SNP rise

SNP remains in dominant position as election approaches in Scotland’s General Election in May, 2015.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

After the recent great debate of leaders for the upcoming general election in UK, the leading and influential leader which emerged as the most publicly supported and liked is Nicola Sturgen and after this debate, the SNP overall popularity graph rose up to 53%, strangling the space for Labour, Lib-Dem and other contemporary parties contesting in May, General Election in Scotland. This is quite obvious notion which reflected the people’s mandate towards a sovereign and independent Scotland free from Westminster after the ‘Referendum’ held in September, 2014 where the ‘No thanks and better together’ won over ‘Yes movement’ for independence. I have been continuously watching the international politics and the canvas of waves of change and overall indigenous trends taking place all over the world.

Generally, there are several realistic psychological and economical reasons behind this continues rise in the popularity graph of SNP in the most recent past.

The psychological reasons are:

  • SNP is more Scotland centric and nationalist political party which advocates for the independent Scotland and they’re focusing more on solving and addressing the core issues confronted by Scotland.
  • There’s an overall anger by the people of Scotland against Westminster and their policies, aggressively emanated after the failure in referendum which is a natural tendency.
    United Kingdom censorship policies to minimize and strangle the political voices of people of Scotland on any platforms be it on mass media or social media level also relayed a sordid implications which agonized the people of Scotland to raise their political voice on a national and international level. One biggest example would be the ‘restrictions on social media where the UK censorship policy restrained all the political activists and their propagation strategies to be posted in social media.
  • Application of fear and intimidation tactics by the Westminster elites has also thrown a negative impact on the Scotland political battle ground. Such strategies to undermine and stab the voices of the people in fact, replicate and give birth to ‘extreme anger and retaliation’ on a massive level. The anger, agony and retaliation start reside in people’s consensus against this grand hypocrisy by Westminster towards Scotland in recent times which in return become the source of escalation and hatred on political grounds in Scotland.
  • People of Scotland sense the “Divide and Rule Strategy” by the Britain over the course of 03 centuries and they term it as “dividing the Scottish society on such grand methodology for over 300 years,making them subservient and rule them accordingly” thus, they no longer agree to accept Westminster as their masters. This has led the gross root level urgency among the Scots that being independent and sovereign state is the ultimate solution for the ownership of their own resources in their own hands and helm.
  • During last referendum, there is an obvious doubt expressed by the people of Scotland on rigging and maneuvering the mandate of the people which changed the course of the decisions of the people. Thus depriving Scotland from their very native right of self determination and freedom of exercising their voting power to declare ‘Scotland to be independent and sovereign country run by their own people.’

While on the economic grounds, people of Scotland feel less privileged and their economic lifestyles are comparatively lower as compared to southern part of UK (Scotland).

According to Mairead Tagg Mairead Tagg (Clinical Psychologist at University of Stratchclyde, Glasgow, Scotland:

  • The greatest concentration of wealth is in South-East England. Scotland is asset-stripped to feed the greed of the extremely wealthy – Scotland’s oil being a clear example. People in the North of England suffer in the same way as the Scots.
  • Westminster has no interest in the Scottish infrastructure. One by one our industries have gone, presided over by a succession of indifferent Westminster administrations, our fishing industry has been decimated by inappropriate concessions made in Europe. Personally I’ve always had the feeling that Westminster would like Scotland to become a huge shooting estate for the obscenely wealthy and for the rest of us to just leave.
  • Tax is controlled by Westminster so there’s no real difference – its just that Westminster are now suggesting that with devolved powers they can scrap the Barnett formula which is how wealth is distributed to Scotland currently. what Westminster don’t acknowledge is that Scotland contributes more to the economy that we get back. there’s been a lot of misinformation promulgated to the rest of the UK that Scotland is some kind of UK scrounger which is factually inaccurate.
  • I believe the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon is Scotland’s best chance to stop punishing the poor for the excesses and corruption of bankers. Nicola Sturgeon is clearly committed to gender equality and to addressing the gross inequalities in wealth and opportunity that currently exist in the UK.
  • The SNP are committed to getting rid of Trident – the hated nuclear capability located close to the Central Belt of Scotland i.e. the heaviest concentration of population. so I would say that definitely the SNP are best positioned to make substantial improvements in the lives of Scottish people.
  • Alex Salmond was a highly intelligent and charismatic leader and he has been hugely instrumental in awakening Scotland politically and getting people to engage in the political process. Thanks to him Nicola Sturgeon has been able to build on a party that was going from strength to strength and to a huge resurgence of confidence and enthusiasm for Scotland.
  • The problem is we don’t really have a clear idea of what is going on. There is a suggestion that new laws will stop all political opposition because the UK government can monitor and observe private individuals at will and can shut down anything that appears to be undermining or attacking the government There is a real feeling that the UK government is generating Islamophobia and fear of Russia as a means of pushing through surveillance legislation to invade the privacy of anyone they like. it would also result in Facebook being monitored to the extent that people could find themselves in a lot of trouble for opposing the government.

While according to John Dyer (Joy Dyer (Studied BA Honors in Sociology and Social Policy, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, Scotland)

  • The Westminster government has always failed to address the different needs of Scotland in terms of the economy -I’ll use the example of fishing! The British government were asked by the EU to send a delegation to discuss fishing – the British response was along the lines of ‘we don’t have a fishing industry, it doesn’t effect us’. Well the fishing industry in Scotland employed around 200,000 people both directly on the boats and indirectly through selling, storage etc, therefore it was a massive industry in Scotland!
  • The people of Scotland as a whole contribute more to the UK economy than they receive back, when you take into consideration the money that Westminster revives from taxes on Scottish products including food, drink, alcohol, oil, gas, renewable energy, water etc! But this is what London does – look at every country they have ever enslaved as part of their ’empire’! Look up the definition of ‘parasite’; an organism or entity that revives support or advantage off of others without giving them anything useful or proper in return, while often causing harm that is London!
  • The only improvements I see being made are the result of the Scottish government, not the British government although in the media you have MPs and people like Cameron taking credit for the work of the Scottish government on things like housing and major projects. Sadly the only major infrastructure programmes we see are things like Cross-rail and HS2, neither of which will have any impact in Scotland except we find it.
  • Social media privacy has been restricted in this country to an extent but the Scottish government have played a part in this through their ill fated Offensive behavior at football and threatening communications act!
  • The only time that they do show problems is when they view programmes such as ‘Benefits Britain’. That program looks at certain people living on benefits but it does not portray the real people who are out there looking for work and going hungry while freezing in a house without heating. All it did was highlight the characters who are out to screw the system. So that now people believe that ordinary folk living on benefits deserve to get their money sanctioned.

That unassailable bedrock of support explains why the party had special reason to celebrate when Scotland turned down a chance at independence last September. Not only had the United Kingdom been saved, so had Labor’s chances to govern the country.

The Scottish National Party is poised to play Labor’s spoiler. And with neither Labor nor the Conservatives likely to secure a majority on May 7, the SNP could also become the kingmaker on May 8, giving a party that is dedicated to the dismantling of the U.K. the chance to effectively pick the next British prime minister.

The SNP’s expected emergence as a major player in London represents the most vivid illustration to date of the fragmentation of British politics, with nationalist and fringe ideological movements increasingly occupying ground once reserved for the two parties — one center-right, the other center-left — that have together dominated British political life for the past century.


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