You’re Amazing: The Poem

“You are Amazing” 

Poem by Katie Swan

A beautiful poem dedicated to me by my beautiful, precious and special friend,

Katie Swan, Dublin, Ireland.

Katie Swan: The Poet

You don’t know how precious you are,
More precious than all the stars in the sky,

And they shine back from your eyes,

Just to make people feel your love,

Your so humble that you just don’t see,

Just how special that you are to me,

Cause I see what you cannot see,
You take my breath away truth,

Look at all the people that you helped,

They could never have done that by themselves,

Giving humanity a voice from you,
I will always be in awe of you,
So I dedicate this poem to you,

Because it’s all I could do!,

To make you see the importance of yourself,
Because you will always be amazing that’s a fact,

Your words will touch many hearts,

And feel like music to their senses,

Your words will change people for the better,

And to me Sajjad your amazing.


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