Who are DAISH-ISIS and what are their motives?


DAISH-ISIS is an abbreviated term for Islāmic State for Iraq and Syria is the hot debated issue everywhere around the world.

But what exactly is the real picture of it and who they are?
Its primary aims and what threat it poses for the security of Pakistan or to the World?
These are such concerned questions which spell haunted challenges to every human of the world.

Let’s have a look at it.

As the name indicates that apparently ISIS is created for carrying out extremist activities inside Iraq and Syria but as a common notion that terrorism has no boundaries and no religion linkages. Once the giant gets out of the bottle, then it becomes difficult to catch him and cage him back in the bottle. Moreover, the slaughtering of innocent humans and carrying inhuman acts of bloodshed, in fact has nothing to do with Islam or any other religion.

These ISIS insurgents as well several other groups around the world have ignited a ‘fire’ of hatred all over the world.
Islam gives full right to the convict and criminals to be heard in open court under Qazi (Islamic Judiciary and Juries).

The main question is this: before deciding whether or not a criminal should be punished, we must determine the extent of his responsibility for the offence he committed. It is to be noted that Islam takes this into account when it considers the question of crime and punishment.

Islam never prescribes punishments haphazardly nor does it execute these without due consideration. In this respect Islam has a unique theory which combines the best of both worlds: the communist as well as the individualistic theories.  Islam holds the balance of justice in the right manner and insists on examining all conditions and circumstances connected with the offence. On studying a crime Islam takes into account two considerations at the same time; the viewpoint of the criminal and that of the community against which aggression took place. In the light of such considerations Islam prescribes the fair punishment which is in accordance with the dictates of sound logic and wise reasoning and which must not be affected by delinquent theories and national or individual whims.
Islam imposes preventive punishments which may appear cruel or coarse if viewed superficially or without proper consideration. But Islam does not execute such punishments unless it ascertains that the crime was not justifiable or that the criminal was not acting under any obligation.

However, what we see is that these ISIS terrorists behead people without any proper investigations and cases to be heard and declare the punishments which is a direct and obvious contradictions to the teachings and principles of Islam.

DAISH declares the punishment immediately and execute the innocent people straight away. Therefore, it gives us a clear indication that this terror group are defaming and malign the name of Islam and carrying a hidden objectives to blame Islam and Muslims all over the world.


The Imam of Kaaba has given ‘Fitwa’ (A religios declaration) against “DAISH” to be terrorists and they have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims.

DAISH is in fact, carrying a secret mission to defame and vilify Islam and Muslims by conducting such inhuman, heinous crime of barbarism, cruelty, murderousness and savagery has nothing to do with Islam.

1400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) prophesized that a time would come when nothing would remain of Islam but its name, nothing of the Quran but its word, and that many “Mosques would be splendidly furnished but destitute of guidance” (Mishkatul Masabih). In these latter days, the true spiritual essence of Islam would be lost, and religion, for the most part, would be reduced to a ritualistic compulsion. He foretold that the clergy would be corrupt and be a source of strife during these times.

How true this is of the extremist clerics in parts of the Muslim world that abuse the pulpit to preach division and hate.

He also went on to describe terrorist groups such as ISIS that would try to hijack the Islamic faith. At this time of dissension, he said there would appear “a group of young people who would be immature in thought and foolish.”

They would speak beautiful words but commit the most heinous of deeds. They would engage in so much prayer and fasting that the worship of the Muslims would appear insignificant in comparison.

They would call people to the Quran but would have nothing to do with it in reality. The Quran would not go beyond their throats, meaning they wouldn’t understand its essence at all, merely regurgitating it selectively. The Prophet then went on to describe these people as “the worst of the creation.”

As if this outline wasn’t clear enough, another tradition in the book Kitaab Al Fitan reported by Caliph Ali, the fourth successor to Prophet Muhammad, describes these people as having long hair and bearing black flags. Their “hearts will be hard as iron,” and they would be the companions of a State (Ashab ul Dawla). Interestingly, ISIS refers to itself as the Islamic State or Dawla. The tradition further mentions that they will break their covenants, not speak the truth and have names that mention their cities. The ISIS caliph, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi comes to mind.

Prophet Muhammad furiously and painfully described these evildoers, and admonished Muslims to beware of their evil and fight it. “Whoever fights them is better to Allah than them,” he proclaimed.

Reflect on this critical point. Whenever ISIS kills in the name of Islam, claims to follow the Quran, or uses the Holy month of Ramadan to spread anarchy across the globe, know that Prophet Muhammad explicitly warned us of these imposters, and entrusted us to root them out.

The only people who refuse to reflect on this point are ISIS, ISIS sympathizers, and anti-Islam extremists who want the world to believe that ISIS is legitimate. Intelligent people, meanwhile, see Prophet Muhammad’s prophetic wisdom and thus remain united against both ignorance and extremism.

While Islam, gives the teachings of patience, love, care, forbearance, respect to humanity, women, elders and children.

The Islamic Way of Life

The Islamic way of life encompasses acts of worship, the doing of good deeds to all living things and the opposition to injustice and evil.

Do Muslims Believe in Violence?

One of the most damaging claims against the Islamic religion is that it promotes or actively encourage the use of violence in the promotion of its goals.
This claim is bolstered by those who lift a handful of verses from the Qur’an out of their context and present that as proof. In context, however, those verses talk about specific situations that faced the Muslim community of the time, and involved vastly superior forces that were seeking to vanquish the small monotheistic movement known as Islam.

The Qur’an puts it this way:
“And why shouldn’t you fight in the cause of God and in the cause of those who, being weak, are mistreated: the men, women and children whose only cry is, “Our Lord! Deliver us from this land whose people are oppressors. Send us someone from You who will protect us, and send us someone from You who will help!” [4:75]

Any battles fought under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) were defensive in nature and occurred only after hostilities were already declared against the Muslims. The Qur’an and the policies of Muhammad delineated the proper justifications for war, and also imposed rules for its humane conduct. These rules include such things as non-combatants are not to be harmed, wanton destruction is forbidden, quarter must be given to surrendering troops, and peace negotiations when offered must be accepted.

When critics of Islam use the few verses of the Qur’an that talk about war out of context, they are just as dishonest as the few extremists in our midst who also twist the meanings and give them an interpretation that is unknown in traditional Islam.

The truth of the matter is that the turmoil you see emanating from the Muslim world is not based on religion, but rather on serious political grievances and issues of social justice. Sometimes religion is used as a cloak for this or that cause, but the underlying factors that fuel the conflicts are no different than those that cause upheaval and revolution in any other part of the world.

DAISH is using all out force inside Iraq and Syria while Israel lies just on the edge of borders to Syria. So the question conflicts the logics of the minds is that these ‘DAISH’ insurgents still haven’t even thought of marching towards Israel.

The authentic sources claim that the ‘so called Khalifa of DAISH’ has taken proper training in Israel and a large number of ‘DAISH’ terrorists have been trained by Israel and US Army deployed in Mediterranean waters.
Similar, MOSAD and CIA are funding them through hidden curtain’s channel. At one side, ‘DAISH’ are playing the ‘bloodshed’ game of killing innocent people in the middle of Syria and Iraq while on the other hand, they’re knocking the doors of comparatively powerful countries such as Saudia Arabia and Turkey as from time to time they conduct tertiary levels of terrorist activities in Saudia Arabia.

Let’s see who will be the prime beneficiary of this game of destruction, bloodshed and fracturing the regional stature after destabilizing several biggest Islamic states?


Apparently, Israel is setting calmly watching all this melodrama being played around in its surroundings and giving an opined notion that instead of direct confrontation with its neighboring countries, let these insurgents play their role first to weaken their military might and destabilizing their economies to certain level that they won’t be able to defend the minimum level of skirmishes, onslaughts and later the dream of ‘greater Israel’ in a unified way, will come true.

Similarly, United States is continuously selling the weapons and arms on a massive level to several middle east countries-grabbing bags of dollars.


Besides, DAISH is equally recruiting people from Western countries and now, several European countries, USA and several Asian countries have witnessed that citizens from these countries have migrated to DAISH and became their part.

So, what’s the real picture and intention behind this all ‘bloodshed game’; the story is unfolded and that’s these DAISH insurgents are carrying secret agenda duly assigned by foreign masters and the ultimate victims are innocent people of the world.

On the other hand, Talibans have amassed havoc on the innocent people of Pakistan. In the last 10 years, these terrorist groups have exploded detonating explosives and suicide bombing activities in Mosques, Churches, schools, markets, military personnel and premises which have taken the lives of more than 100,000 innocent civilians of Pakistan.

While I’m writing this article, I’m watching Mr. Obama speech in Washington D.C. on ‘International conference against terrorism’ in which he says that ‘these terrorist groups are targeting and killing innocent people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria don’t represent Islam. They misrepresent and misuse Islam for their own malicious purposes and aims. They don’t belong to Pakistan or any other Muslim country.’

Thanks to the brave Pakistan Army which has taken stern measures against terrorist groups in the Western borders of Pakistan. In a recent operation taken by Pakistan Army in which they’ve almost destroyed the sanctuaries and networks of terrorists hidding in northern Waziristan areas. Besides, this operation network has been further enhanced throughout the country in which, Pakistan Army have arrested, hanged several terrorists and destroyed the networks of terrorists.

Terrorism of any kind is a dangerous threat to the peace of the world and together, we the people of the world can destroy it.

Let’s get united against all these perpetrators and make this world a beautiful and peaceful place to live in.

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  1. Mairead Tagg, University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

    I really love this Sajjad. It’s so refreshing to have a balanced and informed view of the real nature of DASH-ISIS and the true nature of Islam, rather than the propaganda and misinformation fed to us by the media. These psychopathic killers are not representative of Muslims and the world needs to stand up against DASH-ISIS with a clear understanding of its true nature and purpose, as well as asking the question why it is wreaking havoc upon innocent Muslims while ignoring Israel who in the scheme of things might be considered a primary target.


  2. Hi Sajad, I like it too for many of the same reasons as Mairead the previous commentator and also – 🙂 because I blog too I was delighted to see that you’d changed your WordPress theme, this new one is beautiful – is it easier to manage?


    1. Mr. Martin Galigan, New Jersey, USA.

      Isis should be wiped of the face of the earth any scrum that torch or behead a human human person don’t belong on the face of the earth the USA &NATO created a lot of these problems they should have good enough. Alone khadafy also Saddam Hussein should have been left alone Saddam Hussein had. No weapons of mass destruction if he had we supplied him during the war with Iran it was all about greed USA should stay out of the and let those countries settle there own problems see the middle east today khadafy controlled that part of the world look at north Africa today look at Libya the whole middle east Assad in Syria 2hundred twenty thousand innocent people killed and he is still in power the USA bring terrorist to. This country and they have rights it should be an eye for an eye and a tooth. For a toot the whole thing is a joke.


      1. Paula Brain, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

        Brilliant and powerful article Sajjad, people need to read it. It shows exactly who they are and what’s really happening in those countries. You speak bravely and with the truth. I always learn with your writing. Thanks a million for sharing dear friend, really appreciated!


  3. I think your artical is both insightful and informative. So many people, in affluent countries, fear the influx of refugees from the Middle East and wrongly equate the actions of Daish with Islam as a whole. This is damaging and tears at the Social fabric of many countries, causing hysteria and xenophobia. It is a complex issue too deep to put in a nutshell, but I believe in Liberty and Justice and the right for people to follow their religion if that is their wish in peace. I am an atheist but I cherish the right for people to have this freedom.

    Intelligent debate is required world wide, may peace prevail.

    Thanks Sajad!

    Steve Horn
    Melbourne, Australia.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I wrote this article in February 2015 and during that time, very few people around the world didn’t know or even ready to accept to recognize that ISIS is the creation of US, British and Israel’s intelligence agencies to expand their territorial hegemonic supremacy and particularly USA to pave ways to ‘Greater Israel’ and the proven fact that, Israel and US military are funding them behind the curtain.

    Whatever, Tony Blair’s confession on CNN yesterday has shocked the whole world as he accepted that ‘Removing Saddam Hussein was a blunt mistake and a conduct of wrong intelligence given rise to ISIL’. Indeed, Tony Blair and George Bush played the chess here and eventually, led the Russians to balance it out.

    The whole game of bloodshed is being played for power struggle in Middle East and Saudia Arabia is vehemently wrestling for more share of this supremacy.


  5. Arab oil is not only the prime mover on the Earth, it is shaker too. That is precisely the history of hegemony of Uncle Sam,EU, NATO & Saudi Arabia in this region. ISIS too can be termed as both mover and shaker of Islam.


    1. ISIS or any other group can’t change or shake Islam, they can just spoil the image of Muslims, that’s it. i am a Muslim and as i studied while being a Muslim, Islam is all about Love and Respect And to believe on One and only ALLAH and follow Sunnah.
      those who relate ISIS with Islam, really needed to study about Islam then comment.
      thank you.


  6. Great article, complexities explained with motives behind them.
    Also throw some light on american-russian-taliban trio interaction in afghanistan,
    Shia sunni relationship in iran…


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