The Sleepiness is The cause of Obesity in Women:

The Sleepiness is The Cause of Obesity in Women:


By Sajjad Amin Bangash:

Sleep is an essential component for our physical as well mental health. keeping in view, the comfort and leisure, Allah has created night so that we may sleep well and stay refreshed.

Allah clearly mentions about the comfort and rest of humans on several occasions in the Holy Book of Qur’an as in Surah Ainam, Verse:96 in which Allah says
” And Allah has created nights for you so that you may sleep well in it.”

The silence filled and full of soothe nights, not only provides us with good sleep but also energizes and refreshes our minds as well. The sleep of several hours during night, keeps us agile and refreshed during early morning while, sleepiness or lack of adequate sleep, may cause us several physical and mental illness and troubles in our life.

The experts recommend an adequate amount of sleep especially to the women because as compared to men, an adequate and sufficient sleep can avoid the causes of obesity and other related illnesses in women.

In our body system, there’s a unique part which still doesn’t prefer sleep during nights even after the day long continous activities and performance.

According to experts, an average sleep of 8-9 hours on daily basis is highly important and beneficial so as to avoid the obesity and the formation of extra fats in our body.

Usually, on an average scale, women perform more than men on a daily basis since their responsibilities are higher as looking after her children, undertaking household chores, such as cleaning, washing, cooking, social and physical activities etc.

Therefore, an ample and sufficient sleep for women is highly important and beneficial so that her mental as well physical health remains intake and healthy with which she can efficiently, effectively and actively perform her daily activities.

In an research ‘on the sleep of women’ by an University in Nepal, where 13,00,000 women were included and the research revealed that ‘excess of weight in women’ is due to the sleepiness in women.

Experts, therefore, recommend the as compared to men, women must have adequate sleep so that they may avoid the excessive weight and obesity while stay fit and active in successful performance of her daily life activities.

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