temporary email and maintaining our privacy?

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Internet usage has become an integral part of our daily lives activities and perhaps to say that we eat less while use internet a lot wouldn’t be a false statement. So we often during internet surfing, have to login to several websites where we are required to login or subscribe in that particular website.

If you’ve ever been asked for your email address from a retailer or required to provide an email address for online account registration you may have felt uncomfortable sharing it. Not knowing whether your email address will be sold to a third party or if you’ll be pummeled with unwanted email offers.


By subscribing or logging in to that temporary website, we often find that later our mail box is jammed packed with ‘unnecessary/unfiltered emails’ which we deem it less important.

Similarly, sometimes we need to make an email account for a temporary need in different websites and after completing the required task, we never return back to that particular website but the coming of continuous emails from those temporary visited websites give us a headache.

So here’s a solution!

What if making a temporary email serves our purpose for such temporary websites visits?
Sounds beautiful idea isn’t it?


Yopmail” is the best choice for making such temporary emails. (www.yopmail.com/en)


Besides, ‘Yopmail’ there’s another good platform available for making temporary emails which is called ‘moakt‘ and the best feature of ‘moakt‘ is that along with creating temporary email, it also gives us an option of making a ‘temporary phone number’ as well so don’t have to give our personal phone/cellphone number as well.

Sounds  savvy!

During interest surfing, we often find that we need to provide our personal phone/cellphone number for further verification purposes. In addition, if you’re entering into live chat services which require us to provide our email and phone numbers which we often hesitate to provide.


By clicking ‘http://www.moakt.com‘, we enter into ‘moakt’ domain where we can make temporary email such as ‘computingpk@moakt.com and if you want, you can get a random address by simply clicking a ‘Get a Random Address‘ button below the text box and you can get an instant ‘ready made address’.


This temporarily created account remains alive for up to 60 minutes (01 hour) and if you want to further extend the time duration, then you can also extend it by simply clicking ‘extend’ button where the time duration will further be extended for another 60 minutes.

Extending the time duration

But here’s the point to ponder is that, here you’re not provided with a separate mail box where all of your emails remain secured rather all of your emails remain alive on the screen and you just have to attentively look at the emails.

Temporary Phone Feature

The most interesting feature of this website is that it provides a temporary phone number/s on which the SMS are received which makes ‘moakt’ very interesting system. In fact, a user is provided with 08 different phone numbers on which he/she has to choose according to their choice. All of the received SMS are stored on these temporary numbers where you can read the SMS of any given number. If you have ever used any number from those numbers, all the SMS will pop up on the screen as well and you can note down the verification code as well.

Temporary available phone numbers

Certainly, you would’ve understood that there’s no element of privacy here. Therefore, try to use these temporary numbers for temporary tasks.


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