The hotchpotch of Euro-Asia among international powers.


By Sajjad Amin Bangash

The hotchpotch of Euro-Asia among international powers.
What the interest centric intimacy of Russia, USA and Germany will bear the fruitful outcomes?
What hotchpotch is being baked at international level?
What game Europe is after?
What Germany is looking for?
What Iran is keen for?
and overall, what is the interlaced link among them?

A brief analysis into this, will certainly be of keen interest to readers around the world.

A lot of countries in the Euro-Zone are not happy at all. Greece, Italy, Spain etc. are such elements in Euro Zone which are walking with crutches and are infected with a disease which is certainly deteriorating their health. This disease is like HIV/AIDS epidemic and it is apprehended that they will also infect other countries as well.


Germany is one such country which economy is very strong and ‘wealth’s treasure is above all.’ Hence, Germany is giving injections of vigour and vitality to all these countries so that they can enhance the immune system of their economies, get recovered from their ailing economies. Since, Germany’s health itself is widely interlinked with other countries.
Greece is a continuous headache and burden inside Euro Zone and Greece’s status in Euro Zone is like a lizard which is stuck in the throat of a snake which is difficult to swallow and hard to throw up.
Germany is now considered to have strong economic base in Europe and the power of this economy is heavily dependent on Exports. Half of Germany’s GDP is dependent on textile industry and Exports. Now, if the sequence of exports stops for a single pause or there happens to be a minor fracture in it, Germany will stumble down entirely and will stand in a parallel queue among feeble economies like Greece.


Now, in order to maintain this ‘Economic might’, Germany is continuously lending loans or financial aids to other European nations. The prime purpose of such loans or grants so as these countries may restructure and rehabilitate their diseased economies and also a huge portion of such loans may also be spent on the buying of Germany’s made products. So in other words ” I give you the loan to buy from the store I tell to buy from OK”.


This way, all these countries will remain under the ‘thankful hands’ and ‘umbrella’ of Germany and Germany will remain ‘The Lord of Ring‘ in Europe.

Well! This seems quite inspiring but very deceitful story but at the same time, there are several apprehensions and intricacies associated with this pyramid. For example, although, Greece is taking the luxury of ‘Germany’s loans’ and enthralling themselves up with it but what if Greece would unable to restore, revamp its economy to achieve all the required targets to bolster its economy in the longer run?

How will the Germany receive its loans within stipulated time frame?

Although, these grants/loans can be rescheduled or waived off for certain limit and time frame however, a huge portion has to be reimburse anyway. The Germans have narrated a famous quote for the Greeks as ‘ The Greeks drink when they wake up in the morning while Germans drink when come back from work in the evening.’

To explain it more – it means that ‘Greeks prefer extravagant life style and luxury lovers while Germans prefer hard working and decent attitude towards spending in life.’


Well! Thinking about future is seemingly the biggest curse of Capitalist systems and mindset. This is a conscious thinking which compels human into carrying more and more weight unknowingly, since, under capitalist economic system, governments pay less attention towards the well being of common citizens, their rights and protection while do care more for the ‘capitalists’.

For whatever reasons, former USSR was criticized and denounced for, however, one must give credit to Soviet Union’s dual care for the protection, rights, well being and provision of basic necessities of life to common citizens such as provision of employment, food, housing, shelter, health care it rendered during their tenure of government. That’s why the activists and supporter of former Soviet Union, cry aloud in the streets and roads in today’s Russia. They buoyantly admire and remember the ‘good time of former USSR’ they enjoyed. Similarly, even now, the labours in Europe and USA has been deprived from the basic social and economic benefits and welfare comforts which were once given to them in the fear of USSR.

Recently, Germany has become the biggest donor of financial aids to several European countries. Apparently, Germany is minting and packing up loads of money bags on the clout of textile products thus became the ‘wealthy nation’ in Europe. Germany is heavily depending on the export and domestic tax on its citizens. Therefore, Germany lends loans and financial aids to other nations within their own earnings.


Angela Markel, the chancellor of Germany, is very visionary and forward thinking leader. She knows very accurately as to what length, she has to stretch her lengths in the blanket. Germans are assuringly relying on her noble and kindness personality traits and her opposition is obviously spreading the rumors that ‘the big sister might not capsize the boat of German nation.’

Just lately, the spoiling of Greece appeared but then Germany correctly created annoyance in Brussels conference. France, Portugal, Spain and the Finance Minister of Euro Zone also allied the Germany on the pretext of present or future benefactor. So Greece could not turn their patron satisfied and remained back footed.
When Greece first received the ‘bail out’, they promised to prove to be a ‘good boy’ and will avoid unnecessary spending and adopt the rational approach on spending. Greece will follow the ‘austerity measure’ technique and maintain a ‘simple lifestyle’. But the spoiled of the past takes time to rectify. Therefore, the analysts predict the within 03-04 months, ‘Athens and Berlin’ will soon fall into distance since the’ Athens boy’ is difficult to rectify his attitude and the ‘Big Sis’ (Angela Markel) won’t let it go. So, the whole Europe will stand watching this whole melodrama of ‘rift’ between Germany and Greece.

At one end, Angela Markel is desperately engaged in sorting the balance in Euro-Zone while on the eastern front of Germany, another turmoil is heating up i.e, Russia is continuously engaged in ‘rift’ with Ukraine. Hence, Ukraine is the darling heaven of ‘separatists’. This matter is not a minor to be overlooked by Euro zone especially Germany. The circumstances to mitigate this ‘tension’ is on the one side, but to bring the two groups on the negotiation table is a far cry from and unlikely adventure.


Angela Merkel has shortened her sleep schedule as she’s continuously running here and there in the seek of how to reduce and mitigate this escalation. She has been successful in bringing the “two parties” on peace process” in Belarus capital “Minsk.” In this noble job, Germany’s economical might and superiority played a great role but a slight stir still lingered on when she avoided to accede the activities of “separatist groups”in the shadow of Russia. Ukraine’s president “Petro Poroshenko” wasn’t agreeing on setting on negotiation table but thanks to ‘Big Sis’ for she let him understand the consequences and aftermath of war in modern times and finally convinced him. Another reason for this ‘peace effort’ is to minimize the the growling tension between United States and Russia and to bring it back to normalization but again, these two rivals are difficult to mediate since, they seem little agreeing on setting together on ‘peace table.’


Russia is eminently intimidated from USA through the its neighbors since, USA have been continuously warning Russia to stop ‘knocking the doors of Ukraine’ and warned them to provide financial as well military support to Ukraine. However, belligerent Vladimir Putin setting in Moscow, gazing deeply at laid out map as to how to frontiers and corners of Russia be protected on the alarming fear that as soon as, a repulse or retreat from Ukraine, USA will aggravate their worries more with the help of its nearby neighbors.
Perhaps, this is true. USA will go out of its stretch to extend the circle more of NATO, USA is gathering its allies against Russia.


Now, the analysts predict that soon, Russia will formulate and issue an agenda for its army and also annex Cremea through a ‘bridge’ and declare its supremacy before any foreign interference may get indulgence in the region.
Furthermore, USA is wary of everything and they’re not hurrying to make any rash decision on Ukraine’s issue. However, Americans can’t overlook the players playing in the Euro-Asia stage.
The penetration into Europe seems quite blurry for USA while at the same time, circumstances in Middle east aren’t that sweet for Americans.


Therefore, in order to penetrate more in Middle east, USA is now concentrating more on Iran and looking softly at them. US Secretary of State, John Kerry and Iranian counterpart, Javed Zareef met in the last week of February in Geneva so that to initiate more on ‘Iran Nuclear program.’  Since, Americans want to mandate it to congress and the world that they’ve made a successful mediation on Iran’s nuclear program. It’s further presumed that United States will not impose any further sanctions on Iran. Now, Obama is able to succeed in removing sanctions from Iran, then USA will (a) stall force against Russia while (b) reduce the burden of Middle east over their shoulders and this burden will be shifted to other regional powers.
US and Iran are terming this really positive that to what extent Iran will be able to possess Uranium enrichment and how much Iran needs to diffuse it and that to what extent Iran will be able to lower the economic sanctions in return to their Uranium enrichment program diffusion as proposed. This will greatly determine the influential contours of Iran and that these two countries will strengthen their cooperation in achieving their interests in different sectors.


The emergence of circumstances and turmoil in Syria and Iraq have brought USA and Iran together and paved the ways of negotiations. They realized the dual importance of each other in tackling the ‘DAISH-ISIS’ together. So far, the aggressive statements between USA and Iran have reduced a lot. For United States, this is not an easy task to do since, Israel is another difficult task handle by the Americans as Israel has always been a ‘blue-eyes boy’ for Americans.


For the first time, the admiring phrases are spoken by the Americans for the role of Hezbollah while on the other hand, Israel is shivering and shouting aloud that, they’ve been continuously rattled and intimated by Iranian-backed organization. Although, not every American seems to takes great care of giving statements in favor of Hezbollah but, they’re applauding the domestic level meetings of Hezbollah with Lebanese leaders.
On the other hand, Iran is in dire seek of opportunity to ‘recognize and enhance credibility of Hezbollah through United States’, so that Iran may achieve the the desired results. However, they are time demanding and efforts.

It has to be however, understood that the West is very aware the growing influence of Iran in Middle east, therefore, they will further extend the aces of Saudia Arabia and Turkey in order to effectively deal with these circumstances. The Europe will try hard to maintain the oldest long run intimacy among these countries so as to maintain the balance of power in the region.

So in conclusion, by overseeing this whole scenario, what is obvious is that, Germany in order to take the Euro zone out of economic turmoil, putting strenuous efforts to cool down Russia while Russia is very eager to stop the growing influential intention of USA in Europe and, USA is running hard to control Iran so that, the whole concentration will further transfer to Russia. It’s possible that, Russia and Germany may initiate and come up on productive conclusion while, Iran and Washington may reach to something positive but what will happen between Moscow and Washington?



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