Talent to Inspire

I am very thankful to my friend Tina Brogan from Longford, Ireland for giving her time and sharing her insights and creative talent.


One thing I have learned about talented people is that they don’t look to others to define their talent. Their talent is “not about them.” In other words, they don’t use their talent to create a superiority complex to make them anymore special than the next person. Actually these talented people are just the opposite. They are usually humble and see their talent as something was given to them and to be used as a service for others and their talents are meant to be shared, not hoarded. They feel they are not any different from the rest of world and we all could do what they do, only if we tried.

When you express your talents you create joy and fulfillment in yourself and for others. You see, happiness comes through you, not to you. How do you know if you are talented at something?


The first indication is time flies while you are doing. You enjoy the intricate details and it feels like fun even if it is hard work! For example, a talented writer will agonize over a word or sentence. Or a singer will sing a line trying many different melodies to find its perfect expression. They love the work and their love hones their skills.

True talent is expressed through the sheer joy of doing it, not praise, recognition, or validation. Unfortunately many people don’t express their talents or who they fully are. Their talent may be they are able to easily make someone smile, or laugh, or feel totally understood. Don’t be discouraged, even if you think others are more talented at what you do. You have a specific place in this world and no one else is you. No one can give or serve in the unique way you can.

After publishing few synopsis of successful people in my blog, my interest and tendency intensified more aggressively to hunt few more of similar invisible talents who by their very talent, aptitude and self-esteem earned great respect, honor and achieved success in their respective fields thus not only became a valuable treasures for their organizations, families but also became source of inspiration and living examples for others to follow their footsteps to align their ways of professional pursuance. I have met another friend Tina Brogan from Longford, Ireland. She works as Stucadoor,  to model, cast and fix enrichment, to lathe and plaster, O’Malley Plastering, Longford, Ireland.


Tina Brogan loves the decorative plaster work equally as proud. Our work will be there for every generation after us. Even as a woman, she never deemed it to be a hindrance in her ways of professional acumen, career growth and display of her art. It fulfilled her with a sense of contribution to her organization, society and household.


She built a public demand for her creativity, zeal and artistry grew into an established ‘master pieces for generations to come. She felt a little guilty at first about being paid for doing something she loved so much. But the cost of her hard work and persistent dedication to work eventually justified it to her. Her profile soon grew so much but she had to make sacrifices as being a mother she has to carry household responsibilities but successfully coordinated her personal responsibilities with her professional concerns and eventually become very successful. Life was difficult for a while, but also very fulfilling and rewarding.

Tina put in the time because she loved what creativity did for her soul. It was never for money, fame, or recognition. She sees how the world can be made better with the strategic and daring use of time, talent and resources. This is an example of developing real talent. I have compiled a descriptive discussion with Tina Brogan on her successful profile.

Before, we could initiate our conversation, I introduced myself and said. “Thank you Tina for accepting my friendship request. I’m a writer, lecturer and blogger. Hope to have good online friendship with you.”

Tina replied with a warm attitude and said “Hi and thank you, very interesting. I love to read and write. What do you write and lecture about Sajjad?”

Sajjad: I do lecture in Economics, International Relations and Creative Writing while in my blog, I write on Politics, Health, Social issues.

Tina: I’m interested in your creative writing also curious about your thoughts on social issues.

Sajjad: I had caged this talent for years and now, when I released it, it’s amazing. The flow of imagination are uncontrollable and they kept coming. You can’t stop them.

Tina: Absolutely I agree. I’m hugely creative in all areas of my life–Adore art, photography, architecture, colour, tones, textures etc. I write too but haven’t had time in the last few years.

Sajjad: We’re both creative. I am really creative in photography, interior designing, creative writing. It’s natural and it’s God gift actually, very rare people have such abilities.

Tina applauded my writing in my blog and said ‘I have read your blog… Fantastic work.. truly. Well done Sajjad.’ I politely and thankfully replied ” Thank you Tina. Indeed, your appreciation and encouragement always boost my confidence and enthusiasm in me to write more. In such short time, I’ve managed to gather really good readership around the globe who love my work and appreciate me. That’s great achievement.”

Tina: Absolutely but remember one thing–there are lots of interesting and knowledgeable writers throughout the world, but to write with passion, humility, love and from the absolute inner gut and that’s real writing and that’s the difference between you and most hence why you have a huge flock of readers behind you. You can only add value to my life and I will yours with complete honesty about my life, visions, concepts, theories and ideas. Creative people connect very well together.”

Sajjad: That’s elegantly true said Tina. I write from my heart and honesty. I earnestly love this art and love to render my talent for humanity.

Sajjad: So what makes you ‘You’ when distinguishing your work and inclinations to your work?

Tina: Well lots of things really. I have a huge level of concentration when applying myself to work. I have pure connection and passion to anything I work with and never leave a stone unturned. If I can’t do something I never give up only think outside the box.


Sajjad: So you’re purely persistent with your ambitions and desires.

Tina: Dreams would be to do well rearing my children and give them a great start in life. I’m alone in their upbringing.I’d love to open a peacock farm as I find such beauty and inspiration at the very sight of these elegant birds, both colourful and graceful. I also love to help others less fortunate in life for it has the same feeling of love I similarly feel for my work.

Sajjad: I love writing and my readers are enjoying it. Trust me more than 1700 times, my blog has been read all over the world. In all English-speaking countries, I have heap of readers and I have been continuously receiving massive feed back and appreciation from them. Tina: Believe it or not it’s not just about writing even though its your passion. You have a gift to freely express yourself and by doing that’s your opening the minds of others but it’s also more than that you’re helping n healing others with your words alone–both impressive and powerful.

Sajjad: Indeed, Tina, I feel extreme happiness and joy when I write a piece of writing and above all, it helps in creating awareness among the people. I connect the people as well. It’s a great blessing.


Sajjad: What courses did you take for the pursuance of this profession?

Tina: On a quick note I had no exams nor college. I went from job to job anything to bring home the bread, prior to doing plaster work I completed two years in horticulture which I equally adored, same passion same satisfaction. I didn’t do any courses for my work in St. Mel’s. I learnt as I went on from my boss and foreman. I’m a kinesthetic learner, I learn quick and my memory is banked from seeing and doing physically for two years.


Sajjad: Ah I see, you’re similar to me, I didn’t took any conventional courses for creative writing rather I learned it through online publications, videos, several websites and books. I nurtured my talent by practical experience.

Tina: I see lots of professionals here put themselves through years of college and university, all for a degree piece of paperwork, half of them unemployed and in a bad state of depression with been out of work etc. confidence gone and clinging to memories of what they used to do. They’ve given up in this country but no not I. I’m just beginning my journey of work and life. I would be extremely versatile with work and choices to make money. Besides it keeps my life interesting and my mind interested. I maintain gardens for others. I also adore Art, photography, architecture, colour, tones, textures, reading and above all food. I really enjoy food for I am thankful for all I eat. She is overly stubborn when it comes to accommodating her creativity.

For her, creativity is a worship and her contemporary zeal towards the professional aquarium. She said that ‘When I first joined O’Malley Plastering, knowing that I was a first female employee in this organizatition and wouldn’t be that able to occupy a place where I can steer up my career. But that wasn’t true judgement and obvious onslaught on my instinct, natural talent, commitment and inner attitude towards achievement. Within short span of time, I proved my worth with sheer dedication, hard work and distinctive talent with multitude of potential yields thus became a productive asset in my company with lucrative dexterity and added worth.

She has ingrained potential and power to transform the raw content into decorative featuristic, ornamental masterpiece. She is herself entangled and compact replication of driven performance achievement.

That’s the key to success and impartial advice to an eager professional who just walked in the practical aspects of professional pursuance. Now, if you ever have to dive into her human aspects of personality then, you’ll be joyfully answered by her kind and caring attitude towards nature, life, others and children.

To her, the best wealth is the true education and manners, prosperous lifestyle and future of her children, contemporary contend of her desires in the shape of recognition to her honest work and persistent dedication at par. She told me a story that ‘a sheep suddenly collided with her car but unfortunately it died and I pick it up, brought it to her home.

Educating good manners and sound ethics to her children place a prominent aspect in her life aims. She advocates that by teaching your children to behave with polite manner and attitude turn the children’s attitude towards productive humans for future society and they learn to respect themselves. This way, it contributes well in the personality development of the children on which they will walk in their entire life coming ahead of them.

I shared my part of experience that I have struggled a lot in life as during my early childhood, I fell down from the floor and fractured my legs and tried to stand up even though my legs were fractured. Similarly, back in 1990, when I was 12, I got injured by an unintentional gunfire from my cousin when he was fixing the gun. Moreover, I further told her that during my college time, I had a betrayal in love but having gone through such incidents, I am always thankful to such incidents as they taught me a lesson to grow more aggressively and accurately in life.

She spontaneously augmented with corrective reply and said that ‘ Indeed, such phases always notify you not to get stuck, pause in life rather gear your motivation ignited to move on and look forward with refined intentions.




Talent is beautiful in that, as we fill the needs of others as we also fulfill our own needs. Thinking of expanding more of her professional exposure, she always contemplates of exploring the world by visiting places such as Poland where she believes that she will further want to see the Gothic style of architects, textures, themes and fabrics. Although, she has visited several places such as Boston, Ibiza, Amsterdam while lived in Malta and Manchester for 10 years.

Tina is a living example for all those women who want to pursue her career as her entire career is circumvented around struggle and painful interfaces but with her sheer commitment, dedication and passion to win over all odds, indeed a spark in the dark. She believes that ‘no matter the hindrances and challenges may try to cover up the free transition of our walking stroll towards achieving something, we always have to persistent, brave and stubborn in overcoming these obstacles, only if you have a gearing passion towards achievement. She never surrenders her will to defeat rather, always ready as a ‘Knight’ who fights and wins over with her heroic exhibition of bravery and gallantry.


On my question that what message will you give to women who want to step in their respective careers, she says

“Simply times have changed. Generations move on and people grow, women’s opportunities are much better than previous prospects, women are more powerful than every.Women are more independent with higher IQs than ever before, nowadays women are more driven & determined. They really want a better and more fulfilling lifestyle. I’m speaking mainly on myself and personal observations both with friends and in general.

My message is never give up on a dream no matter how big or small u may think. As the saying goes Perseverance will prevail where all others Fail… Never give up. think outside the box is always a good startor better still throw the box away.

In the words of Goethe “The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.”



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