The difference of opposite sex and their thinking angle.

By Laura Kelly
Mullingor, Ireland.

I often wondered about men. Their way of life is different to women: the way they think, the way express themselves. It’s very hard to understand them or even trying to makes little point just lands us right back to where we started. I am very confused so I will tell you a story.

I met a man last October, I wasn’t so sure as to go on a date or not?
But me being me the most curious person that I am. I talked to my heart and finally decided to go ahead with it and I suppose I wasn’t sorry he was a little older but the age is only a number right?
But we clicked went on numerous dates and I suppose in my defence, I fell head over heels in love with this man. Now some might say but you only just met him you didn’t know him.
Yes that’s correct and true but ladies did you ever meet a guy and just knew straight away. This is it!

Wel!l I went with my heart when my mind was telling me a completely different thing. So anyways we moved in together and life was good until there was sneaky late night calls and texts and yes as a woman I began to get paranoid which at the time I wasn’t going to go acting on my suspicions but alas! my gut instincts won and I started digging and lets just say I am sorry for it for he was cheating.

Well I put it that way he was still seeing his ex on the side who’s a fantastic woman I have spoken to her and I have no problem with her but at the time my ex I was gunning for he swore. Oh! we were going through a rough patch and I love you blah blah blah.
In my line of defense, I did everything I could for him was it not enough?

Guess so! so to all the men out there that are off at the same craic my questions is that:

Why do you lie cheat and cheat?
When there are woman, there are very good at multitasking from the kitchen to the bedroom is it boredom or just in general do all men cheat ?

My opinion is that they do so I am going to draw up a questionnaire for everyone to answer now its just some random questions for both sexes to answer so have fun guys.

Would we still be together had I not gone searching or would he of got bored with me and just kept me there as the other woman?

We have no way of knowing for sure why men in general give up on good woman?

But my thought is this that they have something good they can’t hold onto it. Then when were gone there sorry but its to late. I’m puzzled lady and I don’t think men in general know what they want. One thing is for sure that all men need a mother figure in their life when there having a bad day or going through the man flu or having a headache, they immediately turn to us. I find it bizarre really how strange the male sex is all they do is to complain. Surely this can’t be the case for the egotistical male race. No offense but its true. I’ve few questions as:

1: Is it a man’s world?

2: Should woman blame men for everything?

3: Are all men insecure?

4: On an average, how high is the a man’s IQ?

5: Do all men think with their manhood(tough question ladies)

6: When a man says “he loves you is he being sincere?

7: Do all men carry out their fantasies in life (like a to do list)?

8: Are all men mommy’s boys?

9: Should all men if caught cheating be giving a second chance?

10: Woman vs men who wins?



  1. Jeanette Saxby, Oxford, New Zealand.

    “Sorry to hear about this Laura but you said it in your own post that your head felt differently to your heart. If you sense something is off it usually is. Not all men cheat. Most men who marry stay married. I am sorry that this happened to you. I’ve had it happen to me too.”

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  2. Joanne Burrows, Bathgate, Scotland.

    ” Sorry this happened to you but I think you are making a huge swinging generalisation about men which is unfair and untrue! I’ve been married happily for 15 years and together for 18 years and my husband is the most caring, loving and kind man you could ask for. I have health problems as well which means he is also at times a carer and does it all with grace and humility. I think personally it takes time to get to know someone and their character and I would say never move in too soon until you are sure of a person. Wishing you luck in tbe future xx”

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  3. |ve been living on my own for years now after the last boyfriend relationship turned sour not only with his beer and women but his drink driving habbit that he had to make things worse and splitted us up in the end! Will not name names here at all! The pain, worry and torture your boyfriend or partner being a driver would make anyone walk into the sea, thank heavens I listened to God abd knew he was with me watching me at the most worse of all journeys in life.
    Ive seen everything ranging from a dangerous gun being kept in a bedroom cupboard with one friendship that I had years ago, not to mention domestic violence on top of things!
    Nowadays, Im happier on my own and will only accept a mans friendship if Im interested at all. Better off strong willed as a single person living in the comfort of my own home with no other damn male to worry about!

    Yours in christ,
    Gwenda Ann Roberts, Avon Cosmetics, North Wales.


  4. Thank you for your insight gwenda very well written yes your right sometimes we are better off being on our own I hope you find someone that brings happiness to your like xxx


  5. Im in the same boat…. Im thinking exactly the same as you Laura…
    Now theses days ive givin up on Love cause I gave my heart up so easily and get walked on then. X


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