Angwyn Campbell: The man with resolute heart:

Angwyn Campbell: After cancer treatment
Angwyn Campbell: After cancer treatment

By Sajjad Amin Bangash
Angwyn: The man with resolute heart.

▶ Life is not a bed of roses and for most of us, life is very complicated and intricated with its variable diameters.

We walk in life differently with different seasonal weather’s complexion. When we start to believe that it is all about ‘winning of happiness all the time’ seems very challenging austerity.

The onslaughts of tidal waves of pain and sorrows, the textures of our soothe and natural disposition of our physical and psychological compositions tend to change, discloses its audacity and the appearance of behaviours and attitudes such as feelings, emotions, anger, frustration and willingness to win over with a resolute determination are determined in proportionate dispositions duly aligned by the ebbs and flows of life.

Our whole psychological, physical and the social contours of our lives are deeply attached with these changing ‘waves of tides’ and all the sequences of our lives are structured systematically. Although, the treasure of wealth and happiness, entertain our lives with luxuries of its own, however; at the same time, it captivates our ‘aptitude and will’ to tackle with the unwanted and unwarranted challenges that life may bombard us during any phase of life cycle.

Starting from the early phase of life, we set certain aims and dreams for our future timeline, unknown to the tides and zigzag straddles on the way reaching to these aims of the timeline and the distance that lye ahead of us. We lovingly enjoy to chase the ‘mirage’ which allure us with changing shades of shadows and water flirts it reveals in flakes, we are sublimely contented to cross the distance within those ‘visionary allusions which drag us moving forward.’

When Angwyn, first sent me friendship request on Facebook account, I immediately realized that there must be a great chemistry between both of us and I was proven correct by my insight and then we both set off to a great journey of friendship.

He wrote to me ” Hey Sajjad, thank you for accepting. I stumbled across your page on another fb mates page. I read some of your work. You’re very talented. I look forward to the content mate.
Angwyn Campbell.”

This immediate welcoming message full of politeness with applause to my writing talent intensified my eagerness to his kindness and generosity.

We come to know about our friends by getting to know more about each other, the more we talk and discuss matters that pertain to our daily lifestyle. Angwyn, is an amazing human with multitude of bravery, honesty and magnitude of resilience and owner of intuitive interface of mindsets.

He had been walking on the happy and painful stroll of life which are part of this walk we never know.
When I first talked to him on the phone, his radio built voice embroidered with soft, caring and keen desire to life which will force you to admire his kindness and generosity emanating from his heart for oppressed, underprivileged children, women, animals, birds and nature.

Time speedily moved us along in this journey of friendship and each passing day, the distance lying between us kept reducing and narrowed, knowing that we are residing at distance of thousands miles. Soon, we reached to a degree of this friendship that we forget to realize that we’re friends located at far off distance, the Google earth can exactly measure this distance as I live in Islamabad, Pakistan while he is in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

▶ Angwyn’s fight against cancer:

Angwyn is fighting bravely against Cancer and he is continuously taking regular treatment for cancer and so far, he has taken 07 chemotherapies out of 08 and after every chemotherapy, he feels severe headache and it is because the ‘process’ causes it so.

Narrating about his cancer disease, he says

No I’ve never smoked or abused drugs. I have a rare form of gall bladder cancer that is common among asians. Which is wild since I’m Scottish. It was stage 4. Fortunately it wasn’t aggressive. They figure I have had it for a couple years.

Years ago I was shot, accidentally in Australia in the kidney. I’ve had trouble with my kidney ever since. So last november I thought my kidney was failing and went to emergency. That’s when they discovered my illness. Funny enough, the cancer wasn’t in my kidney and the trouble with it was only an infection. Life right.

I’ve also survived a brain hemorrhage. But that was in 02.
It’s life. It’s not going to kill me. It’s just the chemo. But I’m down to one treatment a week next week. But it’ll be 8 hours long each time.

So I’m expecting the last 3 weeks will be rough!”

▶ Angwyn’s narrates his early life as

” I was raised in poverty by a handicapped dad and a mum that dropped out of high school. He’s from Culross and she’s from Dublin.

When I was five I began training in martial arts. Judo then. After moving to the States I continued to train in it while playing baseball as well.

Baseball helped me to assimilate. I picked it up quick and became very good. It helped me make mates I still have.

Eventually while continuing to train in judo, I began training in shorin ryu karate as well.

Then I was accepted to Yale University.

While at Yale I played all four years on the baseball team. And started training in full contact taekwondo.

By then I was a 3rd degree black belt in judo and a second degree black belt in shorin ryu.

In the summers I began kickboxing as an amateur. I had about 2 fights a summer.

I graduated from Yale with a degree in history in the top 5% of my class.

I hated school. But I was intelligent. I was there to play baseball, meet women and have fun.

But I met Kendra. One of the best women you’ll ever know.

We were going to marry, but then my dad died. The relationship went sideways after that. But I’ll NEVER say a cross word about her.

Also, right after college, I turned pro. My dad was NOT happy! Again we were still poor and I could’ve made a good wage anywhere from my degree.

So I worked full time as a cook while I got my career going. And took care of my mum.

After around my tenth pro kickboxing fight I made my pro debut in boxing.

I still continued to train in all 3 martial arts. By this time I had attained my black belt in full contact taekwondo. As well as earned another degree in both judo and shorin ryu.

By now I was beginning to earn some money. I also met one of my best mates who was also Scottish and he became my stock broker.

He is a genius with money and numbers. Plus he listened too.

I wouldn’t be in my financial state if it weren’t for him.

Then towards the end of my career I began fighting MMA. It was relatively new and none of the fighters were legitimate martial artists. Sloppy techniques, terrible punches… The sport has changed considerably since.

I had developed a reputation as someone that trained hard all the time. So after retiring in 04 I began getting calls from managers around the world to have me come and help them train fighters. They were usually big name fighters so it paid extremely well.

Then, in 13 I sold or gave away nearly everything to move home and vote yes.

There you go.

If you want more details let me know. I left out the depressing parts.”

▶ Angwyn’s bullet injury experience in Australia:

” It was october 2009 when my mate and I vacationed at my place in Adelaide. Anyway, one day we decided to go to the northern territory. Unknown to us it hunting season. I think hunting season runs all year for some animals. We were near that rainforest. Walking through the bush when a hunter shot us, mistakenly. I was hit in the left kidney and my mate was hit in the right shoulder. It was hot. At first we were both stunned. Meaning it didn’t hurt. We began yelling immediately and the hunter came running. But within minutes the pain set in. And the heat didn’t help. I felt like vomiting.

At first I thought I would be ok. But after a short bit my system starting shutting down.

First indication of it was when my spleen swelled and began moving. Then, again, I felt like vomiting, but couldn’t. I felt like I needed to relieve myself too, but couldn’t.

The whole time I’m moaning too. And the pain had turned to a deep, powerful dull pain. It continued to burn too. It was agonizing. However, at some point, I realized I would live.
They medicated the two of us out. Took us to royal darwin hospital. They removed the bullet from my kidney which was a .30-60. And we stayed there for several days before we were released.

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  1. Alison McGoff, Glasgow, Scotland.

    “I salute you both, you Sajjad for your warmth and insight and Angwyn Campbell for you never say die attitude. I fight my own battle with cancer and I am trying to put all my broken pieces together to live with the knowledge I have a terminal illness.”


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