Divide and Rule Strategy

The Intuition: Blog by Sajjad Khan


The British Divide and Rule Strategy:

(By Sajjad Amin Bangash)

It’s an old proverb of the British Empire circumvented in and consisted a history of 300 years of ‘prowess and dominance’ over weaker nations thus conquering and ruling them accordingly. During my work in a bank few years back, I said to my deputy manager who was a Pakistani Christian Mr. Ashraf Bhatti that ‘During previous century, the Europeans especially UK has substantially developed their country thus dominated almost the whole world.’ He immediately paused me with a sayingMr. Bangash, you are totally unaware to the historical truth is that they had looted and sucked all of precious treasures that we had through their knowledge, lies, tactics of divide and rule. Indeed, it’s not called, progress and development by your own rather through the wealth of others by possession and confiscation. You can’t call them civilized of their…

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