The Friendship’s tree and its hidden beauty.


The Friendship’s tree and its hidden beauty.

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

A famous quotes of famous writer “Oliver Wendel Holmes Friendship is a pleasant sports in which the friends do appreciate, admire and appease each other”. This can further be illustrated as “You Please Me! I Please You.”

The roots of friendship are very deep and above the reach of our consensus. Whatever the thinkers have caged and elucidated “Friendship and keeping each other happy” in their literary expressions are elegantly true as when we failed to learn about the grievances, emotions of our friends, do not appreciate and encourage each other, then it becomes unilateral aspect of our lives by which the wheel of our friendship, stay short lived.

If you are passionate about the “equal reciprocal returns in friendship” then we have to follow the quotes of Oliver Holmes. While another famous English writer William Hazlitt defined “Friendship” as ” making each other happy, is indeed making oneself happy.”

friendship (1)

Our happiness are indeed the beggars of happiness of others. To say that if you ever want to undergo through the experience of happiness, you can take a start from your own friends around you. Initially, take 10 friends of you and then start sending them distribute the happiness among them sequentially. Well! you will find out that sooner that they will be highly responsive and happy of your this kind act and they will reciprocate the same level of happiness back to you as they will also try to return happiness and keep you happy. Keeping this flow in tandem, expand the territory of happiness over few more circled friends by 15 to 30 or so. Now you will see that here your happiness will be multiplied more than the previous experience. Try this out.

In addition to your own friends, you can apply the same strategy on the people around you who off and now, take part in your life long routine life activities say such as, your neighbors, colleagues, associates etc.This sounds little weird though but that’s the only option we have. You will not offend or damage yourself rather, you will become more popular among people and expand your territorial expansions of your social network and friends.

What you can give to others?

Yes, we can give a little to others out of a lot that we have. When you use the power to give others, your capabilities strength increases instead of decreasesing. Now, in order to further enhance our capabilities, we first have to alleviate others ‘self esteem and respect’ with powerful optimistic attitude and in return you’ll get beyond your expectations.

First of all, you need to assess your abilities, resources and skills that you possess in your personality. You can further add your money, knowledge, love, wisdom and attention in this ‘list of giving.’

When you present a bucket of flowers to your neighbors from your own garden, this is indeed a precious gift to them. Making a courtesy phone calls for asking and getting to know about their health, life etc. to your relatives, friends and loved ones who live a bit far, or overseas always yield positive and constructive returns in solidifying relationship and closeness.

Thanks to modern technology apps which have totally changed the world of communication and they’re available free of cost and making international calls totally free thus condensed the distances. Remember, that your good deeds and efforts will always be regarded, valued with appreciation encouragement and build positive. Your good deeds will be a precious gifts and source of guidelines for others while your affections, kindness, strong feelings with magnitude of well wishes are always respected, help us reducing the ‘mental narrowness and conservatism among human beings.’


I would instantiate my own writing experience and sharing of knowledge to the people of the world. I always wanted to be a writer and educated human being. I always ran after education, knowledge and wisdom and anywhere the source of knowledge, I may get, I would have it. I have been through several ups and downs in life which put me zigzag turns in life, became the source of inspiration and rectification of errors that resided in my personality. I have struggled a lot in life.

My friend Angwyn Daichead A Cúig from Detroit, Michigan, USA said once ‘Poverty will either drive backward or throw you ahead in the lapse of success.’

Yes, I agree to whatever he said. I have finally arrived in a stage of life where I started to believe that my talent, skill and knowledge are needed by someone somewhere in the world. So I said to myself ‘Let’s do it Sajjad. Take a step forward and get it done.’

I created a login in my blogging website and initially whatever the written material I had have, I have posted it there because whatever Allah has bestowed upon us, carry distinct and peculiar purpose. Our talent is one of those gifts of God. This talent of us, explicitly scream aloud to utilize it and enlighten others and within short a short span of time, I managed to write really good articles of information, knowledge, intuition and guided instructions while help us all.

I grabbed tremendous feed back and appreciation from the readers around the world who converted into my best friends. I love humanity and to educate, spread the knowledge what render an honor to my self esteem. Together, we can make this world a beautiful place to live and we can if our intentions are pure.




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