The Luxury of Seasons:


The Luxury of Seasons:

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Lots of us love nature and enjoy the beautiful ornaments of luxurious weather. Some are lucky to have the luxury of changing weathers such in South Asia, as we have 04 seasons and this makes this region the most loved place on earth. Spring has already been welcomed here and the blossoms of flowers, the sprouting of leaves over the trees have shown their aggression over falling branches, alluring the heart and minds with the attractiveness and colorful appeal of it, we always adore with.
Spring season is excitedly waited and called ‘The Queen of the season’. When we dive into the the beauty, glamour, fragrance, charm and richness of spring, we are convinced with the darling applause and warmly welcome the fall of spring.


The spring season comes after the winter season which is the season of barren and white curtain of snowfall in most part of the world. The winter season is the season of coolness frost and ice, having the tendency of freezing every thing, even the life and all its activities. As soon as the winter season approaches, all the activities of the life cool down to stiffness and stillness. The birds stop twittering and cooing and seek shelter in some safe place. Some of them migrate to warmer regions of the world. Cold blooded animals such as frogs and crocodiles go to their winter sleep. Leaves of the trees wither away and no flower is seen any where. In cool and frosty areas, the streets are deserted as all the people are confined to their homes.

After the departure of the winter season, comes the season of life, joy, glamour, fragrance and rebirth. It springs from the eternal treasure of bliss as a great blessing, not only for man but for the whole world. The life suddenly wakes up. The bride of spring, with a charming smile on its rosy lips, casts a glance all around and soon there is a mysterious change, every where. First of all, chill body of earth gains the warmth of life from the nearing sun. Then grass, plants and trees begin to nourish wonderfully. Soon there is greenery everywhere. Plants and trees bear flowers and fruit, the grass is spread like velvet over the earth and fields are full of crops. Spring season makes all the living beings happy. Little insects come out of their holes and begin to run in search of food. The birds begin to chirp, coo and twitter. The people also engage themselves in earning their livelihood, in addition to enjoying themselves with the beauty, purity and magical effect of the season.

Spring season, among the other seasons, is like the youth among the other periods of human life. It is moderate, pretty, charming, useful, flowery and fruitful. It bestows its favours upon all the creatures, especially on man who is the crown of creation. It is a pity that the people living in the areas near the poles and near the equator are deprived of this great blessing of God Almighty. It has a magical effect on body and spirit. It enables nightingales to sing sweet songs and poets to express lofty, matchless and immortal poetry. In short spring season is a blessed month which is also a blessing of God Almighty for His creation.

Although, all the seasons have there own charms and gifts for the world yet spring season is the most beautiful, most graceful and the prettiest of all the seasons. It is a longed for season with its multicolored panorama, its awful odors and its lasting effects.


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