Depression, Sleepiness and Headache


Depression, Sleepiness and Headache:
By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Depression has been increasing at exasperated level and become the ‘high rated disease’ all over the world. There are several associated causes of depression and varied from region to region, culture to culture, social and economic make-ups of country to country.

In underdeveloped countries, poverty, economical and financial constraints, sense of deprivation and inequality are considered to be the major causes of depression. The loss of self-respect and deprivation of basic human rights are the obvious causes of continuous rise of depression in third-world countries.
While, in developed countries, the causes of depression are quite different and varied as ‘sense of loneliness, break-up of relationship, marriages, separation and family disintegration are considered to be the prime causes of depression.


In underdeveloped countries, the race of ‘becoming wealthy overnight, financial gains and urge for maintaining an equal status on a society level’ has created several problems and challenges for the people and threw them into a loop which drives everyone to override the difference between ‘right or wrong and neglect the basic ethical and moral standards’ to overpass the race of becoming richer. Thus, the people of those societies have dragged themselves into a state of ‘physiological complications and lengthy problems, challenges which systematically result in depression and anxiety disorders’.  Therefore, unless we don’t rectify our attitudes and behaviors towards positive and a balanced lifestyles and thinking edifice, our circumstances will never be solved.

By losing simplicity, contend and balanced attitude towards life, we have earned a biggest loss for ourselves. Now, the fault of this escalated rise in depression, has to be divide both on the government and people as well. Therefore, along with economical change, a concrete social change and overhaul is desperately required at gross roots level in the societies of under developed countries.
The excessive amount of work also disturbs and destabilize the regular sleep schedule which results in headache and several other associated pains as well.

A sleep of at least 07 hours in 24 hours cycle, is needed for stable health and retaining energy level for a human body which enable us to work actively during our daily routine work span. Irregularities in sleep tends to become the cause of increases in the ‘restlessness and headache‘, which further causes weight loss, thus a healthy person fell into ‘depression disorder’.


Depression reduces ‘self-esteem and confidence’ and let’s takes away the authoritarian control of your life from you hands, hence you are unable to pass the life according to your own dictation and charms. Life hunks at you like Sheikh Sadie’s mule. Once fallen in depression, becomes difficult to get out of it as later at some point, the medicines seem to be fail in removing the ‘depression disorder‘.

Therefore, the root causes and factors that become the source of ‘depression’ first need to be scrutinized and addressed correctly which is however; a difficult task beforehand. Hence, along with the doctor, all of our family members have to play their active role and participatory contributions in alleviating and boosting the confidence level of patient. This is the essential and fundamental requisite of ‘fight against depression’. Patient cannot be left alone on his/her own.


In underdeveloped countries such as Pakistan, there is an acute shortage of awareness of ‘depression and factors which lead to depression’.  Besides, ‘self-medication‘ without prior consultation and prescription of a psychiatrist or doctor is another dangerous aspect of rise in depression. Patients themselves or by asking from here and there start taking medicines which deteriorates their health , extends and linger on the disease.

Without proper diagnosis and determination of a disease, relying and taking medicines for depression or any other disease is indeed, a direct invitation to the birth and worsening of disease. Committing such acts further escalate the disease instead of cure. People gradually tend to develop a habit of taking medicines and addicting to it. Later at some point, the effects of medicines tend to reduce and the disease starts to resist.

They then intensifies and enhances the volume of taking medicines which increases restlessness, laziness and fatigue. This badly effects the performance and ability of patient to work actively and with agility, resulting in ‘patient starts taking lesser interest in life‘ by which disappointment, frustration and fatigue level increases while the overall attitude towards life reduces.

Therefore, it is mandatory that doctor or psychiatrist should consulted before taking self-prescribed medicines for headache, sleepiness, and anti-depressant medicines. Don’t put your life in a gamble instead consult with a responsible and expert doctor since the doctor will get the detailed study of the disease and its causes by which the doctor will advise you with a proper advise and opinion.

In Pakistan, lack of financial discipline is one of the major causes of depression and similar diseases. People start to spend beyond their limited capacity and resources at their disposal and later, find themselves trapped in embarrassing and troubled circumstances when their spending limit exceeds their capacitive level of earning and resources.


Sleepiness is not only hot debated issue in underdeveloped countries but also very common in Europe and developed nations as well. As when the human started to rely heavily on machines and functioning like machines, consequently, this brought technical faults in the functioning of human body as well.

Over commercialism and consumerism have turned humans so engaged and overly busy that now, finding a time even for a nap seems a difficult task as well. Although, ‘snoring‘ is considered as normal habit but ‘snoring’ is a regular disease itself. Snoring is the often loud or harsh sound that can occur as you sleep. You snore when the flow of air as you breathe makes the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate. The sound most often occurs as you breathe in air, and can come through the nose, mouth or a combination of the two.


After all day’s hard work, while sleeping, our muscles tend to stress and squeeze by which the the air duct tends to narrow down and it makes difficult to inhale adequate and required level of oxygen which is required by lungs and brain is not adequately met which, however; tends to further reduce the functioning of heart and brain.

There are several levels of “sleepiness“- if sleep isn’t adequately met, our brain and whole body remains dormant, less fulfilled and energized.
Now, in order to fulfil the required level of sleep; a regular exercise on daily basis is eagerly important. Furthermore, taking a balanced diet and nutritional supplements effectively play an important role in keeping a balanced approach towards ‘maintaining a balanced weight’.

While giving up the habit of ‘too much eating‘ and going out for a tea on irregular intervals often disturbs our sleeping schedule as well.
Therefore, a proper and well planned schedule for ‘sleeping and getting up’ is very essential. Before going to sleep, all running devices such as TV, computer, smartphones, iPads, laptop etc. must be switched off and taking a glass of milk before sleep is highly recommended by medical practitioners.

Without proper diagnosis, medicines for pains and aches shouldn’t be taken since medicines are of several types with variant chemical formulations.
Reducing weight, can be very beneficial in controlling pain and aches in muscles, back, and joints. Besides, appropriate diet and intakes of vitamins are also very beneficial for our health.
Instead of looking at our governments, we need to organize ourselves and bring structural changes in our habits, behaviors and attitudes towards life and by doing this, we can effectively solve personal as well as social problems of our societies and countries level.

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  1. Wendy Lethem, Rosyth, Scotland.

    Enjoyed reading this Sajjad as all your stuff, pretty well written and I like to hear other people’s opinions on this subject matter as it gits quite close to home for me, Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ann Mcgory, Paisley, Scotland.

    Depression is a horrid thing I have suffered for years. I’m still going threw it i have tried suicide on occasion ad I self harm I have been sectioned a few times under the mental health act.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Some woman can be Oppressed witch makes then sad and stressed
    My Dad did this and it can repeat through the man i meet.


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