The Sooth, Nature and the Poet: Katie Swan.

The Sooth, Nature and the Poet: Katie Swan.
By Sajjad Amin Bangash

The art of writing is a undoubtedly a priceless treasure which illuminates and depicts the world through written expression. The writer exhibits the true creative sketch of life and its edifice but the picture drawn through the prose and decorative portrait in poetry is elegantly exponential where the poet encapsulates the human’s feelings, emotions and thoughts in poetic words expressions. The poet depicts those sentimental feelings in an poetic portrait.

The human’s life is a collection of variant dispositions and dimensions and the fictional expression somehow seems tired to capture those emotions and sentiments while, they spontaneously surrender themselves to the words of poet where the Poet explicitly cage them under his/her custodial manifestation of poetic expression and present their appropriate ornamental exposures.

Poetry is a beautiful art for the expression of human’s feelings and emotions. In fiction, the writer asserts the emotional impacts in a precise colloquial term while the Poet depicts the minute particles in a rhythmic attire.  Poet is a liberal Prince or Princess in the Kingdom of self-expression and depictions.

Katie, is an lustrous inspiration to all of us. Her literary expression of feelings full of passion, eloquence, galore of artistic truth, placate and everlasting heal to the miseries, sorrows, suffering and pain to humanity.

Her poetry demonstrations will force your sense to perceive that ‘ she has caged the whole world into tiny tenderness of her opaque, soft and elegant palm.’ Every of her poem is the true reflection of therapeutic heal to the miseries, sorrows and pains to humans who deserve spark in dark as she dedicated her life into the obvious, purposeful dedication of inspiring others building them up but never tearing them down. Nothing to do with her own ego that’s why she writes moral stories because it’s never about her.

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