How to develop ‘reading habits’?


How to develop ‘reading habits’?

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

Although, most of us accept the importance and utility of books but when it comes to reading the books, they often seem reluctant on agreeing on reading and owning the books. The excessive availability of smartphones, laptops, iPads, tablets and social media networks have stricken hard on the reading habits of books. Some people often complain that ‘reading a book often make them bored’. Thus, they have totally removed the ‘book reading habits’ from their daily life activities and lifestyles.


Apparently, this is not a healthy trend. Lack of reading habit is becoming a continuous problem and can easily be seen and analyzed during people’s conversation when they less talk about reading books and talk more on other issues of life. Reading is a constant diet for human’s intellectual growth and development. Reading not only beautifies our personalities, characters but also helps us in establishing pleasant changes in our social relations as well. Now, talking about the importance and promotion of ‘Book’s Culture’ in our societies – then a common question is often raised; as to ‘how to develop a healthy habit of book reading’. First of all, must understand that ‘reading’ is an interesting activity which returns a lot to us and in exchange takes nothing from us. How to develop a scheduled reading habit, let’s find out how?

Make a timetable for reading:

In order to develop a healthy reading habit, take at least 10 minutes out of your daily routine time. This time can either be during breakfast, lunch, dinner or just before sleeping time. This way, you will begin a progressive and steady habit for reading out of your free time during your breaks all over the day’s span. However, on initial basis, reading will somehow be seem ‘boredom’ activity but with continuous tendency, you’ll manage to get a sustainable reading habit in the longer run.


Always carry a book along:

Going out of your home, try always to keep or carry the book along, be in the car, office, work place etc. In short, book should be your companion wherever you are and go. As we often, stay in a wait during appointments, meeting someone, bus, rail, metro stations, hospitals, airport lobby etc. where we have to undergo ‘waiting’ trivial. Therefore, having a book along, can be a best remedy or alternative for making our time fruitful and we can get over with hassle of unwanted wait. We often, see that the ‘reading fond folks’ are totally sunk in reading books during rail stations, bus and metro terminals, hospitals waiting halls etc.


Make a List of books to read:

Making list of suitable and best books to be read is another way of sorting out the best books and the people who read a lot are always best advisers in referring you best books to read. IMG_20150315_195252 Try to include important and readable books in your diary list and also make a continuous ‘add’ of your reading list. Then, read these books in an assigned sequence of time. Once you’ve read a particular book, mark it afterwards. Similarly, it is very advisable that during reading ‘underlining’ a particular section in the book for future reference and taking notes on a particular matter where needed.

unnamed (25) Find a peaceful and secluded place for reading:

Reading in a peaceful, noise free, free from music noise, traffic roar, crowd and secluded place is the suitable and recommended way for a composed concentration. Similarly, reading while setting position is always advisable. In house, in a room or library can be perfect places for concentrated reading and avoid unwanted distractions.

Limited use of TV and Internet:

Although, acting upon this advise is somewhat difficult and stubborn in today’s heavily inter-connected time as Smartphones, TV, internet, social media networks have become an integral part of our daily lives, however; excessive use of internet, TV and social media interactivity is considered not a healthy sign for health and retaining and engaging in social as well reading patterns. However, we can still reduce and replace this habit by ‘reading a book’. Certainly, TV and Internet significantly distract our reading habits.

image Reading your children’s books:

This seems quite childish idea but if you have to develop an insightful and in depth concern of children’s educational abilities, try to bring several books to children of their interests as well. This will hugely, help in developing your children’s habits in reading as well. Besides, reading their books (if possible) will give you an opportunity to enhance your knowledge about children’s learning process and you’ll be able to understand in interactive closeness and teach them effectively as well. Bringing children books of famous writers with ‘lessons driven morals’ systematically enhance their ethical and moral standards. Finally, make a list of ‘moral based stories’ books for children as well.

833783-books-1423163393-896-640x480 Turn to bookshops:

Whenever, you’ve free time, try to go to bookstore, book stalls often. There, you can meet ‘people who have great passion, experience and admirers of book reading who will definitely, suggest you good tips, and information regarding books and reading habits. Moreover, try to pick several books from racks – read their titles, perhaps; this way, some good books may startle your eyes and pick them up.


Develop a regular habit of visiting library:

In modern times, with the advent of TV, internet and social media apps have in fact, turned our precious libraries into ‘barren graveyards’. Therefore, it is highly important for aspirant readers that they should make a regular visit to a nearby library at least once in a week. Initially, it will be a difficult phase to stay longer in library but with continous efforts and spending more time in library will however; prove to be a wonderful time in library while the persistent visits to library will solidify your reading habits a lot.

unnamed (30)

Reading with passion and keen interest:

Reading with passion and keen interest always yield positive outcomes in enhancing our knowledge horizon. Distracting yourself by looking here and there on irregular pauses, however; reduce your concentration in reading.  Try to carry lightweight eatables, coffee, chips, snacks etc. Reading during early morning and evening time is an amazing activity. Similarly, reading in natural environment such as lawns, garden, or open area far from population(if possible- as I use to go to my lands in villages). Reading in such places becomes an interesting activity and gives us peace of mind.


Make your own blog:

Nowadays, there are several blog websites available online which help us creating our own free writing blogs (as I have). Read books of your choice and interest and post interesting and insightful comments, experience, opinions about the books in your blog as well. Share your blog with your close knitted and online friends and continuously take their opinions, record their questions and reply them with suitable comments about books and answer them accordingly. People around you, in your social circle and online readers often become an excellent source of pinpointing, suggesting, critics and valuable insights as well. This process will enormously enhance improvements in your writing abilities as well. My experience suggests me that through my blog, I have managed to establish great social network of friends around the world and massively enhance my knowledge spectrum as well. unnamed (11)

Aim high:

Now, to achieve great results in ‘reading habits’, you need to be highly committed, optimistic and devoted with high aims about ‘targeted readings’, for instance, if you are to read 50 books in a year, then make a realistic aims as to read 05-10 books every two months etc. Point to ponder that, you can achieve your desired targets and aims of reading books by just taking a time out of your regular routine life. This will not create a big hole in your time table, all you need to do is to a committed concentration to it.

Choose topics to read:

You have heap of topics and arrays of subjects line lying ahead of you to read such as literature, science, social sciences, archeology, history, politics, environments, physics etc. etc. in which you have to choose the most suitable according to your interest to read. You can also take advices from ‘established readers’ or friends about the topics to read and they’ll better update and upgrade you with most suitable suggestions and advices. Then, write names of best books and make a list accordingly. For example, if you have to read ‘interesting fictions’ then further shortlist ‘famous novels, fictions etc., seek them and read them in a sequence. After sometimes or few months, you will be able to form a strong grasp on ‘fictional knowledge and ready to talk on.’ In the end, you will feel a tremendous boost in your self confidence.

Analysis and assessment of your reading:

After reading a book, try to make an updated assessment and analyze your ‘knowledge upgrade’.

Figure out which book has really inspired you a lot and why?

To what extent, a particular book has expanded your knowledge?

By making a regular assessment, this process will enormously boost up your knowledge, spirit, confidence and encourage you to read more. Thus, you will be able to expand your choice of reading to several areas of interest. These are few important suggestions which can substantially develop your reading habits, help you give modifications to your life, bless you more pleasure, and enlighten you more in life. Remember! Knowledge is a great tool for human development and emancipation. I hope you’ve liked my insight and humble tips. Thank you Sajjad Posted from WordPress for Android


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  1. Mairead Tagg, Coatbridge, Scotland.
    I taught myself to read before I went to school and my eldest was reading by the time he was three and a half. A love of books is a blessing and a joy. Reading to children is essential too to encourage a love of books and the wonders they contain. Thanks for the post Sajjad. It reminds us that our cultural evolution is largely down to the fact that can can transmit so much knowledge and understanding through the medium of the written word for future generations


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