The Political Edge of Oil

By Sajjad Amin Bangash

(Creative Writer, Lecturer in International Politics, Economics and Political Activist of PTI (Imran Khan’s party)

Oil Treasure is one of the most powerful weapons for political, economical and geographical health of any country. If we look at the development and prosperity graphs of all those countries which possesses oil reserves, then one wise lesson we can draw from the luxurious lifestyles they enjoy is that they valued the worth of oil treasure their lands produce for them. Arab countries are examples of such evaluations as they turned their deserts into ‘Jewels’ or ‘Skyscrapers’ the whole world is aspiring for.

Oil has become the biggest ‘dominant factor‘ for playing a key role in eradication of poverty, uplifting of socio-economic growth and playing a duo role of maintaining a strong dominance in the geographical contours. In the modern political context, oil resources is the game changer of political manipulation and power structure. The skeleton of economies are judged on the basis of ‘sufficient oil reservoirs and lucrative profits it yields.’

Now, if we deeply peep into the recent history of wars of the world then a clear picture can depict the real intentions of USA and its allies that why they attacked Iraq? It’s because, Iraq is among those countries which possess substantial amount of oil resources but Saddam Hussein was the immediate staunch obstacle in their ways of hideous lust for oil and they toppled him. Similar, repetitive tactic applied by the Americans and UK merely on a pretext that Libya’s dictator Mr. Moammer Qaddafi was selling oil to African nations while didn’t allow USA and UK to get some share of their oil thus they created an artificial turmoil in Libya by preparing ‘rebels’ against Qaddafi and later, the USA and its allied forces attacked Libya, paved the paths for themselves to get into Libyan oil wells.

What we learned from the ‘recent recession’ which badly effected several economies of the world is that majority of European economies are dried and running short of oil capacities to fulfill the ever growing demand for oil. Moreover, the Saudia Arabia and other oil producing nations have artificially and intentionally resorted the ‘continous fall in oil prices’ just to keep USA and other western countries out of ‘shale gases’ market as the USA and European countries are reducing the dependency on Arab countries for oil supply.

Asian economies are booming up and they’re recovering from bad phases of recession and effectively restructured their economies while most European countries are struggling hard to recuperate with their diseased economies.This given birth to a new shift of ‘finding more and more oil exploration in Europe and Scotland is one of those European countries which possess a substantial amount of oil resources. UK politics is actively associated with this ‘oil treasure‘ of Scotland. Be it Referendum or future political playgrounds, the core discussions of political debates will centered around ‘Oil’ of Scotland. So to say that, all UK politicians are ‘dancing around Scotland oil fireworks’ is an appropriate doctrine. Why, because the oil resources are what they will survive to the fittest.

My political insights elaborate me that ‘it’s basically the oil of Scotland which will always remain to be ‘darling island’ for entire UK political digestion. Mediocre mindset would find it less likely to understand this ‘mathematical numeracy’ is to why, the entire UK political parties are eyeing on Scotland oilfields.  Whether staying together in union or opting to be an independent, Scotland oil resources will always be the treasure spot for people of Scotland which always have lucrative yields for the GDP and economic growth thus chances of Scotland to become a  strongest and wealthiest nation of European continent. However, it largely depends on the people of Scotland as to what they decide to the future destiny of their nation. Lastly, if the people understand and value the worth of voting power and their resources, chances are higher for them to steer their country into a path of rapid development and economic prosperity in the time ahead of them.

What I foresee is that SNP has wider popularity and political strength as compared to Labor and other contemporary parties in Scotland equally eyeing on upcoming elections. Largely, because, SNP addresses and focuses more on the core issues that relate to the common citizens of Scotland while the other parties and their respective candidates are pro-Tories alliances. Political wisdom and vision direct the great prospects for the future of the country. SNP major strategy is obvious to the masses is that ‘the well being of the ordinary citizens of Scotland is the cornerstone of their politics. Forming majority in the upcoming elections is however, is tantamount in addressing the socio-economic uplift, lowering the tax burden, generation of income activities and investment while the devolution of power are the key factors which will exert more leverages in the Scotland politics.

Jim Murphy’s style of aggressive politics indeed parallel to limiting his ‘winning chances’ partly because he is the dictation followers, strong supporter of lesser monotonous power control to Scotland and imposing more taxes. Secondly, he favors the UK support to Israel and further funding to Israel which however being disliked by majority of Scotland people. In addition, the oil factor here plays a key role in the determining the winning prospects for any political party. SNP gives more leverage on the “Scotland oil is Scotland’s prosperity“.

Politics is an intricate and complicated subject to be understood and one of the underlying aspect of modern politics is the ‘personality traits and attractiveness”. Alex Salmond enjoys a luxurious love and support of the people of Scotland and he is considered to be a ‘visionary politician’ who given a rise and voice to Scots. He is parallel to Imran Khan in many ways. Both have courageous hearts and charismatic personalities with honest care for their people.

Public opinion carries an utmost importance and high weighing. Public regards any politician to be the ‘role model’ who gives them right to self-determination and equality in all basis. In modern politics, people’s rights carries utmost importance and only those political parties and leaders well versed in addressing and highlighting those basic rights, are well accepted and followed by the masses. UK economy is shrinking and after the ‘recent world’s recession’ it has worsen to a depth. Their dependency is heavily shifted on raising taxes and taking austerity measures seem like trying to escape from the torrent tides. Oil sector is the game changer and the guarantor of economic prosperity and growth. Scotland produces heavy volume of oil and generates ‘revenues’ to UK economy.

International oil prices are continuously on the decline which systematically impacts the economies of the world, shrinking economic activities, give rise to unemployment level, reduces the income level of the people and lower the GDP.

So overall, the economy seems to be ‘dyeing’. Here, the better economic measures to boost up the economic cycle in a country. The political parties manifestos play a major role in determining the turn out and shifting mood of the voters. The power rests with the people of a country. In democratic set up, a government must have heavy mandate to easily make legislations pertinent to the economy of a country, civil rights and autonomous power structure. Scotland needs more autonomous parliament so that the decisions that affect directly the economical, civil and judicial authorities of Scotland may easily be implemented. With lesser authority or reduced autonomy seems to be a hanged parliament and senate will have lesser power make laws and approve under the parliamentary debate. Now, to my political understanding, SNP is the ultimate choice of the people in Scotland, primarily to be the major party which fall under all the requisites of a well powered political party. Their candidates are well adept in political skills and visionary aptitudes. SNP policies regarding education, socio-economic measures, civil rights, pension benefits, medical and housing incentives seem to be long lasting and practical which therefore, make SNP more a reliable and suitable political party to win major seats in the upcoming elections and bear a strong role in Westminster for Scotland.

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