The Events of My Life


Early Childhood: The early days of my childhood begin in a small village called ‘Summari Payan’. This village is encapsulated by series of rugged dry and green mountains with gluing clay. I was a shy boy what my friends and siblings told me about my childhood time. A boy who always cared for others and helped other friends. We used to live in a large house above the houses of our clans. To the back of our house, there’s a steep steady mountain which further moves upward and join the edges leading to ‘Pithao’ mountain. It’s what we named it in our language. Traditionally, we are tribal people migrated somewhere from Afghanistan, that’s what our ancestors narrated us. The primary memories of my childhood start where I was playing with my best childhood friend ‘Abdul Lateef’, who’s still my friend. In our tradition, Hujra places an important part in our traditional set up as Hujra is a place of men’s setting area where boys and men set together, play cards, and elders used to make decisions as what we call it ‘Jirga’.

I was always a sports loving boy as we used to play cricket, stick balls, wrestling and hide and search games among our friends. Shakeel, Zahidan, Hameed were famous key players of our team as Shakeel was a team captain and leader. During my childhood, I was an average who tends to participate less in fighting and multi-gossips with boys around rather sit in calm and listen to what others have to say. I and my brother Riyad, who is exactly one year younger to me, would always love to fight between. He was my favorite enemy but at the same time, a best friend. He was a heavy, staunch guy who always looked for chances to override my legitimate opportunities.

He was very fond of keeping pets as most of the time, he had pigeons, cats, dogs and birds of different kinds. Now, these hobbies weren’t that appreciated much by my sense. Although, dogs were my favorite pets. We had white colored dog which is very athletic and fighter dog’s species. My father used to work in Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan which is situated in Zero Point in Islamabad city which was approximately 04 hours drive from our village and he would return home at the end of month. We weren’t that close to our father as he was a serious person but never shown high level of affection to us and this is the reason that we. always maintained a high degree of distance and less intimacy. Although, he was a great father. Every child lives on several dreams and stay firm on those aspirations to move in life. A child sees everything in an inspirational manner but little ones such as we meet every day, imaginative beings living in a world of youthful ideals and speculating about the mysteries which surround them.

We were 07 brothers and sisters and I was born after 03 sisters so I always enjoyed the luxury of love, care and pampering. My mother and my sisters maintained a strict monitoring check on I and my brother Riyad. Although, they allowed us to hang around with friends in street but didn’t let us astray off the limits. Life is a journey full of zigzag straddles, passages, paths, uneven pathways and all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. You feel like you’re not making any headway on reaching your desired destination. It could be that you’re in a destination you didn’t have in mind, and that you’re blind to how great it is just because it isn’t exactly what you wanted.

As we grew up, we always would love to do good things which would entertain our souls and being children, anything which would amaze our sense we would do. For example, going out in the hunt of fish in far off places such as ‘Stone Pond” which was way too far from our village. This was the water stream flowing within the straddles of mountains getting into our village. There, I and few others of my cousins would get everything packed overnight and go out early in the morning. Perhaps, mainly in Fridays because, by Friday, our schools were closed and we would contemplate several strategies of getting there and have fun. We had a big cousin “Nisar” and he would always lead us. He had a tremendous jovial and adventurist attitude in him and whenever, we cease an opportunity of such adventure, he would love to gather us around and have it with us.

Zero Point in 90s
Zero Point Now

Back in 1990, due to my hospitalization to PIMS hospital, when our family moved to a small town called ‘Sohan’, we really didn’t like this small village as we considered to be another village and our father didn’t really do good to bring us to a city but since it was close to Faiazabad, Islamabad International Airport, Rawal Lake. So, initially, we had troubles adjusting to environment, people behavior and attitude but gradually we tended to mix up in boys of our age and started to play with them. While the other ugly part was the school which was very far from where we lived. Since, my father used to work in a Bank near Zero Point so he found that due to his presence there could help the children getting to school would be easier. Here, life wasn’t easier for me and my younger brother Riyad who is just an year younger to me. This was an amazing school full of students and luckily a high number of students from my village were already studying in this school so it didn’t really scar us to be going there all alone.

Our School in G-8/4, Islamabad.

So my father enrolled me in 6th class where I found myself to be trapped myself in a cage with several other students of my age. My other class mates welcomed me with both hands but I was scared and perplexed. Usually, the children feel shy in such circumstances and can’t afford to mix up too early with other fellows. Our class teacher who was our English teacher as well, had a lenient and benign nature. Sir Javed Iqbal who was always loved by his students. Time took me ahead and soon, I tended to be perfectly adjusted in that environment, made friends and started to show interests in studies. My strength and avid love were always bent towards English and in every test and examination, I maintained a marking position in English subjects. Going to school in public transport was always a Herculean task as these bus drivers would always not want the school boys to pick them up and for this, we the boys would always find an opportunity to fight with them and most often, in groups format beat them to the music. That’s what they were supposed to have the ultimate justification for their miscreants.


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