The Children’s Laughter


“The Children’s Laughter.”

By Katie Swan
Dublin, Ireland.
Dedicated and inspired by my Facebook friend’s Hol Dani’s daughters.
Dialogues added by Sajjad Amin Bangash.

“Do you remember the time when we would go running up by the hills to the farm animals?

Holli,the eldest sister of Danielle told Holli to arouse her desire to go on a adventurous trip up in the farmland.


“I would always look out for you because you were that bit younger than me and I was your big sister. “

Holi further explained in a in a intriguing manner.

Holly and Daniella are two sisters. Holly is 6 years while the younger sister Daniella is 4 years old. Being children, but little ones such as we meet every day, imaginative beings living in a world of youthful ideals and speculating about the mysteries which surround them.


Holly kept on telling Danielle as she was desperately listening to her eldest sister with quizzing mind and startling eyes.

“How I would love to listen to your laugh as you looked at the horses as they moved their heads from side to side and snorted at you. “

Danielle with sparkling quest asked Holly,

“The more they did it the more I would laugh because it was a new sound to me and I always laughed when you laughed.”

Holly murmured” I loved fusing over you because to me, you were my perfect companion someone who I would grow up with and eventually grow old with. You are my best friend and my promise to you is that I will always be there for you the way I always have. ”


Danielle said,
“And even though we both have friends and play days my best play days are always with you. We learned to share our toys to enjoy each others company. Our adventures were the best because we would go out there to dance and laugh because it made us happy. “

Holly instantiated to Danielle’s innocence and narrated her a snowman story and said.

Holly and Daniella running

“My best memory of us is of the time when we both played in the snow. Dad had asked us not to make snowmen because we didn’t have our gloves on, but we didn’t listen! We made two snowmen and Dad got us the carrots for there nose while we looked for small stones to make there eyes and mouth with.


How we argued over the carrots because Dad had two small carrots and you wanted the bigger carrot of the two. Me being the bigger sister I wanted the bigger carrot and Dad laughed at us as we sorted it out ourselves. But you know the best memories I will ever have of you is of us both laughing because for me they are the best memories my little sister.”


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