By Sajjad Amin Bangash


This article discusses in details some of the key components for the maintenance of healthy lifestyles, mental growth and brain health

It’s every mother’s wish that her child may obtain the ‘Best’ possible upbringing, care and attention for healthy lifestyle of her child and for this, she puts every effort to her utmost level so as her child may fall under ‘Best Category’ throughout child’s entire life-cycle. Health in this regard, is such a precious factor without which the utilities, importance, preciousness and every aspect the life brings along, seem to fade away. If we take a look at the human lives primary objective and motivation level, then we come to an answer that everyone of us is pulling every effort and energy for the attainment of ‘Best’ in every walks of life throughout whole of our lifespan. We tend to get the ‘Best’ of whatever we can. Health in this regard, thus becomes an integral part in the edifice of our lives while in the absence of health, every treasure, color, happiness, attractions and incentives of life seem to fade away.

A wealthy person with every luxury of life, with heap of influential networks, if not healthy, does not seem to be highly satisfied and motivated towards life, why because he is deprived of the blessing of health and whatever the life offers would seem less attractive to him. Laying on the bed in hospital, with all his darling wishes to help, serve and welfare of the people, he cannot bring along.


The attainment of healthy lifestyles and what are the key components in the child’s mental and physical growth, care and health, I have compiled an informative article. I have included a detailed expert opinion of ‘Nutritionist and Dietitian’.

According to Ibrahim Azam,
“Although,you would have heard of countless ways of keeping and maintaining healthy patterns of healthy lifestyle, however, for the effective care, physical and mental growth of a child, there are several hindrances which are important and need to be addressed.
Lack of nutrition, dangerous for health food.


Mr. Ibrahim says that ” for the attainment of healthy style and early growth of a child, I always stress the need of ‘staying away or reduction of ‘Alkanite’, or ‘Acid’ in our bodies.
In fact, the protein free from acidity is very essential for the happiness in human life. Therefore, all those foods which help in increasing and production of acid level in our bodies such as rice and meat need to be consume in lesser quantity, is indeed a pragmatic approach. Then there comes, the consumption of ‘sweets’ in a lower quantity. Excessive consumption of sweeteners is another form of addiction and the consumption sweetners to an excess volume is more dangerous to health than that of legally prohibited drugs. Therefore, it is an ideal approach is to give up consuming excessive amount of sweets or at least to reduce it to lower level will keep us safer from ‘Diabetes’. Excessive sugar level in our body basically is the ‘stress chemical’ which produces more stress in our body.

Similarly, another very common growing and alarming trend in children is the “Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children effected with ADHD tend to have lesser abilities to learn, memorize and effective performing social as well as physical activities in daily routine life. Now, in order to keep your children protected and healthier free from ADHD, then the children’s diet should contain lesser amount of ‘sweet or sugar’ or carbohydrates contained foods.


We often find it extremely difficult at times to give up any habit or habitual activity even in food as well and even if we manage to cope up with it, then after certain period of time, the demand for that food or habit returns back and you become helpless to completely get rid of it. However, it has to be bear in mind that, if we have to give up the particular food then we have to find an alternative or substitute food for that. Here we can have the alternative of ‘Sweetener or Sugar” supplements as honey, dates or herbal sweet plant such as “Stevia” which can also easily be in-home grown. The true fact is that natural fruits, vegetables or herbs are sweet enriched which contain vitamins, minerals and highly beneficial for our health.


The sharp taste of artificial sweets deprive us from the natural sweetener taste. If we ever agree to take out or reduce the consumption of  ‘artificial sweets’ from our lives, then we can also enjoy the same level of natural sweet taste of every vegetable, fruits and salads as well. This would be an inexpensive and highly durable long term strategy.

Productive Food for Brain‘s Health

Human brain is the most effected and operated organ in human body. By its physical structure and organizational set up, it contains 60% of fats.Our brain utilizes up to 60% of available oxygen in our body.
Moreover, human brain carries electronic current which is sufficient enough to light up ‘lighting bulb’. Our brain, utilities up to 20% of the oxygen being used by human body. By its functions, human brain works several times faster and efficient than several ‘super computers’ by which we do calculations, analytical numeracy and decisions all day long. It is the brain which controls the functionality and operations of whole of our body functions and life mechanism moves on and other words human brain is the ‘command and control’ boss of our entire body.


Now, the question arises is that after knowing the functional operational utility’ of our brains, do we really fulfill sufficient and adequate ‘nutritional requirements’ to this super computer of our body?
Well! If we fail to pay needed attention to the nutritions and food requirements to our brains, then certainly the’ weaknessess and deficiencies ‘ will be the ultimate consequences in our brains functionality may occur.

Now let’s discuss the nutritional requirements for brain’s health and growth.

As we know that our brain consists 60% of fats and it becomes highly important to know the ‘provision and availability of Faty Acids’. These ‘Faty acids’ can’t be produced itself by our body rather, they have to be imported from outside by our body. We can get these ‘acids’ in the form of “Mega-3″ which are abundantly found in ‘Fish’ and ‘Flax and Chive Seeds”.



In addition, “Dry fruits” which are enriched with “Vitamin-C” are very productive and beneficial for the health of our brain. They help keeping our brain young, active and efficient in performing while safeguarding our brain from the dual effects arising out with growing age factor. The additional nutritions for brains are “Blue berries, Goji berries (produced in China) and very productive for mental health and growth as well.



In western countries, they are known as “Super Food” and by consuming “Super Foods” in a lesser quantity, higher volume of benefits can be obtained which are highly beneficial for our health.

“Berries” itself is an “anti-oxidant” which helps the free movement of oxygen in human body, maintaining a stable health and keeping the reduces the aging factor to a lower pace.

Adopting positive and constructive thinking in life.

I have learned from life experience is that “those people who seem happy, jubilant, prosperous and joyful in life, and those who pass though positive and happy thinking towards life, are more passionate towards life. They’ve one thing obvious is that “they always keep their thinking positive and constructive


Children are full of energies and they always look for options to play around. So instead of caging them in one place, try to take them out to open green area where they can actively play around and entertain themselves up. Try to get yourselves involve in playing with them and align them with technical guidance of either sports, exercise etc. We know from the fact that children are proactive in copying and imitating. Whatever, we do in life, children are always ready to copy them. So it is always advisable not to do any unsolicited and misbehavior acts in front of children such as swears, negative acts, stunts rather involve them with other positive activities so that their thinking and learning abilities may enhance to a larger extend and they do not embed those negative traits in their personalities.

The importance of Physical Exercise and Walk in life:

According to modern research, 5 to 10% portion of human brain remains under use. We can however, utilize more of our brain in a productive and constructive manner while enhance the mental capabilities by applying and feeding some exercises suitable for our brain such as playing video games, writing on several topics of interests, i.e, writing daily dairy, blogs, articles, short stories, events, dialogues etc., learning foreign languages and participating in question and answers of general knowledge may substantially enhance the performance and capabilities of our brains. Applying such exercises at a gradual increase in daily life, can kill the boredom, stress and anxiety while keeping our brains active, involved, positive, constructive, analytical and fit.


Similarly, doing physical exercises and taking daily walks enhance our immune systems, keep the circulation of blood level intake, burns extra calories and provides us with free oxygen which is effectively distributed and consumed by our body and brains.

Life is precious and we can apply cheap and productive techniques to make it more beautiful, healthy and prosperous only if our intentions are pure for it. Together, we can make this world a beautiful place to live in. Stay safe and happy.

Merci beaucoup, Je suis ton ami Sajjad.

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