The Rewards of Creativity

Special thanks to my friend Cassandra Anne from Glasgow, Scotland for giving her precious time and sharing her insights and experiences of ‘Creative Jewelry Designing’ and pursuing this career.


By Sajjad Amin Bangash

We all are enriched with national treasure which is called ‘Creative Talent’. Creativity is a distinctive feature duly embedded into humans by God. Almost everyone possesses natural talent of different sort, however, very few of us are able to recognize this talent and transform their potentials into a successful pattern which give us success and become productive human capitals for our society, country and the world.

We turn our agile attention towards the optimum utilization of such talent and achieve our aspiring goals set forth and contribute in the development, prosperity and progress of human beings. They’re always ready to gift something to us which later make our lives easier, facilitating and productive. If wé take a deep look at the successful people who achieved milestones through the effective use of their inbound talent then we will come to a true answer is that ‘there’s a focused motivation of recognition of such talent and then nurturing, polishing and utilization of this talent in the shape of ‘Creative Human Force’ such as Entrepreneurs, Fashion Designers, creative writers, Jewellery Designers, Engineers, Creative Artists etc. Their success lies in the application of strenuous hard work and persistent dedication to achieve accomplishment in the course of their future lying ahead of them. Talent always speaks to us during every stage of life and always entices us to sprout it up. We have numerous stories of successful people who achieved milestones through their lucrative talent residing in them.

On the way of writing blog, I continuously enhanced my knowledge horizon and social network by meeting people who not only become my friends but also an outstanding source of inspiration and examples for others. I always take this opportunity to communicate with them and replicate their experiences in the form of written synopsis with a prime purpose to deliver and share their experiences and insights with readers around the globe. Today, I’m bringing a wonderful discussion with a ‘Creative Jewelry Designer’ who in spite of illness, never loses her heart and hopes but always committed, dedicated and motivated to carry on with accomplishing her career long pursuance by using her ‘naturally inherited talent. She’s  Cassandra from Glasgow, Scotland.

During the start of conversation, I said to her ” Nice to meet you Cassie, didn’t know your real name that’s why I wrote Dolly lol ”

She corrected it with a saying ” Of course,  that is my nickname, from friends and family.  So,  please feel free to use either. The full blown version of my name is Cassandra, my proper name. I use it less often, though. I design jewellery,  however, I’m taking time out of creating it, in order to mend,  health-wise. I have been keeping poorly,  lately.”

I applauded her work and replied

” Wow that’s nice, my brother is also a Jeweler here. ”

Cassie said “Yes, previously, I have worked as teaching assistant for disabled children, then in conveyancing law for a while, then I studied BA MODERN languages combined with European law and politics at University. However, I have a heart condition which rendered me a bit of a workplace hazard, I faint often .Therefore, my only option is to become self employed,  jewellery making which suits me wonderfully.  Especially since I can pick up when I feel better, no pressure. I am in and out of hospital a lot,  as I’ve a neurological condition (fluid on the brain- in layman’s terms.

Do you enjoy writing and is it creative writing that you do?”

Sajjad: That’s nice job you do. I love writing and I have written 02 books, a novel and a blog. I am a lecturer, and we’re businessman family. My brothers have their own businesses here in Islamabad and Dubai as well.

Cassie: How wonderful!! I enjoy writing too. But haven’t done so, in so long. I am a hobbyist,  however. My dad, he is a poet and has a couple of books out.

My self employment has been brief as of yet. Just within the past year. However, with hospital treatment this will all pick up again. Soon, I hope.

I still create jewellery for fun, though. It distracts me and takes my mind off everyday stresses. Like worrying about grandfather and his alcohol consumption.

Sajjad: In my case, I’ve worked in different organizations but realized my worth then I endorsed myself into self employment which is always worthwhile even though my dad always wanted me to a banker but knowing my natural potential and talent while following footsteps of my brothers as they’re successful businessmen.

Cassie: It is extremely empowering,  I have found. The self employment,  when I’ve endeavoured to make it work this is very rewarding,  too. Because I can intertwine it with creativity it remains fun.


Sajjad: I’ve several female entrepreneurs like educationist, fashion designers, interior designers and they’re always successful and honest.

Cassie: Here women do flourish,  but are yet to get equal pay to men. As a country,  Scotland is getting there, though!

Sajjad: Well! That depends on economies to economies. Here, I can see the fashion designers, doctors, saloon owners earn a lot.

Cassie: Yes,  I feel like our economy is a tad stunted by the British union and our monarchy. I’m truly a wee rebel at heart and in favour of independence, for my little country.

Sajjad: What passion and motivation drive you move forward in getting your business talent ahead?

Cassie: Sadly, my drive is perhaps more stemmed from creativity rather than monetary direction. Hence, why my success is steady paced, rather than fast paced. But in comfortable with that. Ideas and creativity inspires me. Money,  although a necessary evil in our world , I find it is a hindrance to humanity.

Sajjad: I agree to what your sense of realization is. When I started my own business, and writing endeavor. I overlooked the monetary aspects and kept on pursuing my creativity and inspiration to it. Time took me ahead and eventually, success fallen under my arms.

Cassie: Perhaps luck will befall me,  too. Once the hospital sort my old brain out.



Sajjad: What are your strengths and part of successful idealistic approach to life?

Cassie: My strengths. Hmm. I think Compassion is my biggest strength and an attribute that helps to make me ‘me’ and to tune into others the east I do .I am committed to my beliefs and ideas. I have not yet achieved success,  that status is ‘ pending ‘, yet to be accomplished. I try to be righteous and good.  I have not got an aggressive drive within me,  even as far as any of my ambitions go.

Sajjad: What is message to all those aspirants entrepreneur women who are in pursuit of success in their careers?

Cassie: My only message would be to do what fulfils them and makes them truly happy.  Otherwise, their efforts will be fruitless and unrewarding. I think you made a good career choice in deciding not to pursue the banking career.  You would have felt limited and like your wings had been clipped.

Sajjad: That’s true and I confess and admire myself for making wise decision even though my father pressed me hard for carrying on with banking profession but I know my strengths and abilities more than I would perform staying under cage. What customary designs you prefer in Jewelry?




Cassie: I make charm bracelets, mostly, and do custom orders,  locally.



Sajjad: Have you ever tried jewellery designs such as bangles, ear rings and traditional South Asians designs?

Cassie: Never at all. Mine are mostly European inspired, as of yet.


Cassie: This is the sort I have recently been working on. Beautiful, very ornate! Jewel shaping is am aspect which I am still learning. It is all self taught.

I’m a creative individual,  in the art sense,  too. I paint and do graphic design.


Sajjad: Wow that’s beautiful and you’re very creative.

Cassie replied ” Thank you, so much. But, again,  this is hobbies. Which I haven’t fully put to use.  Mainly because of poor health. But I shall remain positive and have a sunny outlook.”

I wanted to continue our discussion but due to time constraints, we have to conclude our discussion with a saying that ” Thank you so much for your precious time and off course we will continue to chat and write on. I will be editing our today’s conversation and probably upload it on my blog. ”

Cassie politely replied ” Certainly,  please do so! You take good care. All the very best of wishes to you and your family! ”

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