The Victory to common man in India.


By Sajjad Amin Bangash

The common man party stood victorious in India. The Delhi state yet given birth to another good news for the political edifice in subcontinent where 70 members Delhi assembly, 67 seats have been won by ‘Common man party led by Mr. Khejrewal who was said to be collector in government institution while BJP managed to win only 03 seats and congress party has been totally slashed unable to win not a single seat.
For a 70 years old world’s biggest democracy, it was a biggest quantitative leap. If revolution cannot be brought by anarchy but with the ballot box, then it was the clear evidence.


If we recount the historical perspectives of ‘common man’s movement for freedom’ then we come to know that foundation for such moment was laid by ‘Spartacus who was was one of the free men leaders in the Third Servile War,  a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

This rebellion, interpreted by some as an example of oppressed people fighting for their freedom against a slave-owning oligarchy has been an inspiration to many political thinkers.
Although, in Britain the democracy was existed where women were barred from voting right, when there was no ‘House of Commons (lower house) but only ‘House of Larger (the upper house) and thereby the need of a common man representation emerged up and a House of Commons of England evolved at some point in England during the 14th century, becoming the House of Commons of Great Britain after the political union with Scotland in 1707 and in the nineteenth century the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland after the political union with Ireland before assuming its current title after independence was given to the Irish Free State in 1922 under which the chosen members through voting by the ordinary citizens risen up. Simultaneously, the women were formally given a voting right.

The word ‘common man’ means ‘the people’. Although, democracy has been advocating that ‘the power rests with the ordinary people’ but bitterly failed to justify this definition with real time replication as this democracy has largely becomes the victim of fulfillment of interests of few elite, feudal lords and capitalists who entirely cage the democracy under their own orchestrated umbrella.
Countries like us, Pakistan the shadows of military dictatorship always hover over in a scary wind and the these power mongers, status quo notables still sing the songs of democracy.

However, India has remained away from such contradictions to a fairer extend but their religious facts, entangled chains of slavery still cast relayed reflections on the democracy.

Mr. Ghandi demanded the constitutional protections for the marginalized, common citizens of India and when voice for these protective rights further intensified in strength, then the whole India took to streets for the advocacy of merits.

Although, in recent economic indicators, Indian economy is growing at 7% GDP annually but the poor still remains under the shackles of poverty. Mr. Nirender Moodi claims to reaching to Prime Minister seat from a ‘tea seller’, is however highly extrovert interpreter for the protection and cover of ‘Corporate Sectors Protection’.

As Pakistani politicians tailor and decorate their political stages on Indian enmity similarly, Indian politicians base their political manifesto on anti-Pakistan’s slogans and gather public support thereby.


Although, India suicide isn’t haram (religiously prohibited) and a large of people especially in Gujarat state, have committed suicide because of poverty stricken livelihood while with us, the poor people being sick of poverty send their children to religious institutions and the evidences reveal that 90% of suicide bombers are 20 or less than 20 years of age. Islamic strictly prohibits ‘suicide and enticing anyone to suicide bombings. As there’s no ramifications of the wrongdoing by the sons and daughters of feudal lords, landlords while the children of poor come under this doctrine similarly, these religious brainwashers don’t turn or send their children on  suicide bombing inclination.

What a common needs?
A common man demands ‘justice’, being a human loving person and writer, allow me to explain that ‘ Doing romance extravagantly in our part of the world is the cup of tea of rich here, similarly getting access to justice is the fair play game of the rich nobles.

What a common wants?
A common man demands good and quality education for his children. The division which is being created in the education system of our country, it wasn’t it before. At one side, high quality English medium schools of Cambridge syllabus for high-up rich people while on the other hand, outdated, shattered buildings education system of local boards for poor people.

In 10,00,00 government employed teachers in Pakistan, remain absent from going to their duties of teaching while 80,000 teachers are recruited with the direct interferences by these feudal lords. These teachers in return pay 50% of their wages to these feudal lords by directly channeling through supervisors who further transfer these payments to directors and subsequently to these power mongers and we call them ‘wadairay’.

Now, what would you expect from these wadairay to provide you free and quality education who are part of government and how come the children of poor families get quality education for the stomach of this elite section doesn’t filled?

What a common man wants?
A common man wants a hospital and medical care, pure drinking water, employment opportunities, and getting out of poverty line.
Our establishment has never let the political process to flourish and throttle the democracy someway or other which systematically hampered the political parties in Pakistan to flourish and they remained under constant threat of coup.

Now, when the time came for the children of poor people of participating and setting in parliament, then these status quo notables got united against the poor people. It however, becomes equally mandatory for Pakistan and other nations to follow the footsteps of Mr. Kajrewal of Common Man Party and his policies be replicated systematically in our political systems.

One must give applauding credit to Imran Khan for he fought aggressively against the ‘planned rigging and rectification of electoral frauds, and cleansing of status quo politics from Pakistan who is stopping the potential of common man to prop up. His peaceful protest of 124 days at D-Square and throughout the Pakistan has given birth to aggressive debates on ‘performance based politics, governance, rectification of law enforcement agencies, uprooting of corruption within Pakistan, and eradication of loopholes in the democratic contours of Pakistan.

Mr. Kajrewal and Imran Khan’s emergence in political map of South Asia has indeed laid the foundation for the emancipation of common man from the intricated web of status quo capitalists politics and give equal representation to common man in parliamentary make up, social and economic justice, deprivation, reduction in poverty and give equal value to marginalized section of society. Together, their politics have planted seeds for liberation of the ordinary citizens of our nations. It’s a beautiful beginning which has started to overlap the whole sub-continent and the entire world.

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    1. Allan Patterson, Glasgow, Scotland.
      Good post Sajjad. From those who have power and vested interests, its clear why they desire to control and sensor info and the net. Bit by bit they’ll add extra controls hoping we don’t take notice. How do we control their extremism?


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