The Journey which made me a writer


The Journey which made me a writer:

By Sajjad Amin Bangash
For a moment of pause, this seems quite challenging to answer and ambiguous reality that ‘how a journey can make you a writer?’

Well! this is true and yes, sometimes, in our life, anything can inspire us to spontaneously change the course and directions of life. Anything can sparkle your eye which forces you to revise your opinion towards life and ultimately drag you in a deep laid out thoughts to get inspiration from and transform you into some lucrative returns.
I am highly creative with heap of inspirations and imaginations but somehow I was not able to align my talent with corrective lines since, the confusion of choices between career pursuance always carried me along in a sequel of unrewarding consequences. I didn’t know the obvious answers for that.

It was in December 2013, where I expressed my intention to fly to Dubai to see the possibilities of career prospects and I was unknowingly right. We never know the paths ahead of us and what they will gift us while we are walking on the sequences of those paths. They say “always keep walking and keep looking for opportunities falling ahead.”
My flight schedule was booked at 02 December to Dubai from Islamabad at 10:30 a.m and I reached at 8:53 a.m since, I had to reach an hour before for the checking and boarding. weather was chilled and cold as usually, weather in Islamabad city especially in December is mildly cold. As I got into the checking point, I saw a written quote embossed in a portrait hanging on the wall of Mr. Muhammad Ali, the founder of Pakistan that ” Determination and strong will are the parameters of success.”

Well! these golden words are always inspirational source for my spirits and I never argue on that but I believe it was something that success in my life was little at distance so far and I was still running after success in life. Deeply sunken in those wild dreams and hopes, I walked into the lobby and stayed there for the call from the Airplane operator to proceed towards the plane. I saw loads of people were coming up to the lobby to flying to London, New York, Dubai, Sydney and several other destinations as well. There faces were freshen and energized and everyone was busy gossiping and children were entertaining the whole hall with their sweet voices and sliding over the floor here and there. My eyes were fixed at the run way of Islamabad International Airport and I could see, flights were taken off and landing in tandem.

My cousin Moin Khan was an active supporter while I was in Dubai and he eagerly helped me out in referring me to different organizations since he was the driving instructor and all day long, lots of higher management staff would come to learn driving skills from him. He finally, referred to Crown Plaza Hotel which is a tall tower at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. I contacted the Human Resource Department and they asked me to supply my résumé on their given email and which I happily did. After a wait for couple of days, my phone bell ranged and it was Mr. Faris, the Human Resource Manager who wanted me to appear for personal interview to the job.

He said “Sajjad! after reading your résumé, what I can see is that your communication skills are excellent and I believe my company would see you in communication department. Will you will be able to accept this offer instead of Sales, Administration or Accounting positions that you are looking at?”

I immediately replied “Yes, Sir, I would definitely look into that place.” So we fixed the meeting at 11:00. It infused colorful effects to my spirits since it was driving me to entertain my dreams so every moment seemed to be me a tiring pause.

I was drenched in scattered thoughts that where would I fall in my standings since, several other candidates were of high quality and competitive edge were gathered to show their own potentials. My worries were further intensified when I found out that, I would be called during the final session which will happen during afternoon. Although, I was called during morning session but since they’d already called several candidates as well so my queue list put me in that last duration.

The very next, the excitement for appearance to the interview, escalated my enthusiasm a lot and I reached there right on time. As I reached there, I was told by the reception that I needed to wait for sometime in a lobby and what I saw there was a glamorous environment full of people from all over the world. I was gazing here and there soon, I found the human resource personnel Mr. Rygin appeared and after short greeting to each other, we sat on a journey of interview process.

But I hadn’t expected the very outcome of that interview would totally turn me disappointed when I after a long wait for few hours, my turn came and finally called for personal interview.
Whatever happened in interview was disappointing since, this was the hotel industry and I was overly excited to get a job in hotel industry. I came to Dubai with a prime intention that I would find a decent job in world’s reputable organization and grow my career. I was among those people who were not selected and had to leave.

The decision totally shattered me and broken my hopes. I was standing nowhere and the earth beneath my feet looked like it is moving like a spiraling cycle giving me dark dizziness. On the way back, my emotions, feelings and sense were totally paralyzed as I was a dead body. The walking people around me seemed to me to be the ‘illusions encapsulated inside portrait’. This incident totally murdered my hopes, aspirations and dreams. I was silent and my lips were shocked, even afraid of a lesser whisper. I came to my room without telling my cousin and roommates about my being disqualified candidate. Zahidan, my first cousin who was always keen for my success was equally disappointed. Anyway, accepting the realities of life, I gradually tended to drink the pain and failure.
Dubai is a glamorous city as it entertains your emotions, feelings, excitement and adventure in a decorated way. I am a great fan of socializing and making new friends who later become the source of encouragement and support at times.
It was a warm day and on a usual walking trip to Hor Al Anz area, I suddenly fixed my eyes at the advertising board with written quote on it ‘We welcome and value your inbound talent.’
“Hmmmm sounds interesting!” This sign board really appealed to my senses and rejuvenated my hopes and glorified my aspirations. I said to myself ‘let’s try my luck’. So without any delay I entered into that talent show platform. As I walked in, it appeared to me the artistic expression of portraits, music instruments, different collection of fine arts and crafts. Being amateur and avid lover of art, I always kept a darling lust for art. I saw a lady standing by the table, perhaps she was the owner of this aft house. She was busy talking to receptionist. I politely approached to her and said ‘hey! My name is Sajjad and I am an aspirant writer. ‘ She politely back ‘Very welcome Sajjad, you’ve come to the right place.’ Now, this has glorified and sprung the spark in me and I kept on telling her about my intentions, skills, talent and writing acumen. ‘ She gladly took me to her office and expressed her willingness to offer me some work and ready to help mentoring my writing skills. I went so excited and happy that I couldn’t have words to express. She then given me an assignment to write which I completed within 22 minutes and she was happy at my performance. It was Emily Robertson from Birmingham, UK.

She was in Dubai for few years and excellent professional photographer, model and designer. She started her own production house in Dubai after an exponential experience of 20 years in showbiz. Besides, she used to arrange events, seminars and workshops for promoting local talents in acting, modeling, fashion shows, designs, creative art and stage shows. She made me a writer by instantiating my inbound talent, creativity and charm. She was artist by herself and values art and creativity.

With continuous ongoing mentoring, she taught me the ‘fiction and non-fiction writing and scripting language as well which significantly improved and enhanced my writing acumen, nurtured my talent and attributes but at the same time, helped me align the personality traits and analytical skills. Soon I was able to write so well that she started trusting on my writing abilities and we managed to get projects from different companies and magazines from all over the world since, now we live in global village. Writing is what me highly satisfied by inside and entertain my soul.

I’m a famous writer now and run my blog with over 8,000 established readers around the world. This unpredictable journey to Dubai has really redefined me and my talent in an aligned way.


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