Application of Fear and Intimidating strategies to maneuver the outcome in Elections

By Sajjad Amin Bangash
(Lecturer in International Politics & Economics, Creative Writer and Political Activist for PTI(Imran Khan’s Party)

PTI protesters are being disbursed through tear gases

One of the obvious and repeated tactics of conventional politics, is the application of certain strategies such as ‘intimidating the public through media, pressure groups and several ghost fear policies to maneuver the physiological behavior of the voters and public and to spread the fear in the minds of the people such as military overture, creation of artificial economical and political turbulence and destabilization which will keep the motivated voters discouraged, intimidated and maneuver their thinking attitude towards casting votes to their liked political party which substantially hamper their confidence and trust  resulting in achieving aimed targets, the political propagandists have set forth. These are short and medium term political strategies for maintaining hegemonic arch and attainment of short possible outcomes through minimum damage.

PTI protester beaten by Police

One of the obvious examples of such tactics is the recent ‘Referendum took place in Scotland’ and during ‘protest of PTI leadership and supporters against rigging in 2013 elections in Pakistan.’

Disappointing result in the Scottish referendum. The pro-campaign were totally blackened by the media who used scare tactics to undermine people’s confidence, especially old age pensioners and others. At least that’s an outside impression of it. The British establishment were even quick to attempt to spread the dirt against Alex Salmond after the result. To make matters worse, there seems to be stories about new oil fields in the North sea which if true would deprive Scotland of more revenue which gives a sinister aspect to the result.

PTI protesters in front of Pakistan Parliament House, Islamabad.

They apply different strategies to change the minds of the people, utilize mass media for their orchestrated ambitions and bribe the key components of the system. If you ever want to evaluate the performance of any political party in regards to the addressing and solving people’s concerns then we must have to analyze the gross root level replication of their policies as the economic prosperity, income level of the people, provision of employment, infrastructure development etc.

Scotland oil is the key factor in the torrent political play grounds in the debates of upcoming elections and more obviously, is highly lucrative for Westminster and the economy monsters. The political symposium in Westminster will always have a keen lustrous interest in the oilfields of Scotland for its yields.

However, this will somewhat be less right to assume that Scotland’s economy is largely dependent on oil. Economies are stabilized and restructured on several economical and fiscal measurements such as Foreign investment, energy and power sector, human resource, tourism, agricultural, financial and banking sector, stable and viable fiscal measures, balance of trade, GDP, creation of employment opportunities and several other natural resources which Scotland have in abundance.

Media hype on oil gets intensified during Jim Morphy’s political campaigning for coming election. Largely, because that’s the boiling barometer for his political campaign where he will have to play his political conquest and win his support for the balloting. These are indeed, the crucial tactics being applied by any political party in order to align the political fields for their candidates to gather support and capture the edge over other contemporary political parties. In simple business terms, this is called ‘Marketing, targeting and segmenting strategy.’

So basically, the whole engineered intentions is to’ swap’ the political rift in such a way that SNP will be reduced or marginalized from the winning streak.

There is another point to be addressed here is the ‘Divide within Society.’ Well! This is one of the much heated and traditional format for political campaigning. The history of British occupation and colonization can be traced from the very odd fact that they always loved to apply ‘Divide and Rule Strategy’ on the inhabitants of the territories they eyed on conquering and ruling. Now, this divide among the clans and sections of Scotland’s society will definitely be ‘diced on’. The Westminster will lucratively eying on this unfilled gap and dramatize it for political gains and roofs. Majority of opinion polls and active members of the SNP, have claimed to be giving a neat advantage for SNP to be ‘major slice take of the pie in April election.” So, knowing this doctrine of ‘Divide’, all other allied parties standing against SNP, will desperately distill them and disintegrate the SNP graph of vote bank.

Scotland needs more autonomous power to have heavy leverage in the legislation to be debated and systematically approve them which will directly effect the well-being and issues concerned to the democracy to flourish in Scotland. A well powerful and autonomous parliament is the sole guarantor of socio-economic, judicial, political, administrative and geographical decisions for any democracy.

However, here SNP is the viable and practical political party which has the weighted advantage over other contemporary party to sincerely address the issues related only to Scotland instead of waiting for ‘Masters’ to issue orders.

In a conclusion, whatever the resources and government machinery being used in the possible outcomes in the favor of few ‘imperialist powers monsters’ but still, we the people have the power against all odds. The PTI recent protest of 124 days against electoral fraud and rigging in Pakistan, is a living example of ‘determination and awakening of the people to stand tall against all odds and remove the callous bureaucracy. They opened fire at the protesters, with tear gases, created artificial stamped which caused deaths to so many precious lives but in the end, PTI gained substantial support thereafter.

Obviously, the ‘button’ is pressed from somewhere else and the consequences fall on everyone. We here have woken up now. Politicians in every country are handicapped by foreign masters so people have realized and seen the flip side of the coin. We have formed a common man’s party which is called PTI and partially taken over the control of the powers in a democratic way. Waiting for another election to have a win of 100% where the ordinary, common man will rule, be the master of decisions of the country. It really is when the people get organised…  Well, things change. We are still working in that direction. This is a big improvement. It’s also a way of changing political direction. In this particular case, it’s positive.

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One Comment

  1. Marijhane McKenzie, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA

    “Well written Sajjad … and yes we must keep our eyes and ears open as Westminster tries every dirty trick they can leading up to the GE in May .. it will be harder this time for them to lie .. people are aware and far more educated now … I say bring it on!”


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