Writing for Purpose and the ornaments of world.


Writing for purpose and the ornaments of the world.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Writing is the best ‘freedom of self expression, emotions and feelings.’ It allows you to talk well with your imagination and see the nature, world, and people, events that took place through the blink of our eyes each passing day and in our surroundings through a mirror of decorated language. It’s an identity within isolation and gives you a leverage of self understanding, leveling up your social exposures and well balanced perception of capturing, thoughts, events, imaginations, ideas, knowledge and eloquence of intimacy. It builds character in you and blesses you a magical force to define your charisma, attitude and behavior. We live in a world which has variances of weather, disposition of beliefs, amalgamation of cultures, delicacy of languages, colors, and spread of words through different meanings.

Writing for purpose always yields rewarding outcomes and it often becomes the ‘beacon or the spark’  for those who can’t see the light in the dark. It gives you the unspoken voice in silence. Our world is a beautiful palace gifted by God to us in which we have luxury of weathers, mountains, waterfalls, sun, snow, glaciers, meadows, cold and warmth. It’s raw to its naturality and beautiful in delicacy.

The humans have their own definition to this beautiful gift of God. Humans carry their own ambitions and purposes from this silent gift. Over the course of human timeline, this world has seen several shocking incidents to its fragile and innocent sense. The spread of early dawn and light beams the sun throws on earth, has a beautiful language it speaks. The silence of mountains always speaks a beautiful language of care and love, we can’t admire. The roar of thunderstorm does not terrorize us but warns us with a pleasant knock of rainfall and dark grey pictorial snapshot of God’s art. The fur of breeze enthralls our sense of sooth and during spring fall, it entertains our soul with a soothing comfort and happiness.

The bed of green grass laid all over the fields, mountains have the comfort of fury blanket. The charm of beauty of the world is never ending and vanishing. It has to appear in a sequence of arrays. It cycles under own systematic embedded sets of rules and admiration duly assigned by God. The divinity never ends.

Walking in life, we often come across sequences of events taking place in front of our eyes and we keep walking without any delay and pauses to the very moments, our life gifts us. We have to carry on with this journey and that’s the ultimate principle.

Have we ever stopped for a little pause to ponder deep into thinking that why we are walking in life each passing day?

Certainly not!
Why? Because, we don’t really care for what the ‘moments’ come to us, talk to us and pass by. We are least bother to what it has to say and offer while keep ignoring the very existence of it. This is the treasure we never explore. In such moments, there are heap of incidents, unwanted mistakes we make and pretend to be ignored of it somehow.

Have we every thought of little children so happy in their kingdoms of happiness and playing castles?

They love it without the caring definition of it. If I am ever given a choice to choose among the list of life stages, I would definitely choose ‘childhood‘ for that is the most beautiful, innocent phase, I wistfully admire since then we really don’t care the every painful moments of life, careless at all from all worries, pain and struggles of later life cycle.

As we grow in life, our sense gets developed and it throws us into a steep depth of hollow surface that we can’t insistently get out of it. It has its own sets of painful jerks of its own. Walking in life, we often comes across incidents that we reluctantly do not want to undergo even we don’t want to bother ourselves to see them. The poverty, accidents, crimes, wars, abusive behaviors and etc. as these are very obnoxious realities which disturb our senses bitterly.

Have we ever thought for a moment that why, we deprive the deserving from their rights?
Why, we abuse innocent children, women and poor?
Why we restrict the boundaries and why we target the marginalized and weak for they don’t have the power of resistance?
Why, the loving relationship ends and what causes the loyalty to diminish?
Why there’s poverty in the world?

“I know these are the ugly questions which disturb our senses bitterly and they were not existed during the birth of the universe but these are created by the humans of the world, the realities of our lives which we can’t answer. The world that we live in has tarnished its beauty it had in abundance.”

Humanity is a beautiful word to its definition. It is as colorful as the beauty of spring. The art of humanity is portrait which has many angles to see through. Humanity bonds us together irrespective of our color, race, faith, linguistics, ethnicity, geography and biological diversity that we are the same and we’ve to be respectful, caring and loving to each other. If we have a will and resolute to endorse the message of love, care and compassion which spontaneously kills the word ‘hatred’ within the lexical scope and dictionary of humanity.

When we develop the hatred for poverty and poor people and often don’t afford to sit and listen to their problems and pains.

But have we ever thought for a single moment that, what if you ever fall in that phase of life?

Off course, it scares us to be in poverty. Although poverty is a painful reality but poverty either kills us or throws us in the doorstep of success and at the same time, it makes us brave, courageous, determined and creates a luxurious desire of running after smaller happiness which are so soothing.

I was born in a poor family background and it is very painful tenure. At times, life makes you cry after every chase of happiness and everything seems to be residing in a mirage. I ran after little happiness for miles and it was always a tiring and exhausting journey. During this chase and mad run, people around me would laugh at my run and treated me very rudely.

This was even more painful but I couldn’t speak up a single word since the poverty had paralyzed my sense of understanding. I had to ignore the atmosphere and run, I had miles to cross. I had decorated dreams ahead of me which would entice me to run faster and faster for the images that hurled around my eyes would seem blurry. I had tears in my eyes during this run and they were as precious as pearls since they had shed in despair and sorrows. My lips were dried and my heart was broken but I had to pacify it to remain silence.

The friends of mine were having every entertainment life had to offer to them but they were reluctant and stubborn not to distribute the share of it. But in this mad run, the hope is always your brave companion as it infuses spirit and enlivens your soul. It does not allow you to let yourself down or surrender you to defeat. It pushes you up forward but lovingly and harshly, whatever and whenever it feels correct. I had kept on running faster and more spiritually which eventually reached me up to the destination.

You can’t spend your life looking in the rear view mirror. There comes a point when you realize that what’s in front of you is much more important. Poverty is a great gift which forces you to believe in your character, will, abilities and hard work which eventually throws you into success lying ahead of you. The philosophy of life is: you can be a victim of the past or a survivor of the future. It really is in our hands. The journey of life has returned back in a single moment of pause, as if the life has traveled faster and very fast.

We live in a beautiful world which we pollute and defile instead of cherishing and protecting It, we worship money instead of embarking on a more fulfilling spiritual journey, and we foment hatred and discord where we should build bonds of love and understanding. We can and must do better.

Let’s give the world a beautiful ornament of love, affection and equality. Let’s treat the poor, marginalized and weak a standing rise and help them walk equally in the world. Let’s not make them slaves, deprive them from their natural rights as we the poor always weave beautiful dreams, aspirations and hopes. Let’s be kind to distribute our happiness with them, participate in their happiness and success. Let’s make this world a beautiful place to live in.



  1. What a moving account of a personal journey you share with us Sajjad. It is true that the past is another country, and that to live in the present is our best hope of true happiness. I am also touched by your gentle words asking why people express such cruelty towards the vulnerable and weak. I recently read a somewhat glib quote that suggested that our present woes stem from the fact that rather than using things and loving people, we have learned to use people and love things. I think you make the same point in a more thoughtful and grounded manner. We live in a beautiful world which we pollute and defile instead of cherishing and protecting. We worship money instead of embarking on a more fulfilling spiritual journey, and we foment hatred and discord where we should build bonds of love and understanding. We can and must do better. Thank you for crafting this piece

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful article! I have no words to express my appreciation for the honesty and success story of a very talented writer, Sajjad Ameen Bangash!
    You know, wisdom and kindness don’t come without exposure to hardships and deprivation.
    And, these are God’s ways of making people successful, sometimes through golden spoons and sometimes by hard times.
    The best part is, when both kinds are equally successful in their own ways, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

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