Reason for the global governmental changes?


What is the reason for the global governmental changes?

By Jeanette Saxby
Rotorua, New Zealand.

World wide we are seeing new systems being adopted, hung parliaments and even minority led Governments.

The UK is facing a new Government line up and possibly a new coalition , five years on from the last one. The new Scottish parliament seems set to make some changes too.

Australia is also facing a few difficulties with a high turnover of leaders as with the changes in Governing systems some more leaderships coups are occurring.

Is this a reflection of less loyalty than we saw in previous Governments?


I don’t know what the answer is but here is New Zealand we changed our first past the post electoral system with only one vote for a new system that is more common in European countries than down under in New Zealand.

In New Zealand we have elections every three years and we have 120 seats in parliament. To win you need 61 seats. We tend to have a labour government for several terms and then flop to a National Government. The National Government is the more conservative of the main parties and labour is more socialist or left leaning. In our system we have two votes. One a party vote for the governing or opposition parties and one vote for our preferred local candidate. I think countries around the world are also starting to question the voting systems in place.

New Zealand Parliament
New Zealand Parliament

Most people are suspicious of politicians and as a result often their is a low voter turnout. I wonder if the system does favour the politicians more than the people .

With the current system there is a flip flopping from left to right and right to left again. As a result good long term plans , important buildings and major infrastructure can be a political football with ideas being tossed about for years , even decades before a real decision to commit to big cost projects which inevitably have risen in cost while they delays occurred.

We have a Government that forms a coalition by several parties combining to work together and offer support to some ideas but not all.

Parliament Session of New Zealand
Parliament Session of New Zealand

It is really tiring. I imagine to be part of a Government with only a tiny majority as every point must be voted on and unless there are enough votes cast to win the new law changes inertia sets in and extra scrutiny is applied across all pieces of proposed legislation because there are the numbers of opposition party keen to block any change. Maybe a better way to run a country would be seek a small compromise and get across party approval.

Auckland, New Zealand

In Auckland , the city I’m closest to, we have masses of money wasted through hung decisions and even a mayor voting against the wishes of the population in order to get business interests satisfied.

I would much prefer to see a grand coalition government with greater consensus or a higher percentage of agreement for law to pass. The 49 to 51 , lose to win is too close to be a solution. I think it makes more sense as the Germans have discovered to run the grand coalition.

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel was the Chancellor of Germany in 2005 when the two largest parties formed a coalition in order to govern with a majority lead Government. The two right parties combined in order to try and keep the greens out but their combined efforts were still not enough to hold power. So a Grand Coalition was formed that included both the left and the right parties cooperating together . Two more grand coalitions have followed and such has been their success that GROKO was the word of the year 2013 in Germany.

How wonderful that democracy is evolving? The reason Germany remains one of the strongest economic powers in Europe and head of the European Union is due in part to the stable government.

This has to be a superior system to our Current system in both New Zealand and Australia as we have not had a strongly supported government although we do have a popular Prime Minister our system needs tweaking. Old politicians seem too entrenched, and past their use by date, plus few parties seem to mentor good underlings to maintain the party position.

I can’t even fathom American politics as they have two tiers and two sets of elections and different federal laws from state laws. One thing we do know about American presidential elections is that they cost billions.

I can’t understand how the democracy in America resembles more of a dynastic oligarchy. Unless your name is Clinton, Bush or Kennedy you probably don’t have a chance. The American political system is driven by money. I guess it pays to have a big name .. To win.

Somehow I see inequality growing and more dissatisfaction with the political systems where corruption is starting to appear more probable than ever before.



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