The Journey of Change is inevitable:

The Change

The Journey of Change is inevitable:

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Lewis Grassic Gibbons wrote a trilogy, ‘A Scots Quair’, from 1932 to 1934 during Great War to the growing influence of communism in which 4000 years old rocks and stones were mentioned to be piling up straddling against the tides of clouds.

This epic scene forces the central character ‘Chris Guthrie’ to think on the nature and stimulus of change of time.

Once, there was a time when the clouds were thought to be ‘the goddess’ and worshiped but now, this ‘goddess’ often peeps deep into her heart, thinks mildly for a while and traverses back in cloud for a short glimpse, vanishes away, dissolves in the air, thus her very ‘existence’ perishes away forever, nothing stays exist afterwards.
However, what stays alive is the God’s planted and everlasting mountains, and still stands at its very base.
Gibbon himself was socialist and being a philosopher, he knew solidly that ‘these mountains will never stay forever, nothing is eternal and perpetual – there is end to everything. From mountains, to Islands, oceans, flora and fauna, natural wild life, plants and solar system will systematically be succumbed to change after recurring to emergence of existence and eventually diminishes forever.

The process of gradual change in nature is measured from 1000 years cycle and its recurrent while comparatively the human society evolves itself in a dangerous level of growth and incessant speed of sequences. However, we often claim and hear from time to time that “the prevailing system is carried forward and passed through traditional norms and bringing new ways to change the existing system is useless.” and while the advocated reason for this is that – since the duration of our lifespan is short lived and brief.

We often find great difficulties in seeing the bigger picture; we think that, poverty, famine, oppression, intolerance, economical injustice, extremism, radicalism, capitalism, income disparity, status quo, feudalism etc. are long-lasting and circulate around periodical existence and never-ending since they exist from centuries. Even if we glance this system through the mirror of history, we may neatly find it in a blink of an eye moment as the realities of past will bitterly disturb our sense.

The world that we live in is totally squeezed by few with incessant onslaught on humanity and there is a belligerent assault of deception which is off course of decades, this elite have transferred around the globe, just because they refuse to participate others in this power sharing profit.

It will be parallel to this assumption that If a person during ‘the stone age’ tells the inhabitant of caves that one day, we will be living in big cities full of skyscrapers, where the streets will be illuminated with colorful lights, wildly laid out rail tracks, airplanes, ships, telephones, smartphones, super computers, refrigerators, air conditioners etc. then all the listeners would laugh loud at him and call him ‘insane’ with a saying “Yalla mafi mushkil”. Get lost! by those very people.

In Rome in 2000 B.C,  under the leadership of “Spartacus” when the slaves revolted a movement on an aggressive scale, majority of wise had said that “They are wasting their times, nothing can’t be achieved of it.“.
For them, they were “sheer insane theorists”.

The history of slavery is very chronic and marked by frequent recurrence over the course of centuries. Making people slaves and honoring oneself as ‘master‘ has been the part of human nature but ‘one of the false and ridiculous traits of human’s nature.’
The human history is massively filled with such real-time truths where few imperialists, capitalists and elite class section of society and world have always been ardently reluctant and resistant to a change and progressive transitional process. Whenever, they are confronted with ‘new and different theories of change, they immediately and aggressively retaliate against it with all of their ravaged force. While, on the other hand, another class of people exist who are always ready to eagerly ‘Welcome‘ the change as they seldom rely to exist and live in past and present but keenly look for the betterment of their future and object the traditional norms and disobey to worship this traditional system, thus eventually able to challenge the circumstances to break this ‘Principle of Imperialism’.

When ‘Copernicus‘ formulated and presented a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at its center, he received blatant criticism from every nuke and corner of Europe and the notables of that time expressed a desire to stamp out the Copernican doctrine. Similarly, Ludwig van Beethoven restructured and redefined the new trends in compositions in instrumental music, Shakespeare not only synthesized and redefined new principles in English literature but also redefined ethical standards as well. Similarly, Napoleon revolutionized military organization, training and given new principles of ‘war’ while Picasso revolutionized Art, Darwin gave new theories of ‘Evolution‘ in Biology. Isaac Newton brought new scientific revolution in physics, Adam Smith introduced new laws in ‘Economics’.

German philosopher ‘Arthur Schopenhauer’ once said that ‘The truth passes through 03 layers: in first layer, it is ridiculed, in second layer it is bitterly resisted while in the third and last layer, it has been accepted to its very base.’

You must have heard the childhood story of a great American president Abraham Lincoln as once a guest came to see his father in-house.
Abraham Lincoln was 06 years old that time, he was playing in the outer yard of his house. The guest came closer to Abraham Lincoln and asked him that what he wants to be in the future?

Abraham Lincoln confidently replied that ‘I want to be the President of United States’, the guest after hearing this answer, laughed a loud and said ‘This seems very difficult task to do and for this, you have to put strenuous effort, hard work and struggle my son.’ Then Abraham Lincoln further explained to him that ‘ Uncle I have done half of my work for that and that is to show my willingness to become the U.S. president while the rest of the work, will be completed once I let the people of United States agreeing on making me president. Then Abraham Lincoln completed this half of his work through his commitment, dedication and hard work and became the ‘President of United States.’

All those people who claim that ‘change cannot be bring along in Pakistan, Scotland and several other oppressed dominion states  anywhere in the world against oppression, economic injustice, imperialistic, capitalists’, they are, the residents of ‘paradise of fools’.

Change is a natural and spontaneous process and it occurs everywhere around the world. In today’s time, the world is totally changed and several countries were massively filled with anomalies and systematic loopholes in their existing political mechanism but when the people of those countries got united for the rectification of the flaws in their systems and agreeing on marching towards complete revamp, then they turned the upside down.

William James an American philosopher once said that ‘ the biggest discovery of my generation is that ‘the humans make a radical change in their mental trends and aptitude upon which they can systematically change their lives as well and success or failure depends more upon attitude than upon capacity successful men act as though they have accomplished or are enjoying something. Soon it becomes a reality. Act, look, feel successful, conduct yourself accordingly, and you will be amazed at the positive results.’

All those who are terrified and scared of ‘change’ will always dissuade and disappoint others with their sheer cowardice commentary and relay pessimist attitude towards the ‘change’ and try to make others fools but ‘change’ is a natural process. wherever, the flaws, injustice and anomalies in current political and economical system exceed the limit, then the ‘change’ spontaneously emerges up and becomes sporadic.

Believe me, these elites are afraid of us, we are pests for them, they feel itch and being scared of us, and what we can do is to increase this fire of discomfort on them, they are on a run since the laws of our land is being maligned. We have been bitterly tortured, assaulted  and deprived economically, socially and psychologically and during these turbulent times, you do not have to lose yourselves under the guilt process. Immediately, bring radical changes in those suppressed thoughts that are making you depressed, perplexed and afraid. The change is contagious, and under your daily task schedule, maintain your thought process in a positive and optimistic way, and it’s totally upto us now that we move forward and regain our freedom back in our own hands. It is essential to stop seeing ourselves in a state of servitude that was inherited without our consent or knowledge.

They control us by controlling belief and perception. Because when you control belief then you control people! And when you control perception, you control how people think! They hack into our collective consciousness. They hijack the shared mental arena we call reality and subliminally plant their lies, deceptions, and illusions to create false belief and perception. You might think you have control over your mind and that’s exactly how you are supposed to think. They use the control system they have constructed to manipulate our minds just like a hypnotist and they have a number of control mechanisms and tools to do it like the Media, Religion, Politics, Authority, Economics, Education, Health System, Global Corporations, Sports, Movies, Pop Music, Fashion, and Technology. These tools direct the way we perceive and view the world and what we believe to be true. They use subversive psychology to control our behavior in a ‘Divide and Conquer’ scenario. They set us against each other, supporting both sides, owning the winners and controlling the losers!

Wars, Terrorism, Financial Crisis, Political Corruption, Banking Fraud, Conspiracies, Scams, Protests, Drugs, Bombings, Hunger, Poverty, Catastrophes, Frauds, Scandals, Economic Instability, Environmental Disasters, etc. are all the artificial maneuvers our leaders artificially create for us and they later do not offer rectified  reasons to how to rectify them, they just seem to ignore the questions and whatever solutions they offer never seem to work and everything just seems to be getting worse! Those kinds of leaders that lead us into wars that kill, injure and destroy in the name of peace, in the name of religion, in the name of politics, in the name of profit and expansion and then make movies to celebrate it!

So, what is the solution?

In Pakistan, Scotland or anywhere around the world, the process of awareness of change has set off to a flying start and complete half of its journey, while half of the route to its final destination yet to be achieved by the people through the balloting and voting power. Similarly, all of us, must raise their unilateral voice against this tyranny, brutality and oppression. Being the ordinary citizens of the world, we must respect each other irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, color and religions instead we must get united against this scanty section of elite which exist everywhere around the world and they exert their Draconian control over us and interestingly, they’re are very united under their own circles but we need to understand and be united against them.

So let’s do it together.


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